Miss Rose: Episode 7

Miss Rose! I don’t know if I said this before but this drama can really be described by one look between the main couple. Slow burning attraction. The plot moves along at a snails pace. Nothing surprising or unexpected. In fact, I feel like I can predict what happens. But the intensity of Chen Kuan (well more like Roy Qiu’s eyes are always electrifyingly intense) is undeniable. Every time he looks at Si Yi, I melt a little. His attraction to Si Yi is starting to build. He’s truly starting to overstep the work relationship boundary in this episode.

Episode 7 highlights:

Si Yi finds out the man Chen Kuan wants to invite to help rescue Guang Chang (the LED light company they work for) is actually her ex, Tang Yi Zun (I’m calling him Yi Zun from now on). Chen Kuan tells her she needs to come to a fundraising event to meet Yi Zun in order to convince him to work at Guang Chang. Flashback: Si Yi and Yi Zun basically had the cutest love story ever, until he conveniently breaks her heart when she ends up at his engagement announcement to another girl (she thought she was just going to a party). Cut to 5 years 6 months and 4 days later (yes, Si Yi has been literally counting the days) Yi Zun is back to haunt her. This relationship was what broke her heart and made her the old maid she is today.

Si Yi initially fakes period cramps to get out of the the fundraising event. But Xiao Ke (Si Yi’s BFF) tells Chen Kuan, and Chen Kuan forces  Si Yi to go. Chen Kuan tells her she needs to overcome this challenge, and that he will be with her the whole time. Cue the usual makeover scene. However, personally I think this is by far the worst makeover I have ever seen in drama land period. They give Si Yi just about the most matronly hairstyle ever so that she looks about 10 years older than she actually is. Then they put her in a wrinkly silver dress that looks like someone tried to tie a bow to the shoulder but failed miserable. I hate to say this, but this drama has super crappy stylists. Si Yi almost looks fat in this get up. Oyah and the most atrocious fake diamond necklace ever. It’s just gaudy. But Chen Kuan and Si Yi do have an electrifying moment, when he leans over and puts the fake necklace around her neck. Chen Kuan is just about the most swoon-worthy guy ever, and he repeatedly tells Si Yi how beautiful she looks for the remainder of the episode.

When they go to the fundraising event, Si Yi tries to run away several times, but each time Chen Kuan is the strong column that keeps her grounded and reminds her she has nothing to be afraid of. She looks like she’s on the verge of tears each time the camera pans to her. This actually really bothers me because she’s just so freaking weak!! Stop crying woman! It’s been 6 years and this is not 1997! Your name is not Yoon Yoon-jae nor Sung Shi-won! (OK sorry for the aside) Yi Zun definitely oggles at her, obviously he still has feelings for her. Chen Kuan and Yi Zun duke it out trying to buy the same item in the fundraising auction. Chen Kuan wins. Yi Zun  actually has the guts to ask what Chen Kuan what Chen Kuan and Si Yi’s relationship is. Chen Kuan dourly answers that Si Yi is a woman he would not easily give up. Ouch thats -1 for you Yi Zun. Later Yi Zun asks Si Yi to dance and during the dance, Si Yi looks like a mess as she tries to hold back tears. Yi Zun explains that he didn’t get married to the other girl. Good thing, Chen Kuan’s bestie (I keep forgetting his name) cuts in with a rather “not” pretty girl and says the girl wants to dance with Yi Zun. Yi Zun excuses himself, and Chen Kuan swoops in to dance with Si Yi. They proceed to do a sizzling tango after a pep talk from Chen Kuan. The end! of the episode, I mean…

Thoughts: I hate how Si Yi seemed so weak in this episode. Always on the verge of tears. I also hate how Xiao Ke and Si Yi’s parents keep telling Si Yi to avoid Yi Zun. They even tell her if she doesn’t want to work with Yi Zun, she should just quit her job. I think that’s horrible. Si Yi is defined by her job. She really is the best secretary, hands down. Her work gives her a sense of accomplishment and gives her self-worth. All her parents and her friend (even though it’s out of love) tell her to do is to not face her fears and to avoid confrontation. I think it’s time Si Yi is strong and met her challenges face on, instead of crying and running away. Thank god for Chen Kuan (aka voice of reason and total hottie) to push Si Yi in the right direction. Let’s see how next week goes.


9 responses to “Miss Rose: Episode 7

  1. HAHAHAHAHAAHA ohmygawsh 1997 is taking over my liiiifeee!! dude, i gotta admit, her dress… ummmm… yeah, they need new stylists. ^^

  2. 6 yrs ago but already had HTC one X and android. This freaks me out =)) Also, stylist did bad job, she looks older and not that beautiful for the reunification

    • I didn’t even notice the phones! good call. Yah horrible stylist. The lack of attention to detail is just sad.

      • Some overdo details dont make sense to me. Just like the tango scene, how could someone had no idea of tango suddenly became an expert? also, tango doesnt fit in situation, maybe waltz better.

        • Yah I’ve taken ballroom before. As a newcomer it was not pretty. Theres no way that tango went that smoothly.

  3. Does anyone know the name of the song luo si yo and xiake sing at karaoke? It’s also the same song Luo si yi had in her dream in episode 3?

  4. Hello. Can you please HELP me. I can’t find a song from ep. 7, when girls are in Karaoke. I really like this song.
    Thank you 🙂

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