Happy Chuseok!

추석_0001For all of you who are still on the side of the planet that hasn’t gone over to Friday: Haaappy Chuseok!!  And a belated Happy Chuseok to the rest of you! 😀  Whitecarrot and I apologize profusely for the lack of real gardening that’s been going on.  We both have started new chapters in our lives – sadly, separated from one another by the great divide called central California – and things have been absolutely crazees.  I’ve been desperately trying to find some sort of order and balance, and 7 weeks in… it’s still a struggle. 😉  It’s hard going back to school…  I miss my days of drama-filled goodness.  But along that note: thank you, truly, each and every one of you, who have left sweet and giggly and just purely wonderful comments and “likes” and whatever else you can think of.  Though I haven’t mustered the courage to respond – because I know once I start, I won’t stop – please know that I read every single one of them and do generate a response in my head.  I just… haven’t gotten it out in cyberspace.  But yes, I just wanted to let y’all know that you’re not being ignored, that you are very much appreciated and loved by meeee!  And whitecarrot!!  From us both! 😀 😀

We’re actually going to be having something quite exciting in a couple days!  *drumroll*  Our very first give-away!!!  Twenty points to who can guess what the occasion is! ^^  But yes, we’re gonna have a fantabulous – or at least, I think it’s fantabuous – little event (as we Koreans like to call everything ever) to celebrate our togetherness.  Is that sappy enough for all you romantics?  Whitecarrot is prolly cringing and I’m just soaking it up!  Hahahaaa!

But yes – I do seem to be saying that quite a lot – it’s coming real reaaal soon (in just a few days!) so get excited!  Or not, so you won’t be disappointed.  You know what, I take that back.  We are all fantabulously enthusiastic and energetic people here, so we should all just be excited and eager together! 😀

On the drama front: I’m not for seriously watching anything right now, thanks to the beast called med school, but I’m defs still reading the K-ent news with as much fervor as ever – perhaps more, since I can’t watch anything for realsies – so I geeenerally know what’s going down… but there’s so much I miss.  So please do share any exciting news, what shows you’ve been loving, what new hottie is in town, and whateeever tickles your fancy!  I’m like a poor soul stranded in the desert – no one around me watches dramas.  Gasp!  How can it be?!  But sadly, it’s true.  So I’m very much thirsting for drama-love and all of the goodness y’all bring.  Share share share!



I have no idea if "Romance" is gonna be any good, but Lee Won-geun is ADORABLE!!  Too bad we only see a teensy bit of his ADORABLE smile here ^^

I have no idea if “Romance” is gonna be any good, but Lee Won-geun is ADORABLE!! Too bad we only see a teensy bit of his ADORABLE smile here ^^

"Princess Aurora" is a mess, but Seo Ha-joon is the bestest second lead EVER.

“Princess Aurora” is a mess, but Seo Ha-joon is the bestest second lead EVER.

Nam Goong-min + Lee Young-ah!!  Did you SEE the chemistry?!

Nam Goong-min + Lee Young-ah!! Did you SEE the chemistry?!  Well, check the vid below for a refresher.

MAJORLY adorable -- and serious potential to turn realsies -- couple alert!!

MAJORLY squee-worthy — and serious potential to turn realsies — couple alert!!

Lee So-yeon & Yoon Han FTW!!!

Lee So-yeon & Yoon Han FTW!!!

10 responses to “Happy Chuseok!

  1. Pink blossom happy chuseok to you! Now onto the stuff on your post… Omg loving everything especially that We Got Married couple!!! I’m squealing and falling for them just as you are! They legit seem like they might turn real which is just way, way awesome. Also Nam Goong Min and the actress, yes yes I thought so too! Too cute. I’m about to start grad school next Monday so I totally feel you, the adjustment phase is pretty brutal. Hope you’re getting through better each day! Hoping I’ll have time for dramas but as it is just the prep is taking so much time… I am loving Empire of Gold though, but I’m wayyyy behind right now. Not sure if that’s your cup of tea but the show is awesomeeeee.

