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We’re going to try something new here at the Patch.  Please welcome… *drumroll*… a Discussion Board!  The comment sections of posts are a bit narrow and difficult to maneuver, which in turn make the fostering of discussions between Patch Friends difficult as well.  So we’ll kick off the Discussion Board with one of Dramaland’s — and the Patch’s — hottest dramas: My Daughter Seo-young!!


Please share any light bulb moments,  latest thoughts, new – or longstanding! – frustrations, or just plain ol’ anything you want to shout at the top of your lungs (preferably from the mountaintops) regarding My Daughter Seo-young.  Most importantly: have fun!! 😀

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  1. I think, it’s good that Woojae agree to let Seo-young go.. at least it gave chance to Seo-young do do what she like for the first time in her life..she had live as a devoted daughter to her parents, supportive sister to her brother, and dutiful wife to her husband and in-law…it’s about time she starts thinking about freedom, let loose and have fun. At least she had a great career and very good at what she does, i bet she will become a successful lawyer, perhaps after few years she will find somebody that will make her happy…or woojae could starts to court her back. Nevertheless she needed time to find herself, and be happy because she definitely deserve it. Go independent ladies!

  2. I get the impression from Papa Lee conversation with WJ was to iron out any misconception that SY married WJ for his money. As in his last words, he found WJ attractive too and someone no women can resist…. Even his strong headed daughter….. Hey, count me in too… Hu hu hu, ‘ chuckled’….
    So, that practically answered WJ curiosity as to SY reluctance to share with him info of her lost father…too late dear, she’s all mentally prepared to live a new life without you WJ…sorry….
    Frankly, am not too pleased with SY cut- and- dry attitude, she is not flexible when it comes to the men in her life… Father and husband..!!!
    Her twin received a cold shoulder too, when she happened to be at the same hospital where SW was a resident…. Damn…!!
    What’s with her high and mighty attitude, she thinks the world owes her for giving her a lousy father…. She can take up and leave as and when she feels hurt…. WJ was godsend to you SY, you were too obscured by your hatred for your father, that you did not want to see the good in WJ…stupid girl… No foresight …!!!!!

    Oh yes, I do sympathies with your upbringing, the sacrifices you did … I salute you.. , but you were later bestowed with such a Loving Husband that you should have in the 3 years with him , learnt to cultivate a sense of gratitude and forgiveness towards your most immediate family … Your father.
    He too repent after you left him to marry WJ, so value the little time that you might have left with him…remember… To err is human, to forgive is divine…
    Be humble, and make the most with an only parent you have, why create animosity with Papa Lee …..
    Will his death bring happiness to you…. Hope you will not live to regret your actions…. Papa Lee has, so it’s up to you to swallow the bitter pill, that is , pride……

  3. Thanks for the recapped i had been minutely checking your blog for an update since sunday. .. Thanks God you’re feeling better. Stay healthy:-D

  4. You have been spoiling us! Thanks for all the hardwork, much appreciated. Get well soon…………..

  5. Let me say that I am an unabashed Seo-Young supporter.

    I will add the caveat that I understand and support the actions I’ve seen her take in the episodes that have been recapped or subtitled. She might have confessed to killing Mama Kang [who I love and whose death I would not support 🙂 ] and I wasn’t able to figure that out from the raws.

    I also admit to not being Korean, so I am watching the drama as an outsider and applying my own cultural biases, without condemning cultural norms that are different from my own. At least that is what I try to do.

    Okay–I don’t support everything Seo-Young did. For me her great crime was taking birth-control pill in secret. Because of that she and Woo-Jae were never in the same marriage. While I understand her decision, I truly believe this is the one time she mistreated Woo-Jae in a way that truly mattered.

    I think most Western therapist would have told her to sever ordiminish her ties with her father, because their relationship–as it stood when she walked away–was co-dependent and unhealthy. Reading Dear Abby, Ann Landers, Dear Prudence regularly would support this point of view. I’m not saying advice columns are the places to go for psychological counseling, but what I am suggesting is that they are good places to research cultural norms.

    Diminishing ties seems unworkable in the world of k-drama [can’t speak for Korea in reality] because we see time and time again in k-drama that financial obligation and the reputation of wastrels are transferred to family members. Also, despite his weaknesses before the severing of their relationship, Papa Lee loves and was dependent on his daughter, I doubt if he could have left her alone.

