Liebster Award

Whitecarrot and I are so very touched, honored, and quite frankly a bit embarrassed, to share with you our nomination for the Liebster Award!  Wonderul Patch Friends kfangurl (of The Fangirl Verdict) and justwacky (of justkoreandramas), who are fabulous bloggers, were afflicted with Patchitis – whitecarrot’s and my secret potion that tricks you into thinking we’re actually making any sense.  Sorry for the sneaky potion, and THANK YOU so much for this honor.  We really are quite speechless and yet could probably go on forever with our unending gratitude.  For realsies seriously, thank you both.


Thanks to these two lovelies, whitecarrot and I have been presented with the chance to share a bit more about ourselves and spread the blog love.  The ‘terms’ of accepting the Liebster Award are as follows:

  • List 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Answer the questions designated by the blogger(s) who nominated you.
  • Place YOUR nominations for the Liebster Award!  Nominate 5 (or more) other bloggers that have less than 200 followers.  Make sure to notify them via comment/email, etc.
  • Make up a set of questions for those nominated bloggers to answer.
  • Display the Liebster Award badge on your blog!

Our Patch has somehow acquired more than 200 ‘official’ followers over the course of its life, so we figured we’d chuck the 200 followers rule and just accept the award anyway. 😉  As mentioned above, this is more of a chance for us to share with you about ourselves, and to introduce other blogs.  So without further ado.  Random facts.


Random Facts about whitecarrot

1.  My pen name is the literal translation of the Chinese word for radish. This was my first screen name back in the days of AIM and I chose it because I like radish soup.

2.  Devil Beside You was my first real drama addiction and I have since become a slave to all dramas.

3.  I really love Korean Tofu Pot. However, most Korean food is too spicy to me. The other day I ordered Dolsot bibimbap with octopus and died from spiciness. It smelled and looked so delicious though, with the sesame leaves and oil. I am still devastated that I couldn’t truly enjoy it.

4.  Sherlock Holmes is the coolest detective EVER.  I have been obsessed about him since I was a kid.  I am currently reading the giant compilation of stories about him that I purchased at Barnes.

5.  So Ji-sub is hot.  Wait.  This is supposed to be facts about me?  Rephrase.  I love So Ji-sub because he is hot and broody.

6. I wish my boyfriend had Jung Suk-won’s body.  Shh!  Don’t tell my bf.

7.  I met pinkblossom during orientation for college, and we randomly ended up working for the same mentor in a lab. Believe me, our university was big, and there are many labs. In other word, we were meant to be!

8.  I have small eyes. Whenever my dad takes my picture, he tells me to open my eyes. My answer is always the same, “My eyes ARE OPEN already!”

9.  This fall, I will be going through a major life change and heading to a new city on my own. I’m excited and scared.

10.  I really want to go to Europe one day.  Lovers in Paris?

11.  I wish I could understand Korean so I could truly watch Korean dramas and not have to wait for subs.



Random Facts about pinkblossom

1.  I love football.  American football, that is.  Not the “goooooooooooal” kind but the “touchdoooooooown!!!” kind.  Well, I love sports in general, but I really reaaally love football.  Ask whitecarrot.

2.  My guilty pleasure, besides daily morning dramas?  Romance novels.  Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, Stephanie Laurens, Teresa Medeiros, Eloisa James, Susan Elizabeth Phillips… you name it.  A line (or four) I really liked from a romance novel I didn’t like so much (So in Love, by Karen Ranney):

It took an instant to find you, an hour to love you, a week to know that I couldn’t live without you.  It took me 10 years to realize that I’d never be able to forget you.  Will it take a lifetime to convince you that I love you?


3.  I have a sister who likes to pee on the carpet, shred Kleenex, tear open a package of Pepperidge Farm Lemon Cookies and devour said cookies, drag dirty clothes out of the hamper to decorate the living room, and grin when questioned about the aforementioned.  Her name is Poppy.

4.  Partner in crime whitecarrot and I met at Orientation for college… or was it during the Overnight Stay Program?  In any case, the stars aligned and we ended up working in the same lab – on the same bench! – throughout our four years of college.  It was destiny.

5.  My brother was almost named “Mario” after legendary singer Mario Lanza.  *hums Be My Love*  Mother dearest shot that idea down thanks to Mario Bros.  I have yet to meet an Asian-American named Mario.

