Miss Rose- Episode 6

So due to the overwhelming excitement of Answer Me 1997, ALL the other dramas I was following seemed unimportant and uninteresting!!! So I’ve been neglecting them. Sorry Miss Rose! Sorry Rich Man, Poor Woman! You guys just weren’t as good. But here’s a mini-cap of Miss Rose Episode 6. Since I do have to watch something when I’m waiting for the next episode of 1997…

Ok so here we go!

Chen Kuan chases after Si Yi and comforts her. They part awkwardly but Chen Kuan receives a phone call from Evil Vivian which causes him to turn back and look toward Si Yi. He goes back to Si Yi who is completely exhausted. Chen Kuan takes Si Yi home. Si Yi’s dad (I’m going to call him Luo Papa) stares Chen Kuan down. However, when Luo Papa walks Chen Kuan out, he actually tells Chen Kuan he would love his son-in-law as his own son (aka approval from Luo Papa).

Evil Vivian throws a fit to her father about Chen Kuan meeting with other women, and he says he will take care of things with Chen Kuan. Really Vivian? You have your dad take care of your romantic issues? Chen Kuan goes watch shopping to replace Si Yi’s watch which Evil Vivian broke. He practices what to say before giving it to her (cute!).  Chen Kuan gives the watch ti Si Yi, but she is hesitant to take it. He insists she does, and they both smile. Later, Vivian goes to the company and tells Chen Kuan he has a dinner date with her and her dad and to bring his mom. She insists Si Yi go too for business purposes. Si Yi tries to tell Vivian that it’s Luo Papa’s birthday but Vivian demands that Si Yi comes.

We find out Chen Kuan’s mom (Gao Mama) is friends with the Crazy Fortune Teller Si Yi made a bet with (interesting….). But we find out Chen Kuan’s dad was actually a driver for Vivian’s father, and Vivian’s father is actually responsible for sponsoring Chen Kuan’s education. The Gao family is extremely indebted to Vivian’s father, and Chen Kuan’s mom urges Chen Kuan to treat Vivian well. That night Vivian meets Si Yi outside the restaurant and tells Si Yi to watch Vivian’s car. This is Vivian’s way of humiliating Si Yi. Look at screencap below. This awkwardness says it all. Vivian sucking up to Chen Kuan’s mom. Chen Kuan seeing Si Yi but not being able to help her. Sighs…

Turns out dinner between Vivian/Vivian daddy and Chen Kuan/Gao Mama is to talk about the engagement plans. Gao Mama accepts readily although Chen Kuan attempts put off the issue. Chen Kuan excuses himself and tells Si Yi to go  home to her father’s birthday celebration. Right as Si Yi enters her house, the TV shows the new “it” guy in LED lighting. Turns out this is Si Yi’s ex who broke her heart many years ago. Her family shows their disdain but she coughs and they change the subject and cut the cake.

Thoughts: This episode seemed kind of filler.  A lot of time is spent on comic relief and the unimportant characters. Once again, I am absolutely hating on Vivian who keeps getting jealous of Chen Kuan/Si Yi although Vivian insists she doesn’t like Chen Kuan. I don’t follow. So Vivian has ownership of Chen Kuan like an object? Is that how she views Chen Kuan? Again, Taiwanese dramas have a tendency to move slower plotwise. It’s the sizzling chemistry between the OTP and intensity of Roy Qiu’s eyes that  keep be watching this one. I know I keep coming to the same conclusions but yah…nothing new coming from this episode.

Apparently next weeks episode will include the return of Si Yi’s Ex which could be good plot wise. Time to see Chen Kuan get jealous!!!


5 responses to “Miss Rose- Episode 6

  1. i wonder what it says about you if you’re holding onto a guy bc he’s indebted to you… lol but the entrance of the green-eyed monster is gonna be exciting!!! 😀

    • Aww I love Roy Qiu too. But I am really losing interest for the show since the story is just really mundane to me. but I’ll try to catch some episodes soon and summarize some of the exciting stuff.

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