Oh dear Dramaland, why have you forsaken me?

Okay, fine, it’s more like I’VE forsaken YOU, but still.  The point is: Where have you been?!

For some time, I’ve known that my life was going to be turned upside down.  People warned me left and right that drama-watching wasn’t gonna happen once the clock struck 12 and the gates of Dramaland-doom clanged down from on high.  I scoffed.  Regardless of the where or when or what or why, Dramaland has always been the constant in pinkblossom’s life.  That, and speaking in the third person when she feels like it.

Bracing myself, I jumped into the abyss of madness… and got owned.  Big time.

I didn’t watch a single episode of any drama for the first whole week.

I managed to watch a fast-forwarded episode of the very low stress Pure Love every few days the second week.

I tuned in for the Pure Love successor, new makjang-palooza Ruby Ring, the third week.  Fast-forwarded, of course.


Park Kwang-hyun, you’ve been surprisingly adorable. Lee So-yeon, I can’t wait for you to BRING IT with the new evil side soon to come!

And now, in this fourth week, I’ve managed to watch aaalmost a full 30 minutes of Princess Aurora yesterday and today.

I have yet to watch a full 1-hour episode.  Of anything.  Except Dancing 9, but that’s another story.


Sorry, Hyoyeon. My love for Shinhwa wins this round. Go Team Red!! (I refuse to call them “Red Wings” — atrocious Konglish. Again.)

I have yet to watch a single minute of Master’s Sun.

Or Two Weeks.

Or Good Doctor.

This is absolutely unheard of.

Our poor Patch is sitting dormant and it ain’t even winter.

Thank goodness for bestie partner in crime & drama soulmate whitecarrot.

Dear whitecarrot, I’m sorry for being absent and unable to SQUEE about Your Man with you.

Dear Patch Friends, forgive me for being MIA.

Dear Dramaland, come back to me.  I’ll be good.



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