Second Lead Syndrome

So as you all know, fellow drama-ers, a lot of us suffer from Second Lead Syndrome. Which means we root for the 2nd male lead in the fight for the main girl. Here are some examples…

1. Flower Boy Next Door

Enrique is adorable and infectious, but doesn’t part of you keep rooting for Jin-Rak? I mean come on… milk post its for a year?  I don’t care if he’s a con man or some evil conspirator. His love for Dok-mi is 100% genuine, and it’s so sad he’s not going to end up with her. That’s dedication, my friends.


2. Boy and Girl aka Yellow Ribbon Love (Taiwan drama)

I don’t think this drama is that popular at all. I stumbled upon it recently but I am loving the 2nd male lead!! Song Wen Qian isn’t your classic hottie but the way he earnestly looks at our leading lady, Hei You Nan, melts my heart! There was never any chance for him, but I keep hoping and dreaming.



3. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Ok, I root for Choi Kang Hyuk. His character was kind of weird. Smelly feet, falling asleep left and right in the middle of nowhere all the time, and cooking amazing ramyun.  I also rooted for him because main lead, Cha Chi Soo just didn’t do it for me.  Although most people love Chi-Soo, I just didn’t really see any significant growth in him. I actually couldn’t finish this drama because I couldn’t bare to see Yang Eun Bi, lead girl, end up with Chi Soo.



These are some dramas I can think off the top of my head. I’m sure there are lots more. I will go off and ponder some more…

12 responses to “Second Lead Syndrome

  1. Well… as for me this is the first time i didn’t affected by second lead… I’m totally captivated by Kkae Geum. Instead of his noisy and cheerful character.. Enrique is totally adorable!! I didn’t deny that jin rok is charming in his own way… but enrique gives different vibes.. he is mood booster and in the same time annoying but we cant just get mad of him.

  2. I’m sure we all had the time when we were tugging our hair, screaming at the screen ” are you blinnnnnnndddddd?!!” . Was looking at your post Kisses of 2012 and suddenly reminded of one fine example of second lead syndrome – i need romance 2012. My heart broke for the second lead T.T

  3. Hey Sweets, how could you forget I need romance 2. I was pulling so hard for second lead that I cried when she decided to stay with her ten year itch l lol.

  4. I found one drama that out of this 2nd male syndrom it’s Feast of the God since I am so captivated by Kim do Yoon character or Lee Sang Woo ( he he I was’nt sure fr this ) and root him with the lead female even I knew he just as the 2nd male lead. But seem the writer can read my heart so she made the 2nd lead male get the girl not like other typical Kdrama.

  5. Are you for real that Jin Rak doesn’t get the girl in the end!!! BOOO!! So that means that women want a man who isn’t in it for love but at least makes her laugh and acts like a idiot to make her happy, while the one who will give his all by devotion and love has no hope at all!! I rather enjoy watching ‘Akumu Chan’….. *curl up in the corner to sob…**

    • Dokmi is so lucky having enrique around coz love is need to be told and expressed. I like the way enrique make her happy with his own way. Love means nothing if you don’t feel happiness and laugh out loud coz of that happiness..

      • Feel happiness by imposing your will against the wishes of someone else (making a pretense to stay with Dokmi while editing his book), not being truthful in your intentions but leading the person in a direction by force is not happiness or expression of love. But merely imposing ones will upon another. Whereas Jin Rak is slow (fustrating more like it) in expressing his affection for Dok Mi, but its pure and sincere – even with his somewhat checkered past his devotion to someone for the past three years can’t be ignored. Enrique is more of a spoilt child who gets what he wants – even if the other person says otherwise, but the person becomes so confused that they give up in the end. Expressing feelings is consentual – and not like a storm!!

        • lol. If I’m not mistaken jin rak also needs to be truthful about his identity and not overwhelmingly claim DM as his property. He acts as if daddy long legs but not come clear with his feelings, that’s more like coward.

          • interesting discussion. I would agree with both of you if possible. but i really have a soft spot for daddy long legs roles. It just sucks cause they never express their express their feelings to the girls and lose them!

  6. I felt the same way about Flower Boy Ramen Shop, as well as Ohlala Couple. Kdrama writers need to change the usual style up a bit and let the second lead get the girl! The only drama I can think of in which the second lead end up with the girl is Tamra the Island. That was the drama that satisfied me most (: Park Gyu was so heroic and nice{sometimes at least}

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