Siwon: Popularity, King of Dramas, and Abs

Super Junior’s Siwon is SOOOOOO popular in the all the East Asian countries. No joke. Look at this selca he took in Hong Kong.

Apparently, Siwon wrote on his Twitter on October 11th, “Thank you Hong Kong, You guys make me go crazy!” Look at that crowd of fans fans behind him. Everyone wants a piece of this hunk!

Siwon’s newest drama is King of Dramas (um…very creative). He’s starring as a star. Haha. No really. But the most important thing is he is going to be shirtless. Please prepare to oggle at pictures below. Pure glory.

King of Dramas will air in November on Mondays and Tuesdays on SBS.

6 responses to “Siwon: Popularity, King of Dramas, and Abs

  1. ,can someone please shave that hair off his head?… I shouldn’t judge coz my hair is also ridiculous but I find his atrocious..

    • I’m with you on that. But to his advantage, what’s going on neck down successfully distracts me from that hairdo of his. Heeeeee 😉

      • Agreed agreed! his hair looks worthy of shampoo commercial though. Too smooth not man enough. ahhaah. but yes the neck down is perfection…

  2. This dude is adorable and worthy of several fantasies lol this role and others from the past are not exact a stretch of the imagination but hey its his niche he should play it for everything that’s its worth.

  3. hottie. no more words necessary. minus the hair problem that i’d be MORE than happy to fix for hiiiiiim~~ la dee daaaah ^^

  4. guys the hair its not his fault he had to do that for the drama you will see later on why he had to cut it like that. and he knows that people hate his hairstyle he said it on twitter and he even joked about it. so leave it alone for now. any way choco abs teehee

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