Angel Eyes: First Impressions


Breathtakingly gorgeous.


Beautifully done.


I am desperately trying to find words to properly convey how impressed and absolutely taken I am with new SBS weekend drama Angel Eyes. It’s high time I crawl back into my cave of y’all-know-what, but I needed to give a big squee of a shout-out to the FABULOUS opening weekend of Angel Eyes.


There was a time when melodramas reigned supreme in Dramaland and pinkblossom-land… and then it became too difficult to hold chilled metal spoons over my eyes in an attempt to recover from the tear-fest-induced puffy eyes… so I just stopped watching them. It helped that the supposed ‘melodramas’ Dramaland put out were over-the-top and just altogether cliché. But Angel Eyes enchanted me with its gorgeously shot teasers and the hint of so much more…


That hint was no falsely laid trap. Angel Eyes delivered and then some, blowing me away beyond all expectations. I… I really have no words. You don’t need to commit to the show – even I ain’t there yet, thanks to writer Yoon Ji-ryun’s track record (Boys over Flowers). But I can wholly and unequivocally endorse two hours of innocence, purity, and sweet, sweet love. It’s a beautiful fairy tale worthy of praise… and our hearts.

엔젤02_0025 엔젤02_0017 엔젤02_0012 엔젤02_0016

8 responses to “Angel Eyes: First Impressions

  1. love this drama… got hooked with the story and great acting / chemistry by the teen actors…

    hope you’ll do recaps of this drama too!!!


    • hrtbrkgrl!! 😀 😀 😀
      weren’t the two just AMAZING? i’m excited for lee sang-yoon, but i kinda wished for more eps of our sweet teenagers… ^^
      i’m not sure if i’ll be able to do full-on recaps (alas, time is so elusive), but i’m gonna try to keep up with the show and have this space to squee with you all! 😀

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