Miss Rose- Ep 4, 5

I don’t know what it is, but I think I’m slowly losing interest in Miss Rose. As hot as Roy Qiu is, the show just isn’t doing it for me. I don’t know but I just feel like I’ve seen this plot line so many times before. The other real reason is because Chen Kuan’s fiance, Vivian, is doing a good job of making me hate her. Here’s my extremely brief recaps of episodes 4 and 5.

Episode 4

Si Yi goes on the business trip with Chen Kuan to work on the a case that can bring in a lot of revenue for the Guang Qiang company if it can successfully win the bid from the  government. They have lots of ridiculous cute moments. Si Yi wears revealing pajamas which her mother secretly packs into her suitcase instead of her frumpy clothes. Chen Kuan catches an eye-full. Si Yi and Chen Kuan drink together and fall asleep together in Si Yi’s room! Again cute! When they return to the office Si Yi gets into some trouble with Vivian involving a coffee spill incident.

Episode 5

Vivian blows the coffee spill incident out of proportion, and Si Yi tries to fight back. However, she succumbs and apologizes once she finds out Vivian’s daddy is a big investor of the company. Later, Si Yi and Chen Kuan rush to turn in the correct proposal for the government bid as it turns out the useless president of Guang Qiang tried to sabotage the original proposal. They get there just as the office closes. They beg and beg the civil worker to take the proposal, standing in the rain and blocking the worker’s car. Finally, the proposal is accepted. Chen Kuan takes the soaked Si Yi to his house and the sparks between them fly (you know the romantic electricity kinda spark). Of course, they don’t cross any physical lines but they way Chen Kuan oggles at  Si Yi is enough for me! But, of course, dear Vivian decides to pop in at this moment and throw a fit. Chen Kuan actually stands up to her and tries to make her leave but Si Yi’s watch is broken in a tussel with Vivian. Si Yi leaves in tears, asserting her innocence. She breaks down on the sidewalk, which is when Chen Kuan comes and covers her shoulders with a jacket (so touching!). Ok, I admit that the picture directly below is just pure eye candy of Roy Qiu in that wet shirt.


Thoughts: So again Vivian is just about the most annoying evil character ever. 1. Her acting is as stiff as a board. 2. She keeps telling Chen Kuan that they should just both do the things they want to do (i.e. live their own lives). But she throws a fit and gets all wound up every time Si Yi’s around. It’s just so unrealistic and hypocritical. 3. She is just plain spoiled. I really hate rich spoiled characters, and I guess the actress is great at this part cause I truly am annoyed by her. Yep, 3 reasons for my annoyance of the show.

The show is moving along at a snails place for me. I don’t know if its because there’s only 1 episode a week so I think things are slow plot wise. But one thing Ican’t deny is the sizzling chemistry between Chen Kuan and Si Yi. I didn’t think they matched so well at first but, dang, the awkward moments when their eyes meet and linger. It’s undeniable attraction. If anything, I’ll keep watching Miss Rose just for this chemistry.

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