Kisses of 2012

Time slips have been the popular choice of poison – or ambrosia, if you prefer – this year, and it seems they’ve done a number on me.  I still cannot believe this year is almost at a close.

Festivities abound and fond – or not so fond – recollections of 2012 are starting to get on in earnest.  Here at the Patch, we thought we’d kick off the year end celebration with none other than a look back at the big K’s of the year. Okay, everyone, you know what comes next: ♫ Every kiss begins with Kay. ♫   Yep, that’s right, we’re gonna fawn and sigh over the big kisses of the year.  Some of these have names, kindly provided by the Korean netizens who wanna name everything ever.  Some of these… don’t.  Some of these were pretty darned swoon-worthy.  Some of these… well, you be the judge.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!



1. The Moon that Embraces the Sun

Probably one of the biggest hits early in the year, The Moon that Embraces the Sun really brought several of its stars into prominence.  Everyone was dying to have the Chrysanthemum Tea Kiss from the original novel brought to life, but alas, our Hwon (Kim Soo-hyun) and Yeon-woo (Han Ga-in) decided to hold off on any smooch smooches until Episode 17 – in a 20-episode drama revolving around first love, first love, and more first love.  So, for some, the prolonging of anticipation just made the kiss that much sweeter.  For others… they just checked out.  But it seems most people stuck around, because the two highest rated 1-minute segments were the two kiss scenes.   Go figure.20120316104052_1_rstarjhr


2. The King 2 Hearts

If I say “Refrigerator Kiss,” do you automatically think of The King 2 Hearts?  Maybe yes, maybe no, depending on whether you luffed this drama to pieces or just read about it in the headlines and tweets and Facebook statuses and blog posts and every media outlet ever of those who are in the former group.  How many people are this put together and romantic when they’re drunk?06301343


3. Rooftop Prince

If there are kisses to toast beginnings, then there must be kisses to say goodbye.  I think Rooftop Prince’s Goodbye Kiss was one of the first Kdrama kisses in a long time (perhaps ever?) to have me bawlin’ like a baby.  Seriously, it was SO.  WELL.  DONE.  Gaaah, I’m getting teary just thinking about it.  And of course, the Tears Kiss was pretty darned heartbreaking, too.  Yoochun and Han Ji-min, you two are adorbs.2731276024331651


4. I Need Romance 2012

From all accounts, this racy cable show was nothin’ but kisses.  They had the Jjajangmyun Kiss, Wall Kiss, Koala Kiss, Shower Kiss…  Any others you can think of?201206211012270610_1_01


5. A Gentleman’s Dignity

In a drama that was Sex in the City K-man version, there actually wasn’t that much smoochin’ goin’ on.  Sure, they tried to be blasé about the no-holds-barred seduction, but it was actually pretty Kdrama-style: romantic and sweet.  The Cherry Blossom Kiss captured that atmosphere so very well.  Absolutely gorgeous.PS12061000003


6. Big

I will try – really! – not to let my bitterness overflow.  Honestly, at this point, I just feel a pang of sadness at what could have been.  But back to the big K.  The Clasp Kiss that brought pinkblossom on board and made her regret how easy she is.  Proof right here.  But yes, I present to you the Kkakji Kiss that set all our hearts beating (the closest English equivalent I could find was “clasp” – kkakji is used to describe holding hands by entwining your fingers).201207091507551310_1


7. You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly

The Jae-yong + Yi-sook couple was my fav and, honestly, only reason for watching weekend hit You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly.  The adorably shy Yi-sook (Jo Yoon-hee) and hilariously awkward Jae-yong (Lee Hee-joon) were just perfect together, and their Swing Kiss was hailed by all.2012072200313153_1_rstararm_01


8. Queen In-hyun’s Man

The line between fiction and reality can be quite difficult to decipher, and it’s what makes shipping couples so maddeningly frustrating and wonderfully exhilarating.  The K-ent world went into a tizzy when on-screen couple Ji Hyun-woo and Yoo In-na decided to take it to the next level.  Fans of the drama, though, will tell ya they weren’t surprised: this couple’s Tiptoe Kiss was the real deal.j1


9. Answer Me 1997

*sigh of happiness* I don’t know if you can say enough about Answer Me 1997.  Really.  So just enjoy the squee-worthy Stairwell Kiss scene to the max.  Over and over again.  And the fountain kiss, and the apartment kiss and the other apartment kiss, and the outside-the-apartment-kiss and… did I miss any?  Also: What does it say about a drama and its cast’s chemistry if your heart goes crazy at the end of the first episode?  “Should I not date her?”  만나지 마까?  Kyaaaaa!!  Seriously, one of the lines that’ll forever be remembered from this darling drama.


