Seo-young and Woo-jae Still Going Strong

서영이44_00005Koreans love celebrities.  And Koreans love random polls.  Hence it’s no surprise that there’s always some poll or another about which star is the prettiest (Kim Tae-hee, at least for a few more years), which star is the hottest (NOT Won Bin anymore!), which star would be the best spouse (Cha In-pyo is adorbs with Shin Ae-ra), which star would make the best kimchi if dropped off on an island (how ’bout celebrity chef Kang Leo)…  Invariably at this time of the year, as the big, traditional family-gathering holidays come up, the “Who would you bring home to your parents?” poll makes its rounds.  There are stars who always make the list, and then there are those who coast in on the wave of their latest big drama or big hoopla or big fru-fra or whatever tickles the netizens’ fancy.

With Chuseok right around the corner (It’ll be September 19 this year!), dating agency Duo asked “ordinary” people – how do they decide who’s ordinary? – whom they would most like to introduce to their parents this Chuseok.  Aaand the winners were:


Seo-young and Woo-jae!

For seriously.

The rankings for the ladies:

  1. Lee Bo-young (22.6%) – the power of My Daughter Seo-young + I Hear Your Voice + news about her upcoming marriage to Ji Sung.이보영_001
  2. Moon Chae-won (17.6%) – the power of Good Doctor.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  3. Kim Tae-hee (14.5%) – the power of Kim Tae-hee.  Let’s face it, Jang Ok-jung didn’t do anything for her with the Korean netizens.20120910_1347254912_53921400_1
  4. Song Ji-hyo (11.3%) – the power of Running Man.  Again, Heaven’s Mandate was nowhere near bueno for her.송지효_002


The rankings for the gents:

  1. Lee Sang-yoon (18.9%) – the power of My Daughter Seo-young + his Eom-chin-ah status (Eom-Chin-ah = Mom’s friend’s son aka Perfect Kid that you were always compared to and hated yet can’t hate in this case because it’s Lee Sang-yoon).  Goddess of Fire, Jung-yi ain’t doin’ much for him right now.1353456847259_2_091650
  2. Lee Seo-jin (15.9%) – the power of Grandpas Over Flowers + Damo (Don’t deny it.  Na-euh-ri lives foreveeeer)474651(0)-266400_23554
  3. Jo Jung-seok (12.2%) – the power of Architecture 101 (people still refer to him as Nab-deuk-i) + little bit of The King 2 Hearts (I thought he was fab, but apparently the writer/director didn’t think so, if what they did to him is any indication) + baaaarely anything of You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin (Let’s face it, it was poopy poop and did even less for him.)조정석
  4. So Ji-sub (11.6%) – the power of So Ji-sub.  And maybe a teens of Master’s Sun.  And his aca-mazing chemistry with Gong Hyo-jin.  Which I can authoritately speak on with a total of 20 minutes of the drama under my belt.  (Pool date + Kiss + Confession adds up, ya know.)50989_54424_3636


And so Seo-young and Woo-jae live on in all their adorably maginormous glory.서영이49_00001

Whom would YOU like to bring home to the family this holiday season?


10 responses to “Seo-young and Woo-jae Still Going Strong

  1. Oh. My. God. There are Jo jung-seok and So ji-sub in the list!!! It surprise me!!! 🙂 I would love to bring them both hahahaha

  2. I feel horrible picking Lee Sang Yoon over Jo Jung Suk when I haven’t really seen him in any of his works. But those dimples… Besides his looks..i’ll just convince myself that he has a nice heart as well. 🙂

  3. Can I choose more than one, pleaseeeeee? ;D I’ve been so good this year *puppy dog eyes*
    Welllll, if you insist it has to be one person, I would love to bring home So Ji Sub. Uhhh yes, that and also to my family this holiday season. But first, I’ll have school him on the family hierarchy and what nots, so it has to be my place first 😉

  4. Well, I love the first lady: Lee Bo Young and from men number 1 : Lee Sang Yoon (our lovely Ujae) and number 3 : Jo Jung Seok (I know him from Lee soon shin and love him so much, he’s so cute! )

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