Throwback Thursday: #1

Over the holidays, I attempted – futilely – to organize some of the decades’ worth of junk that had accumulated in my room. As expected, it instead became a session of “Oh my, I’ve been looking for this!” and “Yeee, I used to love this stuff!” One box, in particular, had me cackling with glee: rip-outs and clippings from magazines and newspapers from the good ol’ days.

Yes, there are still magazines. Yes, there are still newspapers. But with the ever-improving internet and computer hard drive at my disposal, I found less and less reason to spend time carefully cutting around my Oppa’s handsome face and reverently pressing said clipping between pages to preserve him for all eternity.

Now that I have rediscovered some of those old clippings, I thought I’d share them with you all – trips down memory lane are so much more fun when done together.  We’ll see how this little project develops over the weeks, but I thought we’d do a little “Guess Who?” for our inaugural post! 😀

Exhibit #1: 20150107_120959_01

Hint: She was in 2 dramas this past year!

Who do you think this cutie is? And can you name the 2 dramas she did in 2014?


We’ll reveal the answer in next week’s post! Happy guessing! 😀


Ps. Yes, you read it correctly: the ad was printed in a newspaper on Tuesday, August 19, 2003 – it’s been over 11 years!  Aaack!

9 responses to “Throwback Thursday: #1

  1. Hello) I discovered your blog recently and I love it) I think it’s Jang Nara.Past year she was in fated to love you and mr.back.

    • helloooo, Hap Haole!! welcome to our little madhouse here at the Patch! 😀
      thanks for sharing your guess with us! we’ll reveal the answer in a couple days… but as you may have already guessed, you and Paloma are off to a good start! ^^

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