My Daily Fix: An Angel’s Choice

It happened again.  I randomly watched an episode of a random drama, and it randomly turned out to be a random daily, and I got… wait for it… wait for it… POLEAXED.  Nooooo!!

I’d like to lay the blame on the Olympics: I couldn’t get my daily fix of Can’t Live without You during the looong two weeks of the Summer Games, so I… uh… cheated with a new OTP.  *wails*  I didn’t mean to get so involved!  It was just gonna be a mini fling!  I didn’t know I’d fall in love!  *sob*  I’m SO sorrrryyyy.

Okay, now that I’m officially two-timin’, I may as well enjoy it for all it’s worth, eh?  My new lover is none other than makjang morning daily An Angel’s Choice.  It’s the #1 morning show in Korea right now, and I totes understand why.  IT’S AMAAAZING!!  Okay, so it’s SUPER shady and makjang and SO overdone, but that’s the beauty of these shows, right?!  Perhaps, more than anything, I love that the evil characters are hilarious – truly! – and the main girl gives as good as she gets.  Now THAT is something you don’t see often.

There are so many shows – and I mean, waaay too many – where the poor heroine is trampled on and victimized day in and day out, and she doesn’t do anything about it.  Yes, every other makjang daily is about getting revenge, but it takes the whole entire 100+ episodes for the revenge plot to come to fruition.  An Angel’s Choice doesn’t pull its punches.  The heroine, Choi Eun-seol (Choi Jung-yoon), stoops just as low as the anti-heroine Kang Yoo-ran (Go Na-eun) and it’s sooo delicious.  True, I feel frustrated at times when Eun-seol merely makes Yoo-ran apologize for some dastardly evil thing she was caught doing, but Yoo-ran is such a hilarious evil character.  How to describe it?  Hmm…  Ah, yes: She’s evil, but essentially harmless.  Well, except for some of the earlier stuff, but we’ll get into that later.

Now if this drama were merely about some poor girl getting revenge on her cheating ex-hubby and said ex’s new wife who used to be your sister-in-law via marriage to your younger brother, then I wouldn’t be watchin’.  Purely dark revenge plots are all over the networks.  No, I love this show because of the OTP.  Okay, to put it more precisely, Wang Min-jae (Jung Sung-woon).  Oh my gawsh, WHY do I always discover hotties in these daily dramas?!  They make it impossible for me to stop watching them!  But yes, back to pinkblossom’s latest Mr. Hottie: Wang Min-jae.  He’s not claaaassically handsome, and he has a tendency to frown a bit much, but he’s ADORABLE when he smiles, and he has a MELT MY HEART voice, and he’s tall, and he’s buff, and he’s just all kinds of flutter-my-eyelashes.  Need I say more?

The actress who plays Eun-seol is a bit older than her co-star, and it doesn’t help that he looks younger than his age.  But he’s absolutely adorable around her, so I just squee and squee and squee.  And squee some more.

Episodes 1-100

I’m gonna try to summarize all the pertinent points from Episodes 1 through 100(!!).  Here we gooo!

Main characters are:

Choi Eun-seol

Wang Min-jae

Park Sang-ho

Kang Yoo-ran

Choi Eun-seok

At the start of the drama, Eun-seol is happily married to Sang-ho, and her younger brother Eun-seok is getting ready to marry Yoo-ran.  The Choi family are quite wealthy and Papa Choi is the owner of Dream Cosmetics.  Turns out, though, that Sang-ho married Eun-seol to avenge his father’s death and take over Dream Cosmetics.  (He doesn’t know that his mom hasn’t been entirely truthful about his father’s death.)  He has a pretty intense past with Yoo-ran: they loved each other madly, but Yoo-ran was dirt poor and an orphan, so Sang-ho’s mom forced them to break up (she wanted her son to marry Eun-seol).  They haven’t been able to forget each other since.  Surprise surpriiise on the day of Eun-seok’s wedding when Sang-ho and Yoo-ran meet as in-laws-to-be.  And adding to the shock is the fact that they randomly ran into each other and hooked up just days before the wedding (unknowing they were to become in-laws).  Yoo-ran has made up a completely fictional family and background in order to marry Eun-seok, and Sang-ho now holds the key to revealing the scam.

