Throwback Thursday: #2

Welcome to the second edition of Throwback Thursday!

Last week, we shared a photo of a young lady…


… who hasn’t aged at all:


Yep, that’s Jang Na-ra! Congratulations to Paloma Josse and Hap Haole for correctly guessing our mystery lady! And a double yay for Paloma Josse, who named both of the dramas Jang Nara headlined in 2014: Fated to Love You, and Mr. Back.


This week, it’s a little harder game of Guess Who? with this couple:

Exhibit #2: 20150107_121303[1]

Can you name the actor and actress?  And can you name the drama they were in together?

Hint: She is in a currently airing drama, and he was in a drama that just wrapped up.  This clipping is from 2003.

For some clarity, here’s a color picture:


Once again, we’ll reveal the answer next Thursday! Happy guessing! 😀

Ps. We haven’t decided yet where this little experiment is going, but fear not Patch Friends: we are keeping track of point totals! So far: PJ: 1; HH: 1. 🙂

One response to “Throwback Thursday: #2

  1. Here is my guess: It’s Choi Min Soo ( He was in pride and prejudice) and Choi Myung Gil (She is now in punch).Together they were in the drama south of the sun.

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