    Okay hope you’re hanging in there, just remember you’re not alone 🙂

    Okay hope you

    • jandooooooeeee CONGRATULAAAATIONS and BEST WISHES on the new chapter in your life!!! though i cannot cheer for your new school’s football team, i am definitely cheering YOU on!! ^^ hehhehee!! i hope you’re settling well into palo alto and are kicking butt!!! 😀 😀
      ohmyGOLLIES lee so-yeon and yoon han are just THEBESTESTTHINGEVAAAR. Evaaar. for seriously. 😀 😀 😀
      and yes, i was initially all super dee duper excited for “empire of gold” but i got sidetracked… and then i heard how it ended… and now i’m not sure if i can handle it 😉 heh heh heh. did you finish it?!
      i saw bits and pieces of the previews for nam goong-min’s new drama and i am SOSOSO excited!
      thank youuu, truly, for all your love — i hope you know you’re not alone, either!!! <33

      • Sorry for this super slow reply! OMG did you go to Berkeley for undergrad, is that why? Hahahaha. I’m trying my darnedest to settle in now, so far so good for the most part.

        I’m still 4 eps away from finishing EoG but I’m adamant to because I need to know how they end it !!

        Best of luck to you too 🙂

  2. Med school!!! 😀 So.. you’re gonna be Dr. Pinkblossom then! ;D DAEBAK. & congrats!

    I am squeeing all over the place at Kim Woo Bin, so it’s perfect timing that Heirs is coming out soon.. The trailer hit the blogosphere with a collective squee, and I possibly squee-ed the loudest, when Woobie appeared on my screen ❤❤❤

    I’m finally watching IHYV, & enjoying it lots! And unabashedly melting at Woobie’s bestie on my screen. Er. Is it possible to like both besties? Ahem. But Woobie’s way ahead, for sure ^^

    Other than that, I’m writing like mad to push out my review of King of Drama.. And soon I should be starting on Heartless City, woot!

    Last but not least – miss ya, chingu-ya~~ ❤❤

    • hehehehee thank youuu, kfangurl!!!
      sorry to have been the bearer of bad tidings 😉 but he’ll still be gracing your screen soon, right? ^^
      and yes, you can love both besties. i lurve my shinhwa besties just bc they’re besties… it amounts to the same thing, right? lol!
      and i need to go back and find a LOVE button on your “king of drama” review — it brought back so many wonderful memories!!! it petered out a bit at the end, but i just wubbed it like no other, and you put that wub into real, beautiful words!!!
      heartless city! i won’t say more at this point, but i can’t wait to hear whatcha think of it when you’re through! ^^
      and last but certainly not the least: miss youuuu chinguuuu~!! <333

      • Aw, yay that you enjoyed my KoD review! I really did like so much of that show, and thot it was huge pity that the ending limped out the way it did. Still, so much to love, and I’m so glad you thought I did it justice! ❤

        I’m only one ep into Heartless City at the moment.. But will definitely wade further into that murky world once I put out my IHYV review. I like what I see, so far!

        And yes, I do love that Woobie and Lee Jong Suk are besties. I’d LOVE to see them onscreen together again, playing besties. Their bromantic chemistry is a thing of cracktastic beauty. I LOVES IT ❤ When LJS was bathed in glorious light in IHYV and my screen was exploding with rainbows and unicorns, the thought that popped into my brain was, “The only thing missing from this otherwise perfect picture is Woobie. Where is Woobie in this picture?!?” LOL!

  3. Congratulations Pinkblossom! And thank you for naming Seo Ha-joon; I have searched all over the Internet trying to find out who he was. He is my favorite character on that show. It’s just getting too hard watch though!

    • thank youuuu, Fay Ellis!!!
      and hehehehe you’re verrra welcome! i’ve been reading the headlines for ‘princess aurora’ instead of actually watching it bc i just couldn’t handle it anymore… poor seol-heeeee!!! T___T i hate ma-ma. though his and aurora’s wedding pictorials were GORGEOUS. but it would have been EVEN more GORGEOUSERERER if it had been seol-hee. so take that. lolol! ^^

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