My Daily Fix: Introduction

As you may have guessed from all the posts and my little intro ‘bout myself, I LOVE dramas and the whole entertainment world.  I’ve watched enough – okay, maybe too many – to appreciate good stuff when I see it.  I used to be a lot less picky about what I watched, but I’m realizing that it’s just plain dumb to watch shows that make my brain hurt – or sprain my eyeballs from the uncontrollable rolling.  Example: Time Slip Dr. Jin.  I know, I know, there are those of you out there who love Song Seung-heon, Lee Bum-soo, Park Min-young,  Lee So-yeon, and Jae-joong enough take the show in stride.  But I just ain’t doin’ it no more.  I checked out after the first 2 episodes.  The madre occasionally watches it – on fast-forward – and I’ll sit with her, but that show is just all kinds of crazies.  Anyhoo, enough trashing on the poor show.  As they say, no one starts out wanting to make a bad movie/drama/show… it just kinda… happens.

So, back to my acquired love for the finer things.  Why did I even bring this up to start with?  Because of my deep, dark secret: I’ve had a long-time love affair with daily dramas.  Well, maybe it’s closer to a love-hate relationship.  They’re addicting in the worst way, and I keep telling myself they’re so dumb while my brain and eyeballs throb, but I just can’t leave ‘em.  My dearest whitecarrot can attest to it.  The last daily I watched was My Daughter, Kkotnimi.  I stumbled upon the drama by accident, and when I found out my lovely Choi Jin-hyuk was starring in it, I looked it up on the ever-resourceful Korean search engine Naver.  Then I found out that the awesomely awesome Jo Min-soo was one of the leads, as was Park Sang-won.  It was an Hourglass reunion!  Another secret revelation here: I have a weakness for middle-age romances.  So I found Episode 1 and watched 20-some-odd episodes that Friday night.  Then more the next night.  By the time I saw whitecarrot on Monday, I had nearly caught up – the show was on Episode 50-somethin’ at the time.  Long story short, I ranted and raved for the next couple of months as I watched Choi Jin-hyuk and Jin Se-yeon: fall in love, break up when they learned Jin’s stepmom was Choi’s biological mom, get back together again after Jin Se-yeon got preggers (she, of course, kept the secret to herself for several episodes), fight about the pregnant Jin giving a kidney (was it a liver?) to her (step)mom, and finally end up happily together foreeever.  Yeah.  I know, textbook.  Why do I do this to myself?!?

When Kkotnimi started winding down, I went looking for my next fix.  Unfortunately, the previews for Kkotnimi’s follow-up were too makjang for me – it says a lot if a show’s too makjang for the makjang-fests that are daily dramas.  So I hopped on over to the finale of If Every Day Were like Today, starring the amazing Kim Gab-soo and my other-other-other crush Lee Jae-yoon.  (Both Kkotnimi and Today ended within a couple days of each other or something close to that.)  And there I found Can’t Live Without You.  Sucker-punch.

So there you have it.  A little (looong) intro into Korean daily dramas, or what I call My Daily Fix.  Look out for the next installment of My Daily Fix, in which I introduce Can’t Live Without You.



10 responses to “My Daily Fix: Introduction

  1. hehee you and your addictions! it’s a good thing i try to stay far far away from this. Dude my mom gets into these too! And then she stays up until 5am for like a whole week even though she has work and gets owned. The end. 🙂

    • haahahahaa your mom and i needa have a party. we can get it down to just a couple days (rather than a whole week) if we do it together! ^^ hahahaaaa! you can jooooin uuuus~~~ ^^ heeee! 🙂 it’s the best kind of addiction. for reals. 😀 😀 😀

  2. Hi, there! I started browsing to see what posts on WP contained, “Lee Jae Yoon” and look where I end up. . . again! Haha! I fell in love with him in “Ghost”, girl!! So much sexiness, not enough airtime. Now that I think about it, that drama produced lots of eye-candy for me – more than I initially realized – and that’s what I need to keep me watching. I was just reading earlier today about, “If Every Day Were Like Today” and thought I’d try it – until I saw that it had 128 episodes! Then I looked up, “My Love By My Side” – 50! Goodness, I can hardly make it to 20. . . .(T.T)

    • oh my goodness gracious great balls of fire for SERIOUSLY aahahahahahhaaaa!!!!! we definitely have something goin’ on here! 😀
      oh my gawsh, lee jae-yoon — i fell in love with him in “stormy lovers” or however they translate 폭풍의 연인. it was pretty cheesy, but he was soooo perfect ^^ hahaha! now that i think about it, that was a daily, too! whyyy do i get sucked into these?! xDDD “if every day…” wasn’t as good as i had hoped, so i didn’t really watch it~ “my love…” was long, but i also have a weakness for weekend dramas xD hahahahaha. lee jae-yoon and lee so-yeon were SUPER cute together. i really became a fan of lee so-yeon because of “my love…” — i used to hate her before, because she was always the evil 2nd lead (dong-yi, angel’s temptation, spring waltz, etc.) LOL 😀

      • This is too funny. I’m guessing you have the premium Korean channels so that it’s easier to watch these daily shows. For us less privileged people who have to rely on the internet and web stores to buy the DVDs, it’s harder. Actually, I do have the option to buy the channel package, but why do so when there are so many great places online to watch! ^^

        • there are premium korean channels?!? i had no idea! now i’m tempted… hahahahaa!! i usually watch/get everything online these days — long gone are days of renting vhs tapes from the video store! ^^ i do go to the store for movies, though~ ^^ heheeheheeheee!

          • Wow, then you are extremely committed. Most cable plans have packages for language channels. For example my cable company offers a package that contains MBC, SBS and YTN (news channel).
            I thought you mentioned that your mom watches (now I see that it was whitecarrot who said that) and I figured the only way she could watch was on cable.

          • oooh, now that you mention it, i think i’ve seen ads in the korean newspaper for the special channels! ^^
            i used to be super religious about watching every second of every episode, but as you saw with my flightiness with “ghost,” i’ve become very… ah… talented at fast-forwarding/skipping around~ hahaha!! the key to watching any of the longer dailies/weekend shows is to watch the characters you like aka the OTP and just skip the rest ^^ heee!
            oh, and yes, whitecarrot’s mom has excellent taste like moi hahahaaa. as for my own madre, i taught her how to watch stuff online, so now she watches even more than i do… -___-;; ahahahhahaaaa!!

  3. Thank u so much for the recaps of the korean drama Can’t Live Without You… Love it So much! it was so helpful for me…
    btw, gretting from Indonesia.. 🙂

    • hello hello indonesia! ^^ & you’re very welcome — thank YOU for reading my lame-o mini recaps & sharing your thoughts with us here!! 😀 😀 😀 here’s to hoping that CLWY gets better and beeetteeeer!!! ^^

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