10. To the Beautiful You

Shawols and Affxtionists(?), don’t get your panties in a wad.  The time has come to accept that your Min-ho and Sulli are all grown up now and sharing their own Fountain Kiss.201210050400131610_1


11. Faith

I didn’t watch a single episode of mania drama Faith, so the Aspirin Kiss description sounds pretty funny, but I’m sure its fans will tell you otherwise.  Apparently Eun-soo (Kim Hee-sun) was runnin’ a fever that wouldn’t quit, so Young (Lee Min-hot – excuse me, my friend has unduly influenced me.  I meant Lee Min-ho) chewed up that aspirin tablet real good and fed it to her.  Sorry, Faith fans – truly! – but I can’t help cracking up.  I’m sure it was more romantic in action.1351519751_409485


12. Nice Guy

There was more than one kiss scene in this intense drama of intrigue, love, hate, and twisty twistiness, but the particular one being touted as The One is from Episode 15.  Maru (Song Joong-ki) told Eun-ki (Moon Chae-won): “Seo Eun-ki, remember this well.  Don’t ever forget this time; remember it well.  This is my first kiss.”  And proceeded to send the green-eyed monsters out on the prowl.view_img


13. I Miss You

The smoochers aren’t who you think they are.  Why?  Because Yoochun already had his gorgeous kiss with Han Ji-min. 😉 The sweet scene from the not so sweet drama I Miss You comes courtesy of cuties Yeo Jin-gu and Kim So-hyun.  Their Buss Kiss was absolutely adorbs – so perfectly capturing the sweetness of first love.  Too bad the cute stuff didn’t last.20121108234003_509bc44307bf4_1


14. Jeon Woo-chi

Ah, the ever-popular Underwater Kiss.  Woo-chi (Cha Tae-hyun) and Hye-ryung (Baek Jin-hee) were tossed into the river, hands and feet bound, so poor ol’ Woo-chi was fooorced to keep Hye-ryung alive with a kiss.  Real hard task, eh?201212122214561710_1


15. King of Dramas

The BEST.  Hahahaaa oh my gollies, I can’t even stop laughing long enough to get out words.  If kisses make you think of hearts and fuzzy wuzzies and teddy bears, think again.  Kisses can now be equated with garlic, thanks to superstar Kang Hyun-min (Choi Si-won).  LOLOLOLOL.  King of Dramas is one of the best – if not absolute best! – offerings in the current drama line-up, and you know it’s a good one when every episode is better than the last.  Episode 12 was all about the sugar bites, but the Garlic Kiss probably takes the cake for my favorite – even over my wubby hubby Anthony (Kim Myung-min) gettin’ the smooch on with both the ladies.  For seeeriously, it was one of the best scenes EVER.  Watch it.  And the rest of the drama.  Stat.201212112306221710_1201212120623331114_1_01



I had some favorites this year, but I’m not quite sure we had a big-name kiss that’ll instantly conjure up memories in years to come.  The Iris “Candy Kiss” will prolly last a long, long time.  And don’t even mention the “Foam Kiss” of Secret Garden.  Whether 2012 will hold up in the KDrama Book of K’s, I suppose only time will tell.

What did you think about the 2012 offerings?  Any favorites you will never ever forget – from this year or any previous?  Any 2012 favorites I missed?  Please share in our festivities!

26 responses to “Kisses of 2012

      • hhhmmmm… I don’t know exactly which one is my fave… I just love them all. lol!!! every kiss scene have their own way of letting us fans giggle while watching it…

        k k k since you ask me maybe i have to have a fave of all fave… hehehe well should I choose R 1997 kiss scene in the stair case… the apartment n so on… 😛

        • i totes know what you mean — it’s so hard to ever pick a fav!! ^^ but 1997 is defs an eeeexcellent choice!!! 😀 😀 😀 hehehhee!!

  1. Woooot the Nice Guy police station kiss! “This is your first kiss. Remember it well.” With it, Maru negated the earlier Aomori kiss, which had been an act of manipulation, with this first troo wuv kiss.

    Though interestingly, both Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki, in interviews, pronounced the Aomori kiss (a.k.a. the actors’ first kiss) as one of their most memorable scenes 😉

    • troooo wuuuuuv foreeeever 😀 oooh, i didn’t know that moon chae-won and song joong-ki both mentioned the aomori kiss as their most memorable! iiiiinteresting~~ should my ship-radar be out in force? ^^ hehehehee!!

