Drama Must-Have Items

If you’re a true wine connoisseur, you’ve prolly got racks and racks stacked with wine bottles.  Vintage, of course.  Wine openers of every shape and size, corks littering the landscape…  You may even have a whole room dedicated to your wines.  Well then, what about dramas?  If you’re a true drama connoisseur, it only naturally follows that you should have anything and everything drama-related in your possession.  DVD’s, stolen VHS tapes from the Korean video store, posters, OST’s… the works.  But.  If you’re a REAL lover, then you’ve gotta go deeper.  You can’t just watch the drama, you’ve gotta LIVE the drama.  You can’t just admire the adorable doll, you’ve gotta OWN it.  Friends, I ask you today: How many of you LIVE your dramas?  (Thanks, primimeri, for the seed of inspiration for this post!)


Special Must-Haves

(Items/Fashions that took off in the real world)
Boys Over Flowers

Must-Have Item: Goo Joon-pyo’s curls구준표


Incarnation of Money

Must-Have Item: Cha-don’s “heart hair”8d9cb4812447d33067d2314b3d85ef03


Lovers in Paris

Must-Have Item: Tae-young’s pink piggy bankpiggy-bank-lovers-in-paris


My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Must-Have Item: Mi-ho’s stuffed chicken legImg0402_20100916153735_1


My Name is Kim Sam-soon

Must-Have Item: Sam-soon’s stuffed pigD2126-11


Secret Garden

Must-Have Item: Matching two-piece tracksuits (the sparkly-er the better)d4ab726db2e8d977d263d20c4ab6a28e


Stairway to Heaven

Must-Have Item: Lovers’ necklacesunghyun_160606_1[195121] a0108579_497fefd0e9a1f


Star in My Heart

Must-Have Item: Min-hee’s  rockin’ long bangs20120401160748710


Winter Sonata

Must-Have Item: Yoo-jin’s Polaris necklace포라리스


You’re Beautiful

Must-Have Item: Mi-nam’s pig rabbitart_1257650597


The Rest

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

Must-Have Item: Choi Han-kyul aka Gong Yoophoto_514_1_1_no_72_45b15d1


All In

Must-Have Item: Poker chips6211105101326625995


Autumn Fairy Tale

Must-Have Item: Eun-seo’s yellow umbrella.  And Han Tae-seok aka Won Bin.가을동화_01한태석



Must-Have Item: The correct body빅_001



Must-Have Item: Teddy bears20060220190012.102.0


The King 2 Hearts

Must-Have Item: A freakin’ helicopter that will actually take Eun Shi-kyung to a hospital조정석_07


King of Dramas

Must-Have Item: Garlic201212112306221710_1


Level 7 Civil Servant

Must-Not-Have Item: A brain7급_0002


Lie to Me

Must-Have Item: A story%EB%82%B4%EA%B1%B0%ED%95%B4


My Princess

Must-Have Item: Every piece of Lee Seol’s wardrobe.  And, uh, her gorgeous face and figure might help, too.2011010516023803047_1


On Air

Must-Have Item: Earplugse0072632_482bd945b467d


Tae-jo Wang-gun

Must-Have Item: Goong Ye’s eye patch01


Temptation of Wife

Must-Have Item: Beauty mark아내의 유혹E90.090309HDTVXviD-Ental.avi_001726224


Time Slip: Dr. Jin

Must-Have Item: Gummy Fetus

I just couldn't bear to post a picture of that gummy fetus...

I just couldn’t bear to post a picture of that gummy fetus…

43 responses to “Drama Must-Have Items

    • hi hi hiii, snow_white!! yesss pig rabbit was defs an all-time fav for looots of people! ^^

  1. LOL at “The correct body”
    The drama item that drives me to envy the most is just ramyun. It doesn’t matter how full I am when watching, I always want to eat ramyun with them! (Minus the crying part)

    • yes “correct body” was hilarious! I TOTALLY AGREE ON THE RAMYUN WANT too!!! why does ramyun look so much better on korean drama than in real life!!!

    • hahhaa oh my gollies SO. TRUE, mary!! i ALWAYS get hunger pangs while watching korean tv — the worst are the programs that hunt down famed hole-in-the-wall places xD lolol!

    • heeee i’m so glad you enjoyed it, MEK! we’re so happy you’re still gardening with us! ^^

  2. I have two fav. what I call piggy rabbit from I’m beautiful. I even bought one from online. And the other I’m trying to find but no luck so far; so I’m thinking about making one and it’s from the drama that we all love and just watched My Daughter Seo Young and the Arm Pillow!!

    • I got it off of one of my k pop sites that advertise korean dramas stuff and clothing as well. I’ll go back and research it and get back with you because I don’t think they sell it anymore And no I didn’t think so $80 in all including shipping. Shipping was the most. I think it was either 25 to 35 dollars. But it was original brand and came numbered.