Yoo-ran gets married and soon finds out she’s pregnant – with, she assumes, Sang-ho’s child.  That effectively shuts up Sang-ho, but Eun-seok comes home early one day and sees the two holding each other while discussing the baby and Sang-ho’s motivation for marrying into the Choi family.  Eun-seok had found out about Yoo-ran’s fake family and forgiven her.  But the fact that she’s cheating with his sister’s husband, and that the child is Sang-ho’s, is not gonna go over so well.  The two guys get into a heated argument, fist starts flying, and Sang-ho’s push/punch sends Eun-seok toppling over – and hitting his head on the stairs.  Eun-seok suffers brain damage, leaving him with a five-year-old’s mental capacity, and the cheaters get away with their crime.  Eun-seol finally gets pregnant (she’d been waiting for a long time), but she suffers a miscarriage when Eun-seok gets lost at an amusement park after Yoo-ran abandons him.

Yoo-ran gives birth to a daughter named Cho-rong, and four years pass.  But cheaters are destined to get caught at some point, and Eun-seol learns that her hubby and Yoo-ran are having a fling.  Long story short: Sang-ho manipulates everything so that he takes over Dream Cosmetics, Papa Choi passes away (from all the shock), Eun-seol goes to jail for shady business (she was framed), and Sang-ho marries Yoo-ran (after, of course, divorcing Eun-seol).  There is one big complication though, for Yoo-ran: DNA tests reveal that Cho-rong is actually Eun-seok’s child, not Sang-ho’s.  Yowzas.

Where, you ask, has Mr. Hottie been throughout all of this craziness?  Right beside Eun-seol!!  Min-jae is the adopted son of Ma and Pops Wang.  Pops Wang is the owner of Angel Home Shopping, and Min-jae holds an executive position there.  He first met Eun-seol when their shopping bags were accidentally switched at the mall, and the prickly man certainly did not let flighty Eun-seol off so easily.  Theirs was a bickering relationship for quite some time as they argued over the smallest things and kept running into each other (literally, sometimes!) at the most random places.  He comes to develop feelings for her but never confesses since she is married.  He is just silently beside her whenever she needs help, and especially when Sang-ho is too busy bein’ a cheatin’ bas!@#& to care for her.  (Now that I think about it, Min-jae’s a lot like Hyun-tae of CLWY!!)  While Eun-seol (the now divorcee) is in jail, Min-jae helps out Mama Choi and Eun-seok, finding a job for Mama Choi, taking Eun-seok to therapy, and basically bein’ the sweetie he is underneath the prickly exterior.  He’s absolutely adorable when with his parents, especially his mom and he’s really good with the Choi family.  I think that’s part of the reason I luuurve him – a good boy and a bad boy.  Heee!

To add to the squee factor is the fact that Min-jae and Eun-seol are each other’s first loves.  They met as children when Min-jae was at an orphanage and Eun-seol was recovering at her family’s vacation home (which was right next to the orphanage).  Eun-seol had lost her youngest brother at the river, and the grief and trauma left her unable to speak.  The two heart-broken children found in each other kindred spirits, and he helped her speak again.  The day before he left with the Wang family, he gifted her with a revised-ending-version of The Little Mermaid, and that book (which Eun-seol had kept) helps the two find out about their shared history.

Eun-seol, as per Kdrama protocol, rebuffs Min-jae’s advances for quite some time, but she’s eventually won over by his persistence and charm – who wouldn’t be?!  She is selected as the main model of Angel-Dream, the joint project company of Angel Home Shopping and Future Dream Cosmetics (the new name Sang-ho gave Dream Cosmetics), and she works in the same office as Min-jae and Yoo-ran.  Ensue many shenanigans as Yoo-ran attempts to torment Eun-seol at every turn, but Eun-seol doesn’t hesitate to foil Yoo-ran every time.

Min-jae ADORABLY proposes to Eun-seol, and they spend many happy days together.  Until, of course, Pops Wang finds out his son is dating Eun-seol.  He had been pushing for Min-jae to marry Oh Soo-kyung, the daughter of his long-time friend.  Min-jae and Soo-kyung grew up together and he loves her as a younger sister, but Soo-kyung wants more than platonic love.  Pops Wang meets with Eun-seol and says he can’t accept her as his daughter-in-law.  Eun-seol returns the gorgeous engagement ring to Min-jae, and the poor guy is currently suffering heartbreak like no other.  No need to be so sad, Min-jae – I’LL marry youuu!!