6.  I have a soft spot for middle-aged romances.  Something about the adorable awkwardness that sometimes ensues, about the slightly suppressed demonstrations of love…  It’s understatement at its best if you’ve got solid veteran actors at the helm.

7.  Disney-pinkblossom trivia: (1) My favorite Disney princess is Belle.  (2) I’ve probably watched Mulan at least 10 times, and every single time, I squee when Li Shang makes his appearance.  I’m still trying to convince my friends that animated characters can be hot.  (3) I can’t watch Lion King because I bawl when Mufasa makes his exit.

8.  I have found the solution to life: maxi dresses.  They’re quite good at masking the results of watching late-night Korean food shows.

9.  I enjoy baking goodies.  My brother does not enjoy being forced to eat failed creations.  But hey, that’s what ddongsaengs are for, right?  Language Side Note: “dong-saeng” = a younger sibling.  “ddong” = poopy poop.  Thus this noona calls her little bro “ddong-saeng” with all the affection in the world.  [Note: Please do not use “ddong-saeng” on a Korean exam or in conversation with random strangers.  Or attempt to look it up in the dictionary.  The results may not be pleasant.  Or exist.]

10.  I’m a watering pot.  Mother dearest and I passed the soggy handkerchief back and forth in the opening minutes of Up.  In theaters.  She and I bawled on the plane ride back from Korea as we watched in-flight film Miracle in Cell No. 7.  It was… embarrassing.

11.  When I entered college, I was in the school of engineering.  When I graduated, “Korean” was on my diploma.  Don’t quite know what happened there, but I suspect it has something to do with my love for the Korean language, history, and culture.  *out the side of my mouth: aka Korean dramas.

Poppy attempting to look sweet and unassuming.

Poppy attempting to look sweet and unassuming.


Answers to questions from Patch Friend kfangurl

1. Of all the posts you’ve written, which one are you most proud of & why?

wc: Ooooh. This is a hard one. I’m still a beginning blogger and I feel like I’m still weak in my expression. I really admire my partner in crime pinkblossom for her eloquence and way with words. I try to be as forthright and candid but I still feel like I’m lacking in some ways. So I have to say, there’s no post I’m really proud of. I just throw up words into posts. I’ll let you know when I produce something I can be proud of.

pb: Oh my, this ain’t a question I can answer.  I don’t do “pick one!”.  Ever.  Except where Won Bin is involved.  Fine, lemme try.  To be honest, I ain’t that proud of my writing or the stuff I’ve put up.  By all means, I love writing about the stuff I’m nutsos about, but I don’t exactly consider it quality stuff…  But I thiiiiink I might choose the final recap of My Daughter Seo-young as the post that means a lot to me and to our Patch.  Seo-young was a monster of a project, and it is what brought so many of you to our Patch and into our lives.  Even though I wimped out for a bit, I was able to finish it out with you all, and that final recap represented everything we had all gone through.

2. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned through blogging?

wc: I didn’t know I had so many friends who shared the same interests as me. I feel like I have finally found an outlet and a whole new world of blog pals that I can talk to. Thank you for sticking around at the Patch.

pb: I am learning so very much each and every day here in the blogosphere – about myself, about the internet, but most importantly about the people inhabiting this blogging world.  I know I haven’t been very good about posting every day – or regularly, for that matter – but you wonderful Patch Friends have taken time out of your busy lives to visit us (and even leave comments!) every single day, without fail.  The knowledge that such wonderful, supportive people are out there, people who love these shows as much as I do, has been so encouraging and has brought so much happiness into my life this past year.

3. If you could re-watch only one drama for the rest of time, which drama would you pick & why?

wc: What kind of question is this? Are you trying to kill a girl? I’m vacillating between My Girl and I’m Sorry I Love You (my 2 all time favs). Maybe My Girl a little more. At least, it’s a happy ending.

pb: Why would you suggest such a thing?  Hahahaa weeeells.  Once again, I’m pretty useless when it comes to picking favs or one out of amabajillion.  Sigh.  I think… Lovers in Paris?  No… Sungkyunkwan Scandal?  No no… The Last Scandal of My Life?  Perhaps… Okay, I think I would have to choose between All that Glitters and Pure LoveAll that Glitters went cray cray towards the end, but it was absolutely glorious in the first two-thirds of its 50-episode run.  It wasn’t super beautiful or super exciting or anything particularly innovative or outstanding.  But I really reaaally loved that both halves of the OTP were intelligent and logical in their dealings with one another.  The usual evil girl tactics didn’t work on our Editor in Chief Song Seung-joon, and Han Jung-won was darned good at what she did, forthright, and adorable to boot.  So many of the lines were really just gems, and I think I may just have to write a review about this show.  My other choice: Pure Love.  It’s absolutely hilarious, thoughtfully written, adorably acted, and so full of heart.  It’s also looong so my total entire-show-rewatch count will be less than that for a 16-episode drama.  Heh heh heh.

