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Updated: November 30, 2013


  • The King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang (제왕의 딸, 수백향)
  • Ruby Ring (루비반지)
  • Princess Aurora (오로라 공주)


  • One Warm Word (따뜻한 말 한마디)
  • Empress Ki (기황후)
  • Mirae’s Choice (미래의 선택)


  • Heirs (상속자들)


  • Answer Me 1994 (응답하라 1994)

Variety Shows:

  • Hidden Singer (히든싱어)
  • We Got Married (우리 결혼했어요)



Updated: August 18, 2013


  • Good Doctor
  • Master’s Sun


  • Nothing worth my time currently


  • Parks and Recreation (soooo good!)


What are YOU currently watching?  We’d love to hear about the shows that have captured your interest!

27 responses to “Currently Watching

    • ooooh how are you liking “lovers i prague”? i watched snippets but never got around to watching the whole thing xD and eeeee what do you think of “flower boy” so far?!

        • welcome to the Patch, ParkShinHyeFan!! 😀 thanks for sharing with us! not a far-fetched guess, but i’m guessing by your name that you’re loving “flower boy”?? ^^ park shin-hye is adorable 🙂

  1. Currently watching: King of Dramas, My Daughter Seo Young, Cheer Up Mr. Kim, Nice Guy, 1 Day 2 NIghts, the oh so awesome Shinhwa Broadcast and so much American TV I can’t list it all here. 🙂

    • welcome weeelcome, SweetiePie54!! shinhwa shinhwa shinhwaaaaa!!! 😀 i was gonna go all out on “mr. kim” because of dong-wan, but somehow… i just didn’t end up watching past the first 15 min of ep 1 -___-;; you’re a better fan than i! ^^

  2. Currently watching Flower Boy next door and my daughter So young. I watch Great Seer but dropped it, I can’t get the fuss about that map or location that almost everyone knows already.

    • welcome to our madhouse, Blupurple!! 😀 i knoooow “the great seer” was SUCH a disappointment *covers eyes* i had such high hopes and expectations, and the production team just gaaaaah. a big fat waste of the enormous talent they had in actors/actresses. T_T

    • hi hiii, Yujin!! 😀 i wasn’t too impressed by the trailers of “level 7” and was told the first 2 eps were bleh~ but i watched starting from ep 3 and it’s been actually really good! ^^ now get me straight, this isn’t necessarily quality television, but it’s light-hearted and laugh-out-loud funny and pretty darned cute. if you watch it, please share what you think! 😀

    • welcome, jean segovia!! (i can’t do the stars… xD lolol!) i’ve heard so much about how difficult it is to find subs for “seo-young” 😦 i’m glad you have joined us here for our little “seo-young” party! ^^

  3. I’m watching MDSY, A Hundred Years Inheritance and Queen of Ambition. Pink blossom, do you also translate the last two I mentioned?

    • hi, kodrafan! are you enjoying “hundred years” and “ambition”? i love lee jung-jin and su ae, but both dramas seemed too intense so i’m holding off on them for now lol xD thanks for sharing with us!! 😀

    • a very belated welcome to our Patch, azia!! 😀 😀 how’s “hundred years” these days? i tried to watch a bit for lee jung-jin but was put off by the trailers lol. anything else you’re watching? 🙂

    • welcome to the Patch, Beverly davenport!! 😀 i watched a bit of the beginning of “madame butterfly” but it somehow fell off my drama plate… are you enjoying it? 🙂

  4. Hi all, how are you all, I realy miss this blog, i just came from a place with bad internet conection.., , so what’s up ? any news about good drama? I ask some of my friend and many say that ” a man in love it’s ‘very good, , is that so?..

    • hihiii, ema! long time no seee~!! 😀 did you end up finding subs/vids of “seo-young”?? i hope you enjoyed it!
      i never thought i was super dependent on the internet, but i spent one weekend in the boonies and went nutsos without internet connection lol!
      there are lots of dramas goin’ on, though whitecarrot and i have been remiss in posting about them 😉 right now, “NINE: NINE TIME TRAVELS” is my hands-down favorite of the pack. a lot of the online community is enjoying “JANG OK-JUNG”; the daily sitcom “PURE LOVE” continues to be special; and i’ve been enjoying “I SUMMON YOU, GOLD” on the weekends. the last one isn’t all that good, but it’s entertaining~ lol.
      i only watched the first few episodes of “when a man loves”, but i couldn’t handle the cringe-inducing acting of song seung-hun so i gave up lol 😉 it was very old-school sappy romance trying to be cool, and i’ve heard some critics note its similarity to “what happened in bali” (in terms of character relationships). it’s not my cup of tea, but there are those who love it, so, as with everything, take my opinion with a grain of salt! 😀
      thank you for continuing your dramaland journey with us, ema!! and please don’t hesitate to ask/comment away! 😀

    • hihiii, hrtbrkgrl!! 😀 i haven’t gotten around to watching “monstar” yet, and we’ve just picked up “heartless city”, so i don’t think we’ll be able to do recaps 😦 but i’ll defs put a star next to the show on my watch list!! sorry again and thank you for the recommendation! 😀

  5. Hi all,
    During my holidaya in my parents home town,I found my old asian drama vcd collections, and I realy like to share with all of you.
    🙂 meteor garden -taiwan , and other meteor series
    It was such fun time .
    🙂 glass shoes
    🙂 kamisama
    🙂 piano
    And so on. I beliven I watch more than 100 titels
    I think I watch drama to much …during my teen 🙂

    • hi, emamae!! welcome to our little Patch of madness! 😀 😀 oh my gollies it looks like you watched quite a few dramas! i’ve gotta say, though, you can never have too much hehehehee!! thank youuu for joining us and for sharing your awesome intro to dramaland! 😀

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