Falling for Soon-jung, Super Daddy Yeol, and more

Hiya, Patch Friends!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Y’all know what goes down in that alternate universe of ours, thus I won’t expound upon it today. No time for that! A quickie update on the goods:

Super Daddy Yeol

14299060869fbd3c_lI can’t believe the show’s already coming to a close… Where has the time gone?! Super Daddy Yeol started off pretty well, and I thoroughly enjoyed the antics and webtoon-ness of the show. It wasn’t gonna be serious fare by any stretch of the imagination, but it was fun and gave me laughs when I needed them. Then… I found myself fast-forwarding more of an episode than I actually watched… and just let the ball drop for a few weeks. Things were ramping up in the alternate universe, and I didn’t have the patience to sit through cute sound effects and… filler. Blame it on my state of mind at the time, but I just didn’t quite appreciate things as much as I had the first few episodes. Then this morning, I grew curious about the unexplained back story – which, by the way, was woven quite well through the run of the show – so I speed-marathoned the last 6 episodes. We’ve got 1 episode left, and I can’t say that I’m terribly heartbroken to see this one go. Was it bad? No, not at all. Lee Yoo-ri has been great, Lee Dong-gun has been pretty good, and everyone else fills their roles quite well. It has its moments of solidness, but I’d say Super Daddy Yeol is more of a fluff marathon watch. Enjoyable but perhaps not so memorable…

Enchanting Neighbor

1430070091fb1242_lThis has been my go-to daily the last few months. Yes, it drives me nuts. Yes, there are characters that literally – yes, literally, not figuratively or virtually – make me cringe. Yes, I fast-forward through most of it. But Park Chan-woo (Seo Do-young) and Gong Soo-rae (Yoon Son-ha) are so sweet together, and though I oftentimes go mad from their unending well of kindness, I must admit it certainly would make for a more beautiful world if we were half as kind as these two. Now, they ain’t perfect, but they aspire to be better human beings than the majority of the people that populate their world. And that I can heartily applaud.

Apgujeong Baek-ya

압구정_0001Madness. Absolute madness. I swore that I would never again watch an Im Sung-han drama… and then stupid Jang Hwa-eom (Kang Eun-tak) sucked me in with his wearing-his-heart-on-his-sleeves business. I was able to quit the addiction… and then fell back in. Of course, my “watching” a daily constitutes of watching the preview and skimming through the official Youtube clips, and then fast-forwarding through the relevant parts if the preview is fabulous… but hey, that still counts, no? Anyhow, there are only 10 episodes left, and I am convinced *SPOILER ALERT* that Ya-ya (Park Ha-na) is hiding somewhere (not in the bottom of the ocean) and Hwa-eom will eventually find her, and they’ll live happily ever after – and have a mabajillion daughters and make those evil witches of the Jang family + Sun-ji feel terrible like no other. Ahem. Yeah, working on that be-kind-to-others thing. *END SPOILER* I guess we’ll find out what happens in 2 weeks!

Dancing 9, Season 3

Very, very fun. Ain’t that enough to make you watch it? No? Fine. See exhibits below:

Falling for Soon-jung

1429964628adecd9_lMy LUUUURVE. This show premiered around the time I was feeling stressed and wanting to crawl into a cave. I enjoyed the first episode, felt pressured to rush through the second, felt even more pressure to skim through the third… and then finally decided I needed to just enjoy the show. Now, don’t get me wrong. This ain’t no Punch. But it gives me the tickles and squees I so wub, and it does it in a way that isn’t cartoonish or immature. Note, I never said Kang Min-ho (Jung Kyung-ho) ain’t immature. But his immaturity SLAYS me with how adorable it is. Gaah, I’m fighting to keep that maginormously goofy grin off my face right now just remembering how awkward and adorbs he was in today’s Episode 9. Heeee! Kim So-yeon gets to show off her super-efficient, professional persona then switch over to her more natural bubbly sweetness, which I wub. Yoon Hyun-min is doing decently, and he shows flashes of genuineness, which I’m sure will continue to develop in the projects to come.

I love that the show is sticking with its guns and keeping the “comedy” alive in its proclaimed “romantic-comedy” genre. And there’s just enough meat to keep things grounded so we don’t get carried away into fantasy-land. Now, the whole cellular memory thing and the hand-wavy medicine discussed does make me break out in hives… but if I, of all people, am willing to overlook it, why can’t anyone else? 😉 Anyhoo, it’s been an absolutely fantabulous ride these last few weeks – get on it if you haven’t already!

Hope you all had a lovely April and are excited for May! It’s always hard on us that we don’t get to share in this space more often with you all… We thank you for your continued understanding and encouragement – we wouldn’t be able to do it without you! ❤



4 responses to “Falling for Soon-jung, Super Daddy Yeol, and more

  1. I dropped FFI because I wan not enjoying it. I think these cellular memory dramas are not made for me. Lol. I was not feeling anything for anyone and that whole corporate talk was just so boring!

    • snooooow!! 😀 😀 it’s always so good to see you here! ❤
      i was in this weird limbo state the first couple eps – i love jin gu, and i normally love jung kyung-ho and kim so-yeon… and they were all great… but something felt kinda… off? but things have settled down and the last couple weeks have been suuuuper cute. jung kyung-ho post-transplant and falling in love with soon-jung = gold ^^ i don’t know how far you watched before dropping, but give the last few eps a try if you’ve got time! 😀

      • I loved that cameo by Jin Gu!! But I was disappointed that the only character I cared for died in ep 2. I watched it till episode 4. Maybe I’ll pick it up at a later stage, but my interest has gone for now 🙂
        It’s great to see you blogging too…hope to see more frequent posts from you 🙂

  2. FFI is indeed an old fashioned drama where anyone could see the “happy” ending. Nevertheless, it’s the journey that matters in the end, according to the late Hernest Hemingway. For me, it was a pretty little trip with great acting and a decent scenario on a cable channel. The most tiring thing was the coorperate dialogue. However, even then I could see the necessity for the writer to show off MH’s talent in business and display his personal ethics, as well, before and after his heart transplant. It was one “honest” drama, for sure!

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