4. If you could have one k-related superpower, what would it be?

wc: Kim-chi making.

pb: I want a guy best friend who’ll fall madly in love with me.  Seriously, this IS a superpower Kdrama heroines have.

5. If your life were a kdrama, who would be cast as your co-star & why?

wc: So Ji-sub, so I can stare into his deep eyes and touch his abs of steel.

pb: Uh, Won Bin duuuuh.  Why?  So we can fall in love on set and be happily married forever.

Grandma Blossom's hand-made kimchi.

Grandma Blossom’s hand-made kimchi.


Answers to questions from justwacky

1. What inspires you in life?

wc: Family + Money. Ok, I have to be honest. Mostly money. Just kidding. Making money for my family is something that motivates me. I want to be able to be independent and provide for my family. My mother has sacrificed so much of her life for my brother and me. I would dearly love to give her a life where she doesn’t have to work 2 jobs and worry endlessly about finances.

pb: Lots and lots, but at the core of my life are my family and my faith.

2. There’s a place in Kuala Lumpur that serves food in the dark. You don’t have to order, they only serve you the same kind of meals. Would you go there and why?

wc: I’d be uber scared to go there. What if there are cockroaches in my food?

pb: I looooove food.  Have I mentioned I love food?  I’ve heard a lot about eating in the dark and the sensory overload on your tastebuds that results, and I am mighty miiighty interested.  But I think I would have to have someone with me holding my hand. 😉

3. Photographs are considered as memories to us. Agree?

wc: Agreed. Do I need to explain? I have a bad memory. Photos help me out.

pb: Yesyesyes.  Father dearest loves taking photographs, and I used to consider all the posing and smiling – whether we were on the tennis courts or at Glacier National Park – an annoyance.  But photos really are all that remain as the memories in our minds slowly fade.  For seriously people, take photos.

4. Without Kdramas or TVB dramas your life would never be the same anymore. What are your thoughts on it?

wc: Yes. I would have NO LIFE. However, right now, some people tell me I have no life watching these dramas. But all I have to say to them is, haters gonna hate.

pb: I don’t think I would be able to handle this very well.  Or at all.  Life without my dramas? *faints dead away*

5. Love rice?

wc: Noodles > rice. But as an Asian person, rice = staple.

pb: Ohemgee yessss.  But I think I may love bread more.  And meat the bestest.  Ultimately, though, in the end, I need me my rice and banchans.

collage 2


Awesome blogs

Now it’s our turn to nominate present this award to lovely bloggers!!  There are so many woooonderful blogs and bloggers out there, we could probably go on forever.  But for the sake of brevity, and for the health of your eyes, we’ll just limit it to 5.  And since we are a family, we’re going to choose 5 Patch Friends who have not yet posted about the Liebster Award.  Since this is a chance for us to introduce and expand the Kdrama discussion, we have chosen blogs that focus primarily on precisely that.  There are so many of you out there, all with wonderful blogs, and we apologize for not being able to mention all of you.  Patch Friends who have not yet shed their invisibility cloak, please do so so we may share in this madness together! 😀  Okay, enough chattering and on with our 5 blogs!


Questions for the awarded because we can ask WHATEVER we want. Muahahaha.

