More I Miss You Photos!

I Miss You has more stills out! I am uber-stoked. I am a big Yoon Eun-Hye fan. Yoochun is alright for me, but I think Pinkblossom is a big fan from Rooftop Prince. I CAN SEE YOOCHUN’S FOREHEAD FOR ONCE!!! Amazing break throughs here man! I love Yoon Eun-Hye’s look in here. Very mature. Great hairstyle, it’s the first time I’ve seen her without some sort of bangs.

I think the story line is something about first love lost and found again many years later. What’s up with Korean people’s obsession with first love? I’m a fan of that plot line but not if its over-dramatacized. Anyway. Check the photos out. 😉

6 responses to “More I Miss You Photos!

  1. Omo YEH love her and I can’t wait for this melodrama. I also adore Yoochun, was my second k-crush lol. This drama sounds like it will be the same-ol same-ol but if they can deliver it fresh they have another ten years on them. It’s good to be versatile in all ways. Here’s hoping for a great production

    • Its because his characters job description is of a detective -the hair style is supposed to define his position as well as the speed of his character.

  2. Oh my GOLLIES eeeeeee!!! i for seriously don’t know how it happened, but i’ve become such a yoochun loooover!! ^^ i’m a bit conflicted about the hairdo, but i’m SO excited just to see him again — and with his little rooftop co-star, whom he adoraaaaably dotes on!! GAAAAH i’m just so excited i’m on my way home & back to draaaammmaaaaaaasssss & all of youuu!!! 😀 😀 😀

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