Taiwanese Dramas – July 2012

Just wanted to post about some new Taiwanese dramas that are airing now or about to air. And give my 1 sentence synopses.

1. What is Love? (Hua shi ai) Fridays TTV

Starring Chris Wu (so good looking!) and Zhou You Ting (never heard of her…).

Synopsis: Older girl, who dreams of her one true love/wants to get married/100% monogamist, meets younger guy, who is player. Sparks fly…

Interest level: 60% Chris Wu is super hot. But the girl is just not that appealing to me. I will have to check the 1st episode to see what I think.


2. Miss Rose ( 螺絲小姐要出嫁) TTV Sundays

Starring: Roy Qiu, Megan Lai

Synopsis: Main girl in her 30s is a secretary and makes a bet with with a fortune teller that she will get herself married off within 1 year. Main girl finds out she is going to work for hot younger boss who is ruthless in love and business. What’s going to go down?

Interest Level: 90% Roy Qiu is just unbearably hot. Why am I such a fangirl? However, this drama just seems to be a complete remake of Office Girls which just aired earlier this year starring…guess who? but Roy Qiu. The formula is almost identical in that the main girl characters are not considered classical beauties but just work hard at their office jobs. And Roy Qiu comes along and shakes up their boring life. Although Roy’s character seems to be much more different for this drama the similarities are just too obvious!

3. Ia Ia, I do (愛啊哎呀,我願意) CTV Sundays

Starring: Dylan Kuo and Chen Yi Rong

Synopsis: Orphan girl grow up on poor island. Wants to catch a rich guy but starting off on the wrong foot. Will she be successful?

Interest Level: 30% Chen Yi Rong always struck me as much older than she actually is. That really bothers me for some reason. I just feel like she is too old for these idol dramas.


5 responses to “Taiwanese Dramas – July 2012

  1. haaahahaha oh my gawsh, i love it! you have to tell me which one’s – or ones are – good!!! and explain stuff that’ll get lost in translation ^^ totally unrelated, but: i still haven’t watched the middle episodes of but i’ve rewatched the last episode a couple times… heeeee!

    • that’s so weird, it just got deleted! i was talking about “in time with you” xD heheheheeee!

      • o yays! yah me too. the middle episodes were a bit of a drag. So the final episodes perfect! Li Da Ren is like the ultimate perfect man. So unrealistic but so good!

        • what do you mean unrealistic?! he’s out there somewhere waiting for me! 😀 i was flipping through the asian channels and i heard “da ren” and i was like OH MY GAWSH I KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!!! hahahaaaa! too bad our archaeo class’s vids didn’t have words like that i could actually recognize xD heeee!

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