  1. Which KDrama character would you actually date? Why? (wc)
  2. What would you do if you were stuck on a lifeboat with Richard Parker the Bengal tiger? Would you kill it if you got the chance? (wc)
  3. Apples or pears? Choose! (wc)
  4. Does an actor’s life off the screen affect how you view them on screen? (pb)
  5. Would you rather have a long-lost twin who shows up and steals your man, or an evil Cheongdamdong mother-in-law? (pb)



Closing Comments

Thank you once again, kfangurl and justwacky, for kindly nominating us!!  You are the bestestest!  And thank you to all who made it to this point.  Your brains are prolly fried, so go watch a drama. 😉

43 responses to “Liebster Award

  1. It’s so nice thafet both of you met in college! I’ve been waiting for that magical scenario to happen to meee.
    And my heart sank a little when pinkblossom mentioned Won Bin. Can we share him? Ok, maybe that’s a bit weird…How about we let him decide? WON BIN, SARANGHAEYOOOOO

    • acheena!!! it’s so wonderful to have you with us post-MDSY!! 😀 thaaaank you for your kind words! 😀 😀

  2. “I have found the solution to life: maxi dresses. They’re quite good at masking the results of watching late-night Korean food shows.”

    That has got to be the funniest thing I have heard in a while. hahaha.
    Belle’s my favourite, too. I’m a watering pot, too. And Poppy looks too “unassuming” to be the Kleenex monster.

    My first comment in the “Patch”. Hello, you two. 🙂

    • weeeeelcome Maybee!!! heeee thanks for reading the 11 random facts in the tone i was searching for hehehee!! but for seriously, maxi dresses are the best things since sliced bread 😉 heh heh heh
      yaaaayy belle! and watering pots! as for my kleenex monster, you haven’t seen the damage she can do 😉 😉 😉
      thaaank youuu for joining us here in our madhouse!!! 😀 😀 😀

    • thank YOU, jandoe, for providing such wonderful reading 🙂 🙂 i’ve heard a word or two about my excellent timing lolol juuuust keeding! but i hope you continue to share with us your lovely thoughts and words!

    • thankyouthaaankyouuu, muchadoboutlove!! wait, before i go on: should i call you mimi or muchadoboutlove???
      we wanted to nominate you but your own post popped up right before we published ours 😉 just wanted you to know that you are loooved!!!

  3. Hi PB and WC, congrats. I’m a follower of My Daughter Seoyoung too. I’m a Filipina and here is a question I want to ask you. Albeit, its not about Kdramas but I want your opinion.
    If you are given a chance to visit Manila, Philippines would you want to come? Manila is in a hot spot on Dan Brown’s novel Inferno, saying that its a gate of hell! Whoa, sorry, for bothering you…love you…

    • thank you, Myles!! there’s never any need to be sorry or to think you’re ‘bothering’ us — we LOVE interacting with all of our Patch Friends!!! it’s what makes this whole gardening thing worthwhile 😀
      personally, i would indeed want to visit Manila if given the chance, though i really ain’t good with heat… maybe i’ll take a portable a.c. with me? hehehee!!

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  5. Aw, thank you, ladies, for responding with such a fantastic post!! ❤

    LOVE that you girls met in college, & were even working in the same lab! There's something a kinda kdrama-esque about that! ❤

    Also, I can so identify with pinkblossom's pick for the post you're most proud of.. I'm sure it felt quite momentous, to finally finish a huge project that you thought you might never finish!! My experience reviewing Gaksital echoes that, even though that was a much smaller commitment than recapping a long series like you did!

    And in case you're wondering why I'd even ask about which drama you'd rewatch forever if you could only pick one, it's coz I wanna know what the best stuff is, & if I've missed it, I wanna go check it out too – sneaky sneaky, I know! So thanks for sharing your fave picks, I've made mental notes for those I've not checked out! ;D

    Keep on rockin', ladies!! ❤

    • No Thank you kfangurl for the nomination. I’m sorry I never checked out your blog. But now that I have I’ll be sticking around. 🙂 Love your thoughts and pics. You’re questions were very difficult, i must say. 🙂

      • Aw, yay that you’ll visit! 😀 As for difficult questions.. would those be the ones I asked? Or the ones I answered? So.. I guess, I’m sorry, and thank you? [Doesn’t that sound like a sequel to I’m Sorry, I love you? Lol!]

    • kdrama-esque indeed now that i think about it!!
      but for seriously, THANK YOUUU so muuuuch, kfangurl, for your nomination — it really meant a lot to us. the thought that someone as wonderful as you would consider our madhouse worth reading… *sniff* thank you!!!
      and ohmygollies no matter the length, recapping in general is just all kinds of nutsos as i’ve learned. *whispered: it’s kinda why i haven’t officially picked up a series yet *looks around* heee!
      oh my sneaky sneaky! if you ever check out either of my picks, please do share!!! i’m so curious to know what other bloggers think — not many people have mentioned either of the two xD
      can’t wait to read more and mooooaaar of your lovely writing!! 😀 ❤

  6. Congratulations wc and pb. You both deserve the award and your hard work have been rewarded.. Looking forward for more Kdramas reviews and recaps..