    She should have told Woo-Jae the truth, it this K-drama took place in a perfect world. However, family ties are so important in Korea (or k-dramas). Even though Woo-Jae had issues with his own father, I doubt he would have left that relationship alone. Also Woo-Jae pursued Seo-Young relentlessly even though she tried to stop the relationship from developing. Were Woo-Jae less attractive, and if the audience hadn’t thought his motives ‘adorable’ we would have be seriously disturbed by his stalker like behavior and his ‘arrogant’ refusal to adhere by her wishes. He was the one who wanted to play white knight to make her happy, even when she told him to go away. He wore her down, and why would a person who had spent all her life giving to others, [bailing her family out, working to educate her brother, shouldering all the responsibility of that family] not want to try for once to be the person on the receiving end of someone’s loving care. She shouldn’t have done it, but I understand why she did.

    And she suffered for making that decision, because as happy as she was for three years with Woo-Jae she lived in uncertainty waiting for her happiness bubble to pop and the fairytale to end.

    It was heartwarming watching her and the beginning of Episode 40 spend an episode trying to figure out what her needs and desires are.

    In someways, she and Mama Kang are on similar journeys. Both need to find independent identities before they can love in a healthy way.

    • A very well thought, logical & intellectual defence for Seo young. As SY said we make mistakes because we’re human. I think her actions is the best recourse considering her predicament. As far as the birth control pills, I’m 50-50 on that. I prefer she told WY that she’s not ready than taking the pill secretly, however, the Kang family seems to be constantly pressuring her about children. With the guilt dangling & the possibility of separation if caught, may have triggered this action. The plot seems to be heading to a new beginning – a relationship with no lies – honesty, respect, support, love & trust for all the characters.

    • I agree with you Yumi, i believe that although some may not understand why Seo-young abandoned her blood, but in her case the relationship was cancerous…her leaving the father is a blessing in disguise as the father started to come to his senses and start behaving like a father should…

  6. Anyways, I hope that these are all in the drama and that nobody could experience it in real life. I admire the writer, So Hyeon-Kyeong, for her imagination and creativity. This is a powerful plot..

  7. Seo-Young’s personality is very strong…she wouldn’t be able to handle all the hardships and suffering she experienced if she wasn’t…but being strong led her to become cold and a little bit vindictive towards the father that she thinks made her experience those hardships..I can’t blame her-nor condone her lying about her father and brother. She was caught in the white lie that she did not purposely created. I don’t believe she planned on saying to WJ’s family that she did not have a father..but at that moment in time-when they were asking about her father-that idea was the only thing that came to her mind that can cover up her father’s real identity…Would anyone be proud to say that her father was a gambler and is working as an adult entertainer to anyone – I definitely would not even think about saying anything about my father if I was in her shoes. She did feel guilt towards papa LEE-that’s way she made a point to visit them once in a while and look at them from afar. The only problem is-SW made her promise that she would not see them anymore (and SW did this because he was concerned that SY might get caught by WJ) She felt remorse and guilt but she couldn’t just tell WJ about the lie-coz that means she has to tell him about her previous life too-and she doesn’t want WJ to know because she thinks he might not understand her predicament since he did not experience those hardships at all..and so the misunderstanding for both parties got all blown out of proportion. I believe that SY loves WJ more than he loves her as she gave up SW to be with him believing that WJ could give her the happiness that she needs. I don’t think WJ can give up his family for SY though…but who knows-since his parents are all against SY right now-he might just do that(turn his back on his parents) to prove to SY that he truly loves her. Aishhh..I just wish that they could resolve their differences soon enough- I too get tired of all the fighting and I just want a happy ending for our beloved SY and WJ….

    • Your post makes a lot of sense, but I am not sure I understand the definition of vindictive you are using.
      I usually think of vindictive as being spiteful, vengeful, or wanting to hurt or harm someone.

      I’ve never seen Seo-Young deliberately seek revenge or work to cause her father pain. She did cause him pain, but that was a consequence of her separating herself from a toxic association, not her desire. Before the break her father caused her pain, again it was never his intention, but a result of his lack of responsibility.

      • Is rebelling against your own father not a form of vengeance or vindictiveness?
        Is cutting him off/shutting him out completely out of her life not intended to hurt the father who gave her life?
        Is lying to him that she is going overseas when in fact she was getting married not meant to spite him?
        Is ignoring and not getting in touch (no contact) for 3 years not vindictiveness?
        Regardless of whether SY has legit reason or not, she just killed the man even before he was physically buried.
        Just asking as they are excellent discussion points.

