Miss Rose- Episode 3

Roy Qiu is so good looking!!!

Ok…back to the episode…

Favorite Parts: Luo Si Yi (Megan Lai) gets yelled at for ruining Gao Chen Kuan’s expensive suit. He asks her to dinner (to talk business tactics) in repayment since she doesn’t have enough money to pay for his suit. She misunderstand this as a date and declares she has a date tonight. Later that night, Gao Chen Kuan has a man date with his bff/right hand man. Luo Si Yi arrives with her matchmaking arranged date aka a lame-excuse-for-a-man bioloist who starts to tell Luo Si Yi she is old and ugly and needs plastic surgery.


Chen Kuan looks back anxiously towards Si Yi’s table but pretends not to care. But the biologist starts saying more and more preposterous demeaning things.


Just as Luo Si Yi is too angry to put up with this, Gao Chen Kuan jumps in and pretends to be Luo Si Yi’s boyfriend and whisks her away.


He takes her home and leaves. Luo Si Yi is doesn’t want to tell her mom that she had another failed arranged date and lies that she met a man who is crazy about her. As Gao Chen Kuan drives away, he realizes Si Yi left her scarf on the car, and goes back to her house to return it. Si Yi is forced to continue the lie and kisses Chen Kuan!


Thoughts: The first half was super exciting because we get to see some of the initial sparks between Si Yi and Chen Kuan. But the latter half was pretty filler and draggy as they start to lay out the background for the evil girl part aka Chen Kuan’s fiance. Next weeks episode is going to be based on the conflict between evil girl and Si Yi. However, there will be good parts since Si Yi will be going on an overnight business trip with Chen Kuan!

I love Roy’s quick line delivery and sarcasm, but it brings me back to Office Girls since the way he talks is exactly the same. I love the sprite tone and quick beat of the dramas but its hard to overlook the similarities. I would really love to see a different side to Roy’s acting.

People have also brought up how Miss Rose is a remake of City Hall. I can see the closeness in the story lines besides the changing politics to business. But the dramas are still markedly different. I see Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won as much more mature actors who can portray humor and deep expansive feelings. As much as I love Roy, I know his acting does not go that deep. As for Megan Lai, it’s not even close. Miss Rose is more of a comedy and can’t be watched or analyzed of deeply. So I really don’t think it’s comparable to City Hall in the slightest. Regardless, it’s pretty good for a Taiwanese drama, worth checking out.

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