    • Vayz!!!!! awwwww long time no seeee!! so glad you’re still with us post-MDSY!!! 😀 😀 😀 yesyes it’s about time we pick up something xD i think it might be another weekend series (gah why do i do this to myself?! 😉 ) but i hope you join in the fun when we officially get going! 😀 thank you so much for continuing your dramaland journey with us!!

  7. Things we have in common: I too, am sadly lacking in spice tolerance. And it makes me sad about all the yummy looking Korean food I’ll miss out on. (Is there a training regime to bulk up tolerance?) Also, I can’t imagine watching the opening scenes of UP and not become a watering pot.

    (I wonder if that lab realized the magic they were creating when they partnered you two? ;))

    And thanks for the nomination! 😀

    • Up is one of my favorite all time movies too! 🙂 yes we didn’t learn that much in lab cause we were too busy chatting about dramas lol. thanks! kekeke

    • hehehee yeeep lab time = drama time hahahaa!! they had nooo idea what would result from our pairing 😉 😉
      thank YOU for posting such wonderful things and making my day!! 😀

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  9. Aww…Poppy looks so cute.

    It’s so awesome that you guys met in college and ended up in the same lab. It’s totally a K-drama-scale coincidence.

    Devil Beside You was also my first drama, although I never finished it. But it was still the drama that started all this crazy drama-addiction and what eventually triggered this whole blogging thing.

    • Poppy is adorably hyper. She wouldnt stop jumping madly around when i visited last time. pinkblossom and i live KDrama! haha I agree Devil Beside You doesn’t really need to be finished. It’s not too great story wise but great for a passionate initiation into drama land!

    • hahahhaaaa yesss as whitecarrot knows all too well, poppy only looks like the picture when she’s experiencing food coma~~ lol. as Maybee coined the term, poppy’s a Kleenex Monster hehehee!!

  10. pinkblossom, all the romance authors you mentioned, i love them too (but don’t tell anyone i said that). anyway, congratulations to both of you!

    • weeeelcome to the Patch, seed!!! ohmygaaawsh a fellow romance book lover!! 😀 😀 thank you for joining us and for your kind words! we hope you continue to ‘garden’ with us!! 😀

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  12. Hello veggie, flower patch team!
    Just wanted to tell you that I’ve responded (and I *might* have stolen your Liebster badge to put in my post). Ehehe
    Thank you both! 😀

    • psst! i might have stolen it from somewhere, too… except i don’t remember from whom lol!!
      thank youuuu for the lovely responses!!! loved them! 😀 😀

    • hehehee thank youuu, glacierkn!! and thank you for the lovely response post!!!! loooved it!! 😀 😀 😀
      psst! did you take my suggestion for brain-fried-ness? 😉 😉

  13. congratulations carrotblossom! super likey! u all thumbs up when doing a recap and explaining one by one of the dramas specially my daughter seo young. I miss it already :/ Congrats and pls can’t wait for next project 😀

    • thankyouthaankyouuu, jean segovia!! 😀 😀 i miss the “seo-young” family as well T_T hoping to reunite — and welcome new family members! — with a new project! 😀

  14. As expected, sooner or later you two are gonna receive ‘some’ award or rather you two awesome bloggers DO deserve to receive such an award… I have fallen into a stagnant well and can’t seem to go back into watching any kdrama after finishing ‘my-daughter-seo-young’ that was my crack addiction last winter (thanks to your recaps of course) and now that I’ve revisited your blog, I might start craving for some kdramas once again by checking out cyrano agency (your type of dramas are exactly just like mine.. hehe..) and be sucked-in once again to this patch that is as awesome as you two – pinkblossom and whitecarrot (*_*)
    Congrats and more power -kdrama power- *clap* *clap* *clap* ^_^

    • rakydeeeeeel~!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 awwww i’m so happy to see you again!! (even though this response is nearly a month late… xD) thank you so very much for your kind words — YOU made my recapping experience such a gem ❤
      have you picked a drama yet?!? please share! 😀 😀

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