Throwback Thursday #3

Happy Thursday, Patch Friends!

It’s amazing how quickly each week goes by… I barely have time to get back into the zone after the weekend before it’s Friday afternoon again… Where does the time go?

This week, we’re once again revisiting 2003…


Now, there’s no need for me to explain who they are, right? 🙂

I just thought we’d take a moment to remember all the mornings we woke up with eyes swollen shut from weeping over the show… Oh please, don’t lie – I wasn’t the only one who wept for my dramas back in the early 2000s… Right?


In any case, I actually didn’t ‘really’ watch Stairway to Heaven back when it aired – the evil mama was just too hypertension-inducing, and I felt like I was watching a re-hash of Autumn Fairy Tale + Winter Sonata. Speaking of which, guess who was originally offered the lead role in Stairway to Heaven?


That’s right, just 1 year after Choi Ji-woo and Bae Yong-joon hit the jackpot with Winter Sonata, SBS wanted the couple reunited for Stairway to Heaven… Which obviously ended up not happening, but man, just thinking about the what-if’s leaves me in a doozy. 😉  As for all the what-if’s regarding a reunion of Choi Ji-woo and her actual Stairway to Heaven co-star Kwon Sang-woo: they had their own show last year…


Oh man, the feels…

Have you watched Stairway to Heaven? Did you enjoy it? Bawl over it? Weep like there was no tomorrow? I bonded with one of my friends over her love for Kwon Sang-woo and Stairway to Heaven, thus the show holds a sentimental appeal in my world… But what about all of you? Please share! 😀

Of course, we can’t forget last week’s Guess Who, which Paloma Josse guessed correctly once again! You are on fire, my friend! 😀


Choi Min-soo & Choi Myung-gil in “The South Side of the Sun” (2003)

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and enjoooy your weekends. Happy reminiscing!

Ps. Yes, that is a VERY young and adorable Park Shin-hye and Baek Sung-hyun! ^^


3 responses to “Throwback Thursday #3

  1. Wow, Park Shin Hye and Baek Sung Hyun ARE super adorable in that video!! I watched Stairway to Heaven pretty early in my drama journey, and hated the weepy ending 😛 I never did realize that Park Shin Hye and Baek Sung Hyun were in this – thanks for the revelation!! 😀

  2. Stairway was my second kdrama after Full House. I was introduced to Kwon Sang Woo there and started to watch all his dramas – I think he has perfected his sad/crying demeanor to a T and thought he was the only handsome kdrama actor until I saw more kdramas and discovered a slew of good-looking actors who can act ,too like Jo In Sung, Jo Sang Wook, Jang Hyuk, to name a few. Stairway also has good OST, as a matter of fact I have tried to play the piece on the piano -same thing with the OST of Winter Sonata and Autumn in My Heart..

    • kodrafan!!! oh my gollies it’s so good to hear from you! thanks for continuing to enjoy dramaland with us! it feels like yesterday that we were talking about “seo-young”… xD
      ah, yes, good ol’ “full house” – i remember how crazy everyone was about rain! ^^
      my friend LOOOOVED kwon sang-woo like no other heheheee! then she moved to the lee min-ho camp lol!
      oooh so cool that you played the OSTs on the piano!! 😀

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