    • the arm pillow was all the rage several years back — i’m surprised it’s not more easily accessible/find-able online! if i come across one, i’ll be sure to let you know, tntechlady!! 😀 😀

    • i just looked it up and they have quite a few options on amazon! they call it the “boyfriend pillow” lol ^^

  3. For Goong, you can keep the teddy bears. My must have are Joo Ji Hoon aka Lee Shin and Kim Jung Hoon aka Lee Yul. I’m not greedy. 😉

  4. Hello Pinkblossom,

    I simply LOVE this topic, thank you so much. I would like to tell you that it is as if you read my mind, because honestly, when I saw that ESK had been shot and injured in TK2Hs, I honestly for seriously thought that a helicopter would show up to take him to a hospital, and that when he would wake up, the princess (I can’t remember her name right now) would be by his side, holding his hand. I couldn’t believe that they just let him die, especially since it wasn’t adding anything to the plot at that point. I couldn’t believe earnest Bot (ESK) was gone, simply gone 😦 So THANK YOU so much for sharing those thoughts, I am sooooo glad to see I wasn’t the only one who thought that way (about the helicopter).
    2–LOL at 7LCS. I must be one of the few ones who has actually enjoyed it, for the most part, and who has found it funny at times. I don’t know how to leave my brain at the door when watching a Kdrama, especially now that I watch shows like 7L live (meaning at the same time it is broadcasted in Korea). I need my brain to try and figure out what is going on, since I do not speak the language (just a few words, as any Kdrama watcher might), nor do I understand (the language), not all of it at least. It forces me to pay more attention to everything that is going on, which I do anyway when I watch the dramas fully subbed. That’s just how I watch movies and dramas. I did like your sense of humor though… Well done and thank you for your continued hard work and dedication.
    Will there be a part 2 to this? I would personally welcome that :-). Could we make suggestions?

    • hihiii, Ivoire!! awww i always love reading your comments — my head’s getting too big! lolol!!
      ohemgee yesss i distinctly remember watching that ep of “king” and waiting and waaaiting for the stupid helicopter. when the stupid scene kept getting longer and jae-ha (lee seung-gi) just kept crying, i hit the pause button and mad typed “the king 2 hearts” (in korean) in naver (a korean search engine). and lo and behold, a whole slew of articles with headlines declaring the end of eun shi-kyung. *evil face* i’m still quite angry. just in case you didn’t notice. hahahaa!
      the ridonkulousness of “level 7” was overlook-able initially because it was so cute, but i.. just kinda lost patience after a while. cute i can do. trying to be cool and epically failing i have a harder time digesting lol! but please don’t let my poopy sarcasm color your love for the show!! i have looots of shows people hated on but which i will never take off my “love list” lol! 😀
      a part 2 is on my to do list, but no solid plans yet. yes pleeaseee make suggestions!!! i’ll include it in the next post with your name! 😀 😀

  5. Hi, Just found your blog while searching about My Daughter Seo Young:) Love your topic, interesting and funny!
    I actually bought a pendant, the one Yoo Chun wears on Rooftop Prince from Yesasia, and some ear rings that idols wear, hehe
    That’s how crazy I get even my family can’t understand
    Yea, if I can buy any of the actors, I would too:)

    • a belated welcome to our Patch, Nayong!! 😀 did you enjoy “seo-young”??? 😀 😀
      hahaha ohmygollies are we gonna have to battle to the death over yoochun?? lolol! i SO noticed that necklace he wore all the time — i was tempted to get it, but i have a gripe with yesasia so sad panda no necklace. but nononooo you’re not crazy — all of the shops in korea have pictures next to their accessories/jewelry of celebrities wearing their products! ^^ and yes, we’ve gotta figure out a way to buy these hotties. lemme know if you figure it out 😉

    • hahahaaa lol at first i thought you meant jo in-sung, and then i thought the phone, until i finally realized it was the bracelet lolol! it is the bracelet… right? 😉 heee! now that i think about it, i don’t think i saw the bracelet anywhere while i was in korea… every phone store was pimping the vega 6(? 5?), which is the one both jo in-sung and song hye-kyo used in “that winter”~ hahaa!

  6. Hahaha this topic is super fun. I’m a k-drama addict but so far I only bought Radish Doll (Rooftop Prince). Bought 2, one for me ( I find it too cute to resist ^^ ) and the other one i gave them away for my blog’s 1 year anniversary. Now do tell, how can i have Choi Han Kyul aka Gong Yoo? LOL but seriously, Gong Yoo is super HOT if i were in Korea I’d follow him everywhere ^^

    • ohmygollies the radish doll!!!!! okay, i need to include that if i do another post! 😀 i LOVE your blog — how in the world do you stay on top of everything?! i bow to your amaztasticness, azia!
      and yes gong yoo *swoooon*

    • hahahaa i knooow. it was just unfathomably hilarious that a single beauty mark could render a woman unrecognizable. but hey, if it works, it works. 😉

    • hihiii, Carmensitta! a very veeerrrry belated welcome to our Patch! did you end up finishing “rascal sons”?? 😀
      ooh yes, the teardrop necklace was definitely a marketable product! did you get one yourself? 🙂
      thank you so much for continuing to garden with us!!

  7. Omg this is all so true. But My Fave one is Han Tae Suk aka Won Bin Oppa. Nth can beat him, he’s the Ninja :p

    • welcome to the Patch, Pita!! haahhaaa heck yes they needed a freaking helicopter!! 😉 thanks for joining us — hope you continue your dramaland journey with us! 😀

  8. Lol! And I would also add in Hyun Bin and the myoo cats that Gil Raim owned in Secret Garden! And lol again awesome post! 🙂

    • welcome to the fold, Karen!!
      ah yes, hyun bin and the cats!!! ^^ these days, i start waiting for “the” item the show is obviously gonna pimp once it’s over lolol!
      thanks for joining us here at the Patch and weeelcome again!! 😀

  9. I love the way some must-have items are the ,you know, typical accessories while others are the funny ones like a freaking helicopter in King 2 Hearts. I never thought of that and it’s clever:D I was thinking more about the four fridges that are filled with food in Hang Ah’s room. Yea…..I’m more of a food person:P

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