As of Episode 100 (which aired Friday, August 17) Eun-seok has fully recovered and is now plotting revenge.  He’s still acting as though mentally handicapped to keep Sang-ho off his trail, and only Min-jae and Yoo-ran know the truth.  Yoo-ran is going bonkers because Eun-seok revealed he’s going to get revenge, but whenever she tries to prove it to Sang-ho, Eun-seok reverts to his five-year-old mode.  Plus, Eun-seol is cozying up to Sang-ho for her own revenge plans, making Yoo-ran even more paranoid and all-around crazies.  I love it!

The previews for next week showed Min-jae resignedly telling his father he’ll get engaged to Soo-kyung and him about to put the ring on her finger at the engagement ceremony.  Buuuut somethin’ crazy happened, judging by the parents’ faces, so I’m gonna guess Eun-seol finally – finally!!! – fights for her man.  Yaaay!  But we also see Pops Wang giving Eun-seol plane tickets so… maybe not yay?  Either way, we’ve still got 20 episodes left, which is plenty enough time for the Choi siblings to right all the wrongs done to them, and for the OTP to get back together.  Maybe even marry and have adorable babies!!  Eeee!

Can’t wait for Mooondaaay!!

(I skipped over some things since this is 100 episodes we’re dealin’ with here, so if you have any questions, please(!) feel free to ask away below in the comments section! :D)



15 responses to “My Daily Fix: An Angel’s Choice

  1. longest post ever! I need to read this slowly when i get back from work! 🙂 dude did you really watch 100 episodes?

    • hahahahaaa i didn’t expect it to be so long! i just started typing, and all of a sudden, kaboom! LOL i missed a couple episodes here and there bc i couldn’t find them, but otherwise~ i can’t believe i watched so many episodes in less than a week xD hahahahaaa!!

      • omg you definitely need to summarize the last 20 episodes for me when its done. I’m probably never going to find subs for this drama. And if i ever marathon-ed this i think i would collapse and die. but i need to know what happens!!

        • LOLOL you would NOT collapse and die — you’d just be super gaunt and hollow-eyed ^^ eeheheheheee!!
          today’s (well, technically monday in korea) episode was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING so i’m thinkin’ of doing mini recaps for these, but i haven’t quiiite figured out yet where i’m gonna find that elusive thingy called time… xD hehehehee!!

    • hi, watchumlots! welcome to carrotblossom patch!! 😀 we’re so glad to have you join us!
      i tried searching dramafever but couldn’t find it! would you happen to have the link? there are a few episodes here and there i couldn’t find and would love to re-watch 🙂 thank you!

  2. Seriously reading this post gave me quite the shock because although how i stumbled upon it was not the same way, it was so unexpected! Like you because i liked the random episode i went ahead and started watching the first 5 trying to see if i could understand it better……boy was i hooked! I’ll admit though i had to sort of skip a few episodes in the middle when i got frustrated…..but with over 100 episodes, i knew i didn’t miss much.

    I just finished watching the last episode and couldn’t be any more satisfied, because regardless of how cliche as any other daily in that time slot, the actors/actresses were fantastic and it kept me hooked even while i skipped an episode or two in between because i couldn’t take it anymore.LOL

    • oh my gollies i don’t know how i missed your comment! it’s two(!) whole years(!) late… but i still wanted to reply heheheheee ^^ i was a bit disappointed with some of the unnecessary shenanigans towards the end, but like you i was pretty satisfied! 🙂 hope all is well, Naughtybookjunkie!

  3. I’m watching it now but I don’t think I have time to watch 140 episodes. Please tell me the ending of this story. I have read all your entries about the drama and think they are amazing.

    • a very belated welcome to the Patch, tungandlinh! 😀
      did you end up watching more of “angel”? i’d be happy to email you about the ending (so it isn’t spoiled here for people who haven’t seen the show) if you’re still interested! just let me know 🙂
      thanks for joining us here — hope you continue your dramaland journey with us! 🙂 🙂

      • Thank you so much. I am quite busy these days, therefore haven’t checked my messages for a long time (I don’t often have messages because none of my friends uses wordpress). Please send me emails to (This is the email address for friends :D). You are so kind. Besides, I’m watching “Faith” and “Tomorrow cantabile” now, but not sure that I may complete :).

  4. Really like your synopsis for this drama as this drama is really great. Could you please make a synopsis for ep.140….

  5. Helo can i konow the next episodes until 140 ?because i really interested with this drama… Thank u… U can send to my email… Thanks anyway..

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