        • Is rebelling against your own father not a form of vengeance or vindictiveness? ** No.–An adult person does not rebel against a parent. A parent does is not an owner or overlord of an adult. A healthy parent respect an adult child’s decision, even if it is not what they would want for their child. So no rebellion is necessary.***
          Is cutting him off/shutting him out completely out of her life not intended to hurt the father who gave her life? ***No it was not intended to hurt her father any more than his fecklessness was meant to hurt her. Her behavior was to save her life, sanity and take a shot at happiness. And I don’t put much store in giving someone life. Supporting that life after it has come into the world seems to me to be a much nobler thing.***
          Is lying to him that she is going overseas when in fact she was getting married not meant to spite him? ***No it was not. If she had meant to spite him she would have told him that he was an albatross around her neck, a bringer of misery that was suffocating her, draining all her resources, and killing all her chance at being happy therefore she would never speak with him or acknowledge him again. Instead she said she was going away so that he could imagine that her absence was because of logistics, instead of matter of choice.***.
          Is ignoring and not getting in touch (no contact) for 3 years not vindictiveness? “No it is not. It might be cruel, but it is not vindictive. Vindictiveness requires that the person actively do things to cause the victim misery.”
          Regardless of whether SY has legit reason or not, she just killed the man even before he was physically buried. ***How is her father dead? He seems very much alive, living, loving and suffering as most people do. He has a son who loves him, a daughter-in-law who honors him, and more importantly he has matured, taken responsibility for his life and stop creating misery for his children.***
          Just asking as they are excellent discussion points. ***Yes these are excellent discussion points and a safe way to examine divergent world views. There are a myriad of ways to thinking of the parent-child connection and the responsibility we have to members of our nuclear and extended family and our community at large. One is to think of bonds as binding indivual elements together. To have a bond you need at least two sides participating. For that bond to be sound both sides must maintain their grips by shouldering their responsibility. When one side does not do its part for extended period of time the bond dries, cracks and breaks. There is not bond. Additional, Seo-Young belongs to herself. Choosing her own happiness, is not vindictive.. It is not the same as making her father pay for his failures.

          I suppose another way is to see biological connection as an unbreakable link, and on matter what happens on the other side of the link you must maintain connection, even if doing so might cost you your sanity or your life.***

          • Sad to say, I disagree as I see differently especially when SJ was painstakingly following her around (even incognito), because it pains him to know she had completely cut him off from her life. If every second of each day have gone by that (her dad
            SJ) is in the dark (and not heard from her) is not punishment enough, then I am not sure what that is.
            And for every second that SY felt good about not having any connections with him… is definitely a punishment.

            Precisely why the title is MDSY….it is about the travails of an errant father being punished until that hatred in her heart
            has been transformed to forgiveness. Up to this time, she has not forgiven him (and probably will not… ever… I hope)…..
            and if that is not vindictiveness, I am not sure how else to call that..

            Yes, she may not be actively doing anything to harm him (physically), but every second of her silence is definitely
            tearing his heart apart. ….off course he is kicking himself for all his misgivings, which is by now… a given.

            BTW: I am more than glad they are divorcing, for he does not deserve to share a life and a bed with a cunning sicko
            who refuse to seek treatment and instead nurture the hatred by committing more fraud (fraud that is characteized as achieving personal gain). …and the lies where all meant for her personal gain. He deserves a decent person who is free of all sorts of emotional/psychotic baggage……..and more to say next time….

          • @yukitube – I would not agree though about what you said that SY is a “cunning sicko”-and I don’t think that she needs to seek treatment either. SY’s lies were not intended to be for personal gain -it looks that way but it was more to protect herself…
            Yes- I would have preferred that she told WJ that she’s not ready to have kids yet and that she’s afraid of what kind of mother she could be that’s why she doesn’t want one, but even taking the birth control pills – she did not think of it as making a fraud on her part. (I would even say it would have been a fraud if she did have the child just to please the Kang family and not becoz of her own desire to have a child with WJ). And I also disagree that Wj doesn’t deserve her- they both compliment each others weakness – WJ being overly persistent and SY being so stubborn – its just the circumstances they are in that are wrong but their love for each other are true and I am definitely on their ship and would cheer them on to get back together and be happy till the end.

