Headlines: June 19, 2012

Headlines from the entertainment world today:

1. Seo-woo and In Kyo-jin are dating!  The two developed feelings for one another while filming the weekend drama If Tomorrow Comes.


2. Choi Jin-hyuk and Son Eun-seo are dating, tooooo!  Another couple that met on set, this time through daily drama My Daughter, Kkotnimi.


3. Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have officially split: sad panda


4. Movie The Virus (Yeon-ga-shi) held a press conference today: the film stars Kim Myung-min (Pacemaker, Beethoven Virus), Moon Jeong-hee (Oh! My Lady), Kim Dong-wan (Jeol-jeong), and Honey Lee (Indomitable Daughters-in-Law, Pasta).


AAAACCKKK why so many dating announcements these past couple of days?!?  Yoo In-na+Ji Hyeon-woo seems to have paved the way for all these couples!  Seo-woo + In Kyo-jin was a bit of a surprise because they weren’t the OTP or anything remotely close to that, and In Kyo-jin seemed so much older… but I guess nooot!  He’s 31 and she’s 26, so nothing too crazy there.

Choi Jin-hyuk + Son Eun-seo broke my Choi Jin-hyuk fangirling heart, but I’m not terribly shocked.  My OTP love for Choi and Jin Seh-yeon (Bridal Mask) kinda crumbled when I found out she’s a mere 19 years old. O_O  (He’s 27.)

And last but certainly not least: Kim Myung-min yaaaay!!!  Kim Dong-wan yayayaaayy Shinhwa!!


Via fnnews, ohmynews, unionpress

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