A Darling Photoshoot

A Gentleman’s Dignity revived and revitalized the careers of the F44 and their significant others, and in the case of debuting actress Yoon Jin-yi, the drama produced a sparkling new star.  Our Yoon + Mae-ah-ri couple shared some adorable photos through Vol. 83 of magazine High Cut.  I like to think these are photos taken during their honeymoon that are now gracing the adorable newlyweds’ home.  Humor me.


Yoon Jin-yi has been chosen as a model for brands McGinn and Jambaengee jeans (photos below) as well as other companies.  Looks like someone’s gonna be busy!


2 responses to “A Darling Photoshoot

  1. aww so cute! Yoon Jin-yi looks tiny next to kim Min-jong. But her legs are endless her own photoshoots! 🙂

    • i envy her like no other — she’s petite but perfectly proportioned! like kim tae-heeeee!! me waaant be them! 😀

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