Haeundae Lovers- Episode 1

Simple plotline: Romantic comedy in Haeundae, Busan. Work obsessed prosecutor Lee Tae Sung meets daughter of former gangster/ currently tough fishergirl, Go So Ra.

Initial impressions:

1. Lee Tae Sung has got to be, hands-down, the worst groom EVER. Not only is he ridiculously late to his own wedding but, soon after the wedding when his wife (Se-na) has acute appendicitis, he ditches her in the operating room and goes off on a case. And during said escapade, may I add, he hugs another women (Go So Ra) to his flawless pectoral muscles. I just feel so bad the new bride. Even though her husband obviously doesn’t love her, Tae Sung doesn’t even have the common decency to respect his new wife. Lee Tae Sung! Although your body is perfect and you may be the most hard-working lawyer ever, you SUCK at being a groom/husband.

But I do have to say, this is probably the first drama that starts off with the leading man MARRIED to another woman. Especially a rom-com. Props to you for being bold.

2. Loving So-ra. She has these adorable dimples. She’s gorgeous and relatable. When I first saw the promotional photos below, I thought she was totally plastic. How can you be so skinny but have such giant boobs? But I totally changed my mind, that was just me having body envy.

3. This man be gorgeous! Jung Seok Won playing Choi Joon Hyuk.

4. Loving the 1st episode. The characters are cute (most of them). The plot is not too overdone/overplayed. The tone is fluffy yet sprite and fresh. Hope the next episodes are just as good. I’m a little late to jump on the this Haeundae Loving bandwagon, but episode 1 you got me!

6 responses to “Haeundae Lovers- Episode 1

  1. hahahahhaa jung seok-won i totes forgot you wub him!! heeeheheeee!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ girlfriend, you are on a roll — i need to get busy if i wanna keep up with your drama watchin’! ^^

    • Girl! im watching way too many dramas because im procrastinating on the apps. really need to get started on the supplementaries again. 😦 and yes jung seok won is yummy!

    • You totally should! there’s much eye-candy to be seen! πŸ™‚ although i can’t guarantee the plot will continue to be good, i can tell you guys are good.

      • You ladies are 2 for 2! Did I say “eye-candy alert” before? Let me rephrase that to, “eye-candy GALORE alert”! The prosecutor, the vice president AND the brother all had my attention. That never happens to me in the first episode! Nice job! I will say that the lighter, fluffier dramas don’t keep my attention as much as the more serious ones do so I hope I stay interested enough to finish.

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