No Mercy- Movie Review

I’m on the fence about this movie. It had some elements of forensic science and police procedural taken from some of my favorite shows like CSI and Law and Order: SVU. But on the other hand the movie centered on another one of the Korean revenge things that are so popular. In other words, it was a bloody graphic violent mess.



Kang Min-hom (Sol Kyung-gu) is a forensic pathologist who works as a professor and as the medical examiner for the police. A murder takes place and a girls cut up body is discovered. Probie Detective Min Seo-yeong (Han Hye-jin) makes a break in the case and figures out the killer (Ryu Seong-beom). But as the killer is arrested, Kang Min-hom waits at the airport for his daughter only to receive a message from the killer that his daughter has been kidnapped by the killer and his accomplice. Kang must free the killer in 3 days time to get his daughter back. Action ensues, as Kang does everything against the ethics that lives by on his job to save his daughter.  


I don’t want to say to much because the story really lies on the twists and ending. Overall, it was a good watch. Not one of the best but the thrill and the ending make it work the 2 hours I spent watching it. Beware of the blood splatter, dead body, autopsy scenes, and nude scenes. This is like a tamer version of Old Boy, I would say.


I think Sol and Ryu are amazing in the movie. The standoff scenes between them really made the conflict more tangible and kept the story movie. As the clues are uncovered one by one from different viewpoints (Kang’s personal investigation, Min’s investigation of Kang, and Ryu’s flashbacks). The story dangles pieces in front of you and leads you to a culmination. But again you can live without watching it, but if you’re bored it’s a good way to pass time. It’s on Netflix if you’re interested.


One response to “No Mercy- Movie Review

  1. i’ve heard this one is good but haven’t seen it yet! looove han hye-jin, and sol kyung-gu and ryu seng-bum are always amazing… but gotta agree, korean movies are just so bloody -___-;; i can’t decide!

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