Angel Eyes: Early Thoughts


It isn’t too often that you find yourself swept away by a simple story. Despite protests and vehement denials, we all recognize that there is a part of us – be it large or small – that has become jaded. Why do shows become progressively grittier? Why do we no longer find satisfaction in what was perfectly awe-inspiring and mind-boggling just a few years ago? As we’re presented with the latest, as we experience the newest, the old seems less enthralling, less captivating, less… everything. We want more. We want ever more. We want so much more the second time around.

And yet… sometimes there is such beauty in revisiting the old, in just appreciating the simplicity of life. Miracles and the unbelievable events are what make life so precious. Yet in the madness, we oft forget that there is much power in the ordinary. The opening weekend of Angel Eyes deftly illustrated the beauty of simplicity and innocence. There are no mind-boggling twists and turns, no “gotcha!” moments of trickery. It is what it is, and it does not attempt to be anything other than what it is: a beautiful love story of one boy and one girl on the cusps of adulthood, placing their trust, faith, and hearts in one another’s hands.

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What is so saddening in Kdramaland is the all-too-common pattern of shows starting out wonderfully… and then petering out. I fall in love… and then grit my teeth through the rest. As mentioned in the First Impressions post, I was – and am – a bit gun-shy where writer Yoon Ji-ryun is concerned. Boys Over Flowers did Hallyu some big favors, but no one denies the story needed some major help – and I mean major.

The posters for Angel Eyes were absolutely gorgeous – and appreciated for not being the typical three-headed human version of Cerberus. And the teasers? *swoon*


Everyone has high-def cameras in this day and age. What makes a director special in my book is his/her color palette. One of my big issues with tvN is the sense that I’m looking through something – I feel like there’s a thin sheet of who-knows-what between the drama’s world and me, and it is frustrating and off-putting, to say the least.

엔젤아이즈_00027 엔젤아이즈_00065

But I digress. With one foot firmly out the door, I watched the first two episodes of Angel Eyes… and was swept away. It was beautiful and poignant, and what made it so was the very simplicity of it. It’s nothing new, nothing that hasn’t been portrayed by tens – hundreds – of other films and dramas. Yet… it worked. And it worked because the love displayed was unconditional and pure.

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Sadly, the burned-too-many-times drama soul in me was reluctant to give my all to the show. After all, perhaps even more common than dramas-gone-bad are adults-outdone-by-child-actors. *cough MoonSun cough* What if Lee Sang-yoon’s dimple wasn’t enough? And what if – horrors! – seeing Goo Hye-sun made it impossible for writer Yoon Ji-ryun to stay away from Boys Over Flowers-­mode? *shudders* With all expectations suspended, I sat down for Episode 3… and loved it. And Episode 4… and loved it even more. And along came Episode 5… and finally Episode 6… which I absolutely LOVED.

엔젤아이즈_00106 엔젤아이즈_00046 엔젤아이즈_00100

Unfortunately, Dramaland did a number on me, and I still can’t wholly get behind a show. With a huge portion of the story arc completed in all of 6 episodes – which, don’t get me wrong, is one of the reasons I love the show (yay for speeeed!) – I’m concerned we’re entering weepfest-land with some makjang thrown in for good measure. But. And this is a BIG but. I cannot be more no-holds-barred 100% supportive for the first 6 episodes of Angel Eyes. If the show ended today, I think… yes, I honestly think I would be perfectly happy. And I would rank Angel Eyes as one of the best in my books. It’s that good. Truly.

I’ve been backspace-ing and re-typing a mabajillion different ways to keep this spoiler-free so you can watch the show and enjoy it in its entirety. Go. Watch Angel Eyes. And come revel with me.



16 responses to “Angel Eyes: Early Thoughts

  1. Oh my, I’ve been hearing only good things about Angel Eyes! I’ve even been hearing good things about Gu Hye Sun (which, wooaahh, I never thought I’d see the day, tbh). I’m live-watch wary coz of the way so many promising dramas go down the drain, but I’m keeping an eye on this one. Glad you’re loving it, pinkblossom! And, really nice to see you pop up in dramaland! Smooches!

