My BIG Dilemma

Sooo, I’ve really been feelin’ quite out of sorts about Big, the Mon-Tues drama starring Gong Yoo and Lee Min-jung.  Now that I think about it, I had mixed feelings from the start.  I’m a long-time Hong Sisters fan, so I was excited for their new drama.  I hated Lee Min-jung’s character in Boys over Flowers but loved her in Cyrano Dating Agency.  I wasn’t a Coffee Prince fanatic (I know, I know, how is that possible, right?) so I didn’t lean too heavily one way or the other for Gong Yoo.  Suzy: hmm… the jury’s still out on her.  Baek Sung-hyun: I’ve loved him since Damo and Stairway to Heaven days and think he’s defs underrated and underappreciated.  Setup complete.

I fell HARD for Gong Yoo in the teasers and the first few episodes.  Now get me straight: I shipped his Yoon-jae, not his Kyung-joon-in-Yoon-jae.  Just something about the sweet, gentle, ever-so-slightly shy Yoon-jae gave me the tickles.  As in “eeeek, aaaackk, oh my gawsh I wub him!”  Why didn’t I ship the latter Gong Yoo?  Student-teacher romances have never been my favorite.  The age- and relationship-appropriateness factor are just kinda ick for me.  But if done well, I’ll get on board (case in point: Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo-jin in Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy).  Anyhoo, I was kinda offput by the Da-ran-Kyung-joon angle to begin with, but on top of that, I just didn’t feel that Kyung-joon was the same character pre- and post-soul-switch.  Shin Won-ho isn’t the most polished actor, and his Kyung-joon was pretty aloof and… emotionless.  Gong Yoo’s Kyung-joon is absolutely adorable in his immaturity, mischievousness, and underlying sweetness and vulnerability.  The disconnect between the two portrayals was defs a stumbling block in developing my love for Big.  And on top of that, I reaaally wanted Da-ran to end up with Yoon-jae.  Three episodes into the drama, after learning that Yoon-jae had followed Da-ran around at the wedding, I was in serious problem-land.

I have a tendency to ship sinkers.  As in Won Bin in Autumn Fairy Tale.  Or Lee Jun-ki in My Girl.  After having my heart broken too many times to count, I wised up.  The female lead always ended up with the male lead.  And the male lead was usually the more famous/popular actor.  Commence happy days of shipping the OTP.  Then comes along Big.  I have noooo idea what the Hong Sisters have up their sleeve.  I really love Yoon-jae and hope against reason that he’ll be the end game.  But I have a verra strong feelin’ – okay, proof in the form of the official website’s relationship chart – that Kyung-jae (Kyung-joon inhabiting Yoon-jae) is the central character.  So now what do I do?  I can’t let go of Yoon-jae, but that takes away from the whole viewing experience, aka the joy of shipping the OTP.  *sigh*

Nonetheless, I was enjoying myself.  Immensely.  Then Episodes 5 & 6 dropped the energy level, and I found myself today moving Episodes 7-10 to my external hard drive – unwatched.  Gasp!  How had I skipped two whole weeks, four whole episodes, of Big without realizing it?!  I mean, yes, The Chaser has been rocking the Mon-Tues scene the last 6 weeks, but that’s certainly no excuse!

Big is starting to wind down, and the last couple minutes of Episode 11 have me semi-hooked again.  But I’m not quite feelin’ it like I used to, and I don’t know who/what to blame.  What went wrong?  I’ll be tunin’ in for the last few weeks, but I may just be skimming half-heartedly, and that makes me sad.  I’m sad Big is not doing too well ratings-wise, especially for Gong Yoo’s sake because he’s been marvelous.  And I’m sad I’m not liking this one as much as I want to.  Overall, a very coorrnfused and sad panda.



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