        • lololol!! they’re up for the best couple award for the KBS Drama Awards! shippers are prolly ready to analyze every fancam and official footage that’ll come out of the night!! ^^ my radar’s gonna be out in full force! hehehheee!! 😀

    • long time no see, oozzeee!!! it’s so great to hear from you again!! 😀 😀 😀 my deep dark secret of 2012: i didn’t watch either QIHM of SUFBB xDDD lolol!! buuuut! i may have to go back and watch them just for the kiss scenes! ^^ thanks for visiting our Patch, oozzeee — we hope to continue hearing more from you!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. KING OF DRAMAS! love that drama. everyone’s a hoot in there but Siwon takes the cake with that garlic kiss of his. i haven’t actually watched that kiss scene yet but still *pfffffft* that kiss scene right proves that not only romantic kisses can be nominated for the “best kiss” award.

    and oh the QIHM one was too cute and sweet to be true! so cute that she had to stand on his feet!! ^_^
    and a last one, although in TK2H, Eun Shi Kyung and Princess Jae Shin were not the lead characters, I thought their first (and sadly only) kiss scene was BY FAR THE BEST ONE. the soft lighting, the background music, the garden setting, the awkwardness after the kiss.

    anyways, yeah I can’t believe the year is coming to an end…

    • oh my gawsh i totes forgooootsss about eun ski-kyung and princess jae-shin’s kiss!!!!!!! AAAAACKKKK that was SO the cutest sweetest heartbreakingestestest thing ever in that drama!!! i hopped on that show in the middle just for eun shi-kyung… gah, i still remember watching the last episode: when shi-kyung got shot, i figured they’d take him to a hospital and he’d get an adorable reunion with jae-shin… and then jae-ha just kept crying over him, and i was screaming “oh my gosh just get him into a helicopter already!” and the scene just kept getting longer… and longer… so i frantically hit pause and mad typed in “TK2H eun shi-kyung” on naver… and saw all the headlines. x___x gaaah, talk about a sucker punch. i bawled through the whole scene. *wails* okay, i need to stop.
      ^^ heheheheeee ^^
      but yes, it is so difficult to believe the year is nearly over! hope you’re having a lovely last few weeks of 2012! 😀

      • HAHA! i think the esk & ljs love story brings out the hysterics in all of us…. well at least those who shipped them so HARD.
        and yes! it’s 7 more days to the new year!!! i hope you’re having a lovely last few weeks of 2012 too ^_^ ❤ ❤ ❤

        • lolol talk about it! i suck at picking ships that won’t sink. -__-;; hahahhaaa!!
          & hehehee thank youuu!! 😀 😀 <333

  3. QIHM and Reply 1997 all the way!!! And the “should I not date her?” was the line wherein which I fell in love with that show completely!

    • seeeeriously “should i not date her?” just kiiiilled meeee!! now all kyung-sang-do saturi-using guys just keel me over! lolol!! in the most recent ep of “we got married,” dong-joon pulled a one-liner in his busan saturi and i just diiied. hahahahahaa!!!

  4. QIHM and Nice Guy for the win…. best and most realistic kisses ever! Plus I ship both couples so hard – especially Eun Gi and Maru. 🙂 Their chemistry during the kisses was just….ugh… AMAZING!

    • welcome to our Patch, Jillia!! i always like to think the kiss scenes are the true tests of chemistry: are you two worthy of my shipping madness, or should i save my energy for other otp’s who ARE worthy? lolol! thanks for joining us, Jillia — we look forward to hearing more from you! 😀

    • welcome to the Patch, dwarf!! 😀 i’ve heard so much about “queen in-hyun’s man” but it keeps getting pushed back on my ‘to watch’ list! xD thanks for joining us! 😀

  5. I still cannot forget the kiss Rain gave to Shi-minha in A Love to Kill behind the restaurant. I call it the “swooping” kiss…..

    • oooooh yeaaah that was an intense one! it’s been so long since i’ve seen the drama, but was that kiss the one right after one of them threw up? hahahaha i remember thinking one of the kisses was kinda icky lol! thanks for the trip down memory lane! 😀

    • song joong-ki is a special guy — i’m so excited to see all the wonderful things he’ll be doing in the years to come! ^^
      and yesss we have moved past the days of blacked out — or literally cut out — kiss scenes! 😀

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