    • i was kinda on the fence about goo hye-sun even through ep 6 (though there was no denying she vaaaastly improved), but she has been ROCKING the last couple eps – i’m just as shocked, let me tell ya, chingu ^^
      just waaaatch iiiit!! ^^ if it goes down the drain knocks on wood we’ll just dump it together hehehheee!
      sososo glad to have this little outlet with wooonderful chingus like youuu! bear hug

  2. OMG I LOVE YOU FOR WRITING THIS!!! I just wrote basically the EXACT things/pointers you noted here haha, but of course you’re so much more descriptive and nuanced about the jaded perspectives, peppered cleverly between gorgeous screen shots from the show 🙂 Also omg haha, I had the same thought (again!) that they’ve exhausted the plot conflict and totally with you about the weepfest-land we seem to be headed – though I hope hope hope not.

    Thanks for that first impression post two weeks ago, I would never have given the show a try had I not come across that write-up of yours 😉

    • jane! jan! i’m still not sure which to call you hehehheee 😉
      but OHMYGOLLIES i’m SO happy — you have no idea — to have fellow lovers with meeee! there are a few people slooowly catching on, but it’s been a bit lonely… hahahahaa 😉
      have you watched the last few eps?!?! GAAAAAHHHH!!
      and again, i’m SO honored my crazy ramblings sent you in the direction of this lovely little gem! ❤

  3. I also love the story. Can’t wait to see the next episode.
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  4. Oh man. I can relate to the once bitten, twice shy way I have become about dramas. It’s like they make you fall in love with them and then come and stab you in the back with the third act. I think that’s why I haven’t started watching any new dramas with the new recent cycle…this post makes me want to come and dip my toes in the water though. Your screencaps seem like they have a decent cinematographer on board, but the BOF writer…man, I am not sure I can trust them. Thanks for helping me keep a pulse on this one.

    • dewaaniiiiiiiii 😀 😀 😀 ❤ ❤
      i've always known dramas have a tendency to go sour… and yet i've never really felt the need to make qualifiers before. maybe it's the act of actually writing out something — and having to retract my undying adoration for one too many shows — that has made me feel so hesitant this time around… oh whatevs. hahahaa!
      but for seriously, this one is just so beautiful… inside and out, if it's possible for a how to have an 'inside' lol 😉 i won't deny that half of it is me spazzing about every single scene and the puuuurty of it all, but there really is something quite sweet about this one~ like i mentioned, just watch the first 6 eps if you're wary — i can give my big fat stamp of approval for episodes 1-6!! 😀 😀

  5. I started watching this series mainly because of the teen part episodes. Then got hook with great acting… Then saw that the main lead actor was from my daughter seoyoung… So i am still watching and hoping that this will be great… Don’t particularly like the lead actress.. So far from bof.. Her acting is blah…but now in AE, i see her in a new light..:)

    • i won’t deny that half of my motivation for watching this one was for lee sang-yoon and the other half for kang ha-neul and nam ji-hyun 😉
      isn’t goo hye-sun doing an amazing job? i’ve really been impressed with her the last couple of episodes!

  6. I’ve been watching Angel Eyes and I agree that its beautiful…i liked it when they were younger better but Goo Hye Sun drives me batty. She tends to make so many facial expressions that her acting almost seem fake. I dont know…I started watching it because of the male leads…I love me some Lee Sang Yoon – you guys all know that…

    • MEK!! 😀 😀
      awwwwwwwww i feel like we’re having a MDSY reunion hehehheee! ^^ i wasn’t expecting much from goo hye-sun, but she has really been into character the last few episodes 🙂 it’s really hard to enjoy a show like this one when i don’t like an actor — hope she’s growing on you hehehee!

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  8. Hi pinkblossom and whitecarrot! I miss you both so much! XD

    Thank you pinkblossom for posting a review about Angel’s Eyes. I might check it since you like this drama. 🙂

    • `Eun!!!! 안그래도 i had been thinking about you and wondering where you were — i hadn’t heard from you in so long!! how are youuu??
      did you get a chance to watch any of “angel eyes”? 🙂 🙂

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