Headlines: July 8, 2012

Headlines from… beyond the entertainment world today:

1. Sohn Hyun-joo made a short appearance on today’s episode of Running Man.  LOL I’m subconsciously pimpin’ Sohn Hyeon-joo and The Chaser!  The headline of interest is Kim Soo-hyun’s display of “excellent manners” toward Sohn Hyun-joo.  Kim has been enjoying unrivaled fame and popularity since rocking Korea with The Moon that Embraces the Sun, and he made his debut on Running Man in today’s episode.  While looking for a place to hide, he passed by Sohn in the hallway of the SBS building (SBS is the broadcaster of Running Man and The Chaser) and respectfully greeted him.  Sohn kindly gave warm words of encouragement to Kim.  Moral of story: WATCH THE CHASER!!


2. Speaking of The Chaser, Park Geun-hyung has spoken out about the nightmarish filming style that has become a staple of dramaland.  During an interview on Baek Ji-young’s People Inside, he expressed great satisfaction for The Chaser but was none too pleased about the mini-scripts they’re working off of as they pull all-nighters.  Defs a problem.  Park’s character is absolutely amazing, though, and his performance is just perfection. *mwah!*  Moral of story: EPISODE 13 TOMORROW!!


3. More news for The Chaser!  Supporting actor Jo Jeh-yoon is receiving much love for his definitely lovable rendition of Yong-shik, the lowlife who isn’t such a lowlife.  Jo’s Yong-shik is providing much-needed comic relief in the dark, intense thriller.  Moral of story: IS FURTHER EXPLANATION NEEDED?


4. Choi Na-yeon claimed her first major win today at the Women’s U.S. Open on the same course where Pak Se-ri won the 1998 Women’s U.S. Open and forever changed the face of women’s golf.  This article by ESPNW says it all.  I watched Choi’s magnificent game yesterday, and all I can say is WOW.  Not to take anything away from Choi, but my highlight of her win today was Pak Se-ri, waiting with champagne bottle in hand at the 18th hole to congratulate Choi.  Talk about class and love.


5. Roger Federer defeated Andy Murray today to win his seventh(!!) Wimbledon title.  I was really torn about this one, because Federer hadn’t won a Slam in over 2 years and I really wanted him to go out with a bang (though I now sincerely doubt he plans to retire anytime soon).  My heart broke when Andre Agassi retired after a loss, and something about aging players just gets me.  But Andy Murray has been Slam-less, and the whole nation wanted this one so badly.  Britain hasn’t had a men’s singles title since 1936, and they were poised to finally break that long draught.  The final score was 4-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-4.  Federer reclaims his No. 1 ranking tomorrow morning.  Andy Murray sad panda.

Via fnnews, newsen, mydaily, Reuters



2 responses to “Headlines: July 8, 2012

  1. love the headlines! although i don’t know half the things that you are referring to! major korean stuff 🙂 the golf thing is so touching…

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