Master’s Sun-Ep7 Pics

I literally felt like I was falling in love again. My heart beat faster than when my boyfriend told me he liked me (don’t tell him that).

It started with this intense almost-kiss.


Then progressed to some highly physical “looking into the telescope.”




Finally this is what made me have a heart attack.





I love So Ji-sub. I love So Ji-sub with Gong Hyo-jin. Currently having major issues differentiating between real-life actors and fictional characters.

PS First 2 pics credit to Soompi user NewMario who credited dc (unsure who to credit but I’m crediting…)

6 responses to “Master’s Sun-Ep7 Pics

  1. So ji sub just dating n get married with gong hyo jin please!!! Really this two makes me crazy ❀ oh my shipper heart 😦 hey carrot,thanks for the pic ^^

  2. I was kind of watching Master’s Sun causally, but boy was I “swallowed by the sun” during this episode! It’s a great feel-good drama on all counts; visually, tonally, as well as acting-wise.

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