        • @yukitube – exactly my point…although I would not say that SY purposely intended to “kill” off his father (that’s why I said “a little bit vindictive”) – Kang’s family assumed that’s what she meant when she said she had no father..and I would say that SY never corrected their assumptions fearing that it might create more issues for her (she did not even imagine that WJ’s parents would agree with the relationship, and what more with marriage) and because of the pains papa Lee had caused – she actually felt during that period of time that she did not have a father at all.
          She did felt remorseful-that’s why it took her a while to accept WJ’s proposal, but with WJ’s persistence combined with her desire to have a little bit of happiness (you can call it selfishness if you wish) she just gave in. She didn’t expect that by doing that -even SW would cut her off. I don’t think she would have been as miserable as she was during those 3 yrs of marriage if SW was there supporting her- he could have even persuaded SY to tell the truth earlier on (but then we wouldn’t last 50 episodes if that was the script right?!).

        • I don’t think her action is being rebellious – its survival. For me, you sound more vindictive on her action. If you were on her shoes & put in that situation, I wonder how would you react. How long did her father done all those horrible things to her to the extent of causing her mothers death. Has he acted in anyway a real father or husband. Her father gave her life, but he also killed her (what SY told her dad – please save me – please come to your senses). 3 years is nothing compared to the sacrifices she’d gone thru because of her father.

      • @yumi …I do agree that vindictive is a strong word and your definition of it is true – that is why I added “a little bit” in front of it. I definitely am with you that she did not deliberately seek revenge but she did cause him pain when she told him she gonna be studying abroad and would not be back for a while (they were trying to resolve their issues then-and papa Lee was trying to get his act together and her leaving would not get them anywhere right..) And like you- I also loved her enjoying the freedom she felt on ep 40-just doing the simple things that she never get to enjoy before. I just hope that she can find it in her heart to forgive papa Lee for what he was before and realize that he indeed had changed and has become a better person and has lived a proper life since she left.

        • I would agree she was hurtful, but not that she is vindictive.

          Korean dramas are mostly about reconciliation and forgiveness. Countless times I have scratched my head in wonder as characters who have committed the most grievous sins against the main characters, including attempted murder are forgiven and brought back into the family fold. If not that, they are banished to American to reflect on their sins. May Queen was the only drama I watched where the villain got his comeuppance–and he gave it to himself by committing suicide. The people he had wrong seemed willing to forgive him. Even in Innocent Man, all seemed to have been forgiven in the end.


          I have no doubt that Seo-Young and Woo-Jae will either live happily ever after, and if not, the creative team will leave the audience with some sense of a hope for reconciliation.
          Papa Lee and Seo-Young will reconcile and the whole Lee family will be happy. Forgiveness will be worked out in the Kang household and they too will be happy. While a happy ending isn’t guaranteed, the odds are in its favor. I just can’t imagine a weird SANG DOO,LET’S GO TO SCHOOL ending.

    • she was taking the pill so that she can’t kill her father for the 2nd time. Its like if her child will ask her ” where’s grandfather? She can’t say again he’s dead?………that’s just what im thinking!!!

      • I like to believe that she has already stopped taking the pills way after she went to see the gynecologist with her mother- in-law

  8. I just started watching this and I m sooo much in love with it already and Lee Sang Yoon is certainly a turn on for all this. I was just scanning through google and came across this blog. You guys are so amazing for actually doing all this and I can see most of my fave dramas here in the top list. Not reading any of the above comment but just wanted to share my thoughts on the drama. Its my first guilty pleasure of the year after 13 months 😱

  9. Just wanted to expound more about the fraud SY manage to pull on the Kangs (they were had).
    Here’s one common definition of Fraud : – Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.
    1. By declaring a dead dad, she opened an easy path to marrying WJ. We all know the “confirmation process” at the US Congress
    is a cakewalk compared to marrying into a rich family/moneyed class in Seoul. Without that single deceitful act… her chances
    would have been in jeopardy. For that single “personal gain” alone that made her acceptance into Kang’s genuinely fraudulent.
    It is irrelavant whether that is intentional or not. They were had, and SY kept that fraud; ….no plans to even rectify or correct it.
    2. She could have spared SW as he is in a better status (a doctor) than dad SJ. However she chose to lie about him too to make his
    fraud “air tight”. She could have easily patch this up or correct it soon after (not even a plan), but chose to keep the fraud for
    good measure. Again this was by choice… for her peace of mind, which is for her personal gain. Even worst, SW had to change
    horses mid-stream (dumping MK) unceremoneously, in a snap….without thinking.
    3. The pill was the worst trick she pulled, even going thru the gynecological function test and feeling any remorse at all, oblivious
    of the repercussion to his (WJ’s) manhood perhaps questioning if it was short and lacking. What if the guy thought of having his
    reproductive system overhauled….a transplant maybe?….nah…I’m exaggerating here, but thats the drift.
    Again, it was to her personal gain and gave her a peace of mind, since she never had the plan to stick and hang around for good.

