Lee Bo-young & Ji Sung Tying the Knot


And yet another star couple joins the ranks of the happily married.

Lee Bo-young and Ji Sung have announced that they’re tying the knot September 27 at the W Seoul Walker Hill Hotel Aston House.  These two have been together forEVER, and I can’t be happier for them.  There was lots of talk when they initially got together, but it seems everyone is happily married/about to be married, so smileys all around!

For those in need of a refresher: Ji Sung and Park Sol-mi met on the set of All In (2003) and started dating .  In 2004-05, Ji Sung worked with Lee Bo-young in Save the Last Dance for Me, and later that year he enrolled in the army.  Not long after, Ji Sung and Park Sol-mi announced they had broken up… and when he came back from the military, he and Lee Bo-young officially announced that they were together.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what probably went down, but Park Sol-mi is happily married to Han Jae-suk, and Ji Sung and Lee Bo-young have been so cute together the past 6 years.  I’ve been waiting for this wedding announcement for a while, and I’m so glad they’re finally getting married! 😀


To Lee Jong-suk + Lee Bo-young shippers: Time to find another ship. 😉

To bestie whitecarrot, who is working hard to find my Replacement Man: YOU’RE THE BEST!! ^^

5 responses to “Lee Bo-young & Ji Sung Tying the Knot

    • i know, i was on pins and needles as the years went by without an announcement… so many couples break up these days! but chukha chukha to them!! ^^

      • That’s true. Good thing they are getting married. They are one of those couples who managed to have a low key relationship despite being in showbusiness and I admire them because of that. 🙂 How about you pinkblossom, when will you? Ya know… kekekeke

        • heh heh heh well. my wedding invites were all printed and ready to go… and then… you know what happened. T______T
          as for that ungrateful man who’s dating that you-know-who, well i think i may just throw him over for a young cutie. whitecarrot’s on the prowl for me heheheheee!

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