    Note: All these could have been mitigated if she even had plans to correct them and/or make amends. There were no plans for the
    Kangs and not even a sliver of hope to reconcile with her own family. I can totally understand all the sympathy for SY, but
    these are the accounts of her actions and I am just pointing it out.
    Note2 : Her dialogue with dad SJ outside the police station (early EP) is an indication to her motivation in severing ties with him.
    Clearly her actions were deeply rooted on her repulsive/revolting mindset, (ie..blaming him for all their woes…wrong dad…etc)
    She was out to punish him…. turning herself into an avenging daughter of Lee Sam Jae.
    Her “sound of silence” was deafening to dad SJ’s ears, he is tortured into submission, even stalking her at every chance.
    He almost paid for it with his life taking the brunt of the car-hit meant for WJ.
    Note3: There is an inherent (unwritten) responsibility built into the DNA of every person. There is a certain duty to maintain that link
    no matter what. If you are harboring a grudge against a family member, then evading and severing ties is just the
    offshoot/byproduct of that gripe. Harboring that grudge, and carrying out steps to punish the person is plain vindictiveness.
    ……now, I can hit the sack.

  10. Although I’ve been stalking the site, I only just notice a fuller recap of 39 was up because the “I’m under the weather notice was still up”. Thanks Pinkblossom. I am so delighted

    Special thanks for the translation of Seo-Young and Sang-Woo scene.

    She looked so happy to see him, even if she was still a little avoidant of her issues.

    It’s good that she is out of the house and the marriage for the time being. I think the distance will help everyone reflect and heal and facilitate a healthy reconciliation. I actually wish that along with drum lessons Mama Kang will start to sneak out and meet Seo-Young on the sly. Mama Kang needs a true friend and confidant. The things that the drama show over and over again is that Seo-Young is a giver by nature, whether it is as a older sister to Sang-Woo, on Sung-Jae, or a daughter-in-law to Mama Kang or as Yeon-Hee’s friend when she senses that people are having a hard time she reaches out to help.

    I suppose it is that history of helping that makes her so guarded, untrusting and unable to rely on others. I suppose her history has taught her that she is the only one who will come true for Seo-Young. It is a hard lesson to learn, and an even harder lesson to unlearn.

    Seo-young: I moved today. I came to see you after moving everything.

    Sang-woo: Already? Where you staying before?

    Seo-young: With a friend.


    Seo-young: I made one.

    I thought the dialogue was so telling and so sad. It seems that because of her family circumstances and her personality Seo-Young never or rarely had close friends. There was never anyone she felt she could depend on. All she had was Sang-Woo, and in letting go of her father, Sang-Woo felt he had to let go of her. Woo-Jae couldn’t fill in the gap losing Sang-Woo made, because he could never fully know her because she felt to keep him she would have to keep lying.

    One more day before we get our next hour.

  11. I am very much impressed with the story.Thank you for the dedicated translators who shared with us the meaning of this drama. You just don’t know how much we really appreciate your hard work. I also admire the way the drama is being portrayed by the casts. Everything is well in placed. The setting, the lighting the pacing are good. The Director did a very fine job here. Although the drama is heavy and heartbreaking… there are funny scenes too that are heartwarming.. It seems that the message of the story here is that trust and confidence is one thing you cannot put back once it is broken and no matter how we hope and no matter how we try we can’t make truth out of a lie. I think the ending story here is that SY will end up with WJ and SW will have a happy marriage with HJ. i just don’t know how it will end.

  12. A big THANK YOU to all who have contributed their thoughts! A little food for thought to jump-start the process for those who have not yet shared, or just a new topic for our regulars: Should Woo-jae be the one to go all out to make our happy OTP dreams come true? Or should Seo-young be making an effort as well? Happy discussing! 😀

    • It would be a nice to see SY showing more effort maybe after the issue with his father is settled. I thinks its more believable that way since its the root of all the drama in this show. I just hope SY & WJ get back together in the end.

  13. I think that Woo-Jae should really hold back on his courtship efforts because if he doesn’t I’m not sure how the dynamics would be different than their first time as a couple

    It is necessary that they remain in proximity of each other, but I feel he should be around her but thread water until she feel comfortable swimming towards him. I think Seo-Young right now might not feel she has anything of value to offer Woo-Jae. Until she learns to value herself, or is given the opportunity to recognize her value to Woo-Jae and learns to trust him they won’t be able to come together as equal partners. Ultimately I think the relationship will be best when Seo-Young to feel comfortable to expressing her love for Woo-Jae wholeheartedly. I say express, because I’ve always been sure that she loves him, but didn’t trust the relationship enough to express it fully. If she didn’t love him, why would she marry him.

  14. I can’t explain how much adorable I find Woo Jae in getting back to Seo Young. The fact that he realised his mistakes and let go of SY just for her sake is amazing and deserves applause. I m glad that he was ot selfish to hold on to her and let her be. Awww Can we wish for such Namja as well :p.

    Regarding Seo Young, I think she should try to start afresh. I know its easy to say but difficult to do, but she can at least express in front of Woo Jae or may be let off her guards. I know pride is all she has got but can you still hold on to it when you really are not happy and satisfied just because of it.

  15. Should Woo-jae be the one to go all out to make our happy OTP dreams come true? Big yes. But, he may need the joint efforts of seo young’s dad and brother. He did the right thing by initiating a meeting with seo young’s brother and seo young’s dad. Although, that was not easy for him to do since he hardly know them, but he made progress. He was able to understand and appreciate SY a little better. As we all know SY is a very smart woman and knows where she stands. She knows very well that with her social background and family’s limitations will only be mocked by the Kang’s family and for that reason, she turned down marriage proposal several times. WJ is persistent .. so SY finally agreed to marry WJ… SY was in a “hot seat”when she faced the Kang’s family. Mama Kang in an instant even asked. What does your father do?…..and she could not give a proper answer to that…. so she was forced to lie to end the stress and anticipated criticism. SY needed to protect her family’s dignity too. Mama Kang even mentioned before that it is better to be an orphan or something rather than coming from a disgraced family. (not exactly but similar). The ball is now in the hands of WJ and if SY’s dad and brother would support WJ, that would be favourable. He would need to show SY that he gets along well with SY’s father and brother and that would give SY peace of mind and maybe her heart would soften again…I wonder if there would be a part 2 of this drama.I wish to see how would the families merge.

  16. Seo yougn and Woo jae are now divorce but they will soon get back together, they need to settle and understand Seo Young’s past and problems with her family, Sang woo and Ho Jeong needs more improvement to their newly wed romance (I feel excited to think of it) he will surely love her for real, see he’s more comfortable with his conversation than MY, MY will surely fall inlove maybe to HJ half brother, what a great drama! Thumbs Up!

  17. I too think that SY should at least make an effort to consider WJ’s feelings…yes they both got hurt in that “lie” but its so obvious to us viewers that they still love each other so much… SY loves WJ to the core that she sacrifices herself to suffer alone so that WJ would not continue feeling guilty about the torment and pain he gave her a while back and the deception that she thinks will haunt them later on…I don’t think she knows that WJ now knows her whole story and the fact that papa LEE had told WJ the truth about him being a bad father to SY …
    SY knows that WJ is still not over her-she just won’t accept him because she thinks that even after the truth was discovered – and even if she was forgiven , being happy with WJ will be a sin and would not be fair…and for her to look like the bad one would at least justify the wrong she did to her father. She believes that punishing herself would make up for the terrible thing that she thinks she did to her father. WJ should continue putting his best foot forward and should make the best effort he could give to win back SY – coz that’s the only way to melt SY’s cold heart but I hope that the wall SY is trying to put up again to mask her true feelings would be one that is not made of brick but a clear glass wall instead so that WJ can see right through it. ^_^

  18. 1st of all..thank you so much for the latest recap. To answer your question on the incident where Sang Woo gave Ho-jung shoes…if I am not happen way back on the earlier episodes when Ho-jung was smitten with sang Woo. She got out of her house in the middle of the night to go to Sang Woo’s place. Because her mother almost caught her so she ran out without her shoes.. Got to Sang Woo’s place thank God safely, but he ended up sending her back to her place, as she was without shoes so he gave her one of his slippers which is way to big for her feet, and she ended up keeping the slipper with her as a memorabilia of Sang Woo before she went abroad… So I guess the writers decided to bury the myth about giving shoes as presents is bad he..he..

  19. I want more of sang woo & ho jung scene… I just love these couple
    Thanks for the ep 43 recap..just love it.

  20. My Daughter Seo-Young Episode 38 just came online. What a heartbreaker. The conversation between Seo-Young and Mama Kang ripped my heart asunder.

  21. Food for thought this week: Should Seo-young and Woo-jae get back together (married)? Or should they remain friends? 🙂

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