My Daughter Seo-young: Epiosde 42 Spoilers

A mini-mini-recap with piiiictures since the official mini-recap will take some time! 😀


First up: Sung-jae

Sung-jae and Secretary Yoon enjoy one last date together.  They watch a movie and Secretary Yoon takes Sung-jae to her home and feeds him, explaining her own past as an orphan and her desire for Sung-jae to live an affluent life with the Kang’s.  She tells him that if he is happy, that is all that matters, and promises to begin living happily for herself as well.201302032054041710_1


Second batter: Papa Lee

Papa Lee finds out that Mi-kyung is not an orphan, but rather the daughter of the Kang family, and realizes that was the reason Sang-woo broke up with her.  Though Sang-woo assures him it is all in the past and not his fault, Papa Lee can’t help but blame himself for another ‘misdeed.’201302032015411710_1

Woo-jae goes to Mrs. Bang’s shop to meet Papa Lee, finally calling him “Father.”  Papa Lee is taken aback, and he tells him he heard Woo-jae and Seo-young divorced.  Woo-jae explains that he wanted to make Seo-young ‘comfortable’ (not carry around the burden of guilt, etc.), and Papa Lee defends Seo-young’s insistence on holding onto her pride to the bitter end.  He explains that it is an instinct born of all the hardships she had to endure, and apologizes to Woo-jae and his family for everything.  Woo-jae says he didn’t come because of that, but rather to explain that he was at fault for not understanding Seo-young.  “I failed in my marriage with Seo-young, but I do not think this is the end for us.”  Eeee!2013020322523877_1_rstararm


Best for last: Seo-young and Woo-jae

Woo-jae is officially starting his re-bid for Seo-young, and can I just say I’m loving it?!  As seen at the close of Episode 41, Woo-jae shows up at Seo-young’s office bearing flowers to congratulate her on opening her new law office.  He ain’t no dummy, and he makes a quick exit so he doesn’t overstay his welcome.  Seo-young is annoyed, but Yeon-hee is definitely in his camp.  Yay for an ally for Woo-jae!

Seo-young takes on her first case counseling elderly grandmas and grandpas, and who should show up as their representative buuuut Woo-jae!  The free legal counseling program is run by Winners Group, and Seo-young unknowingly chose to participate in it.  Woo-jae eagerly chauffeurs her around and manages to convince her to have dinner with him.  She doesn’t want to talk, but he asks for time just while waiting for the food to come, and Seo-young relents.  He explains why he had never learned to stand in others’ shoe and apologizes for lashing out at her after learning of her deception.  Woo-jae had not been able to eat all day, and his stomach chooses to growl at that moment, and Seo-young quietly tells him they can finish talking after eating.  Hee!  He protests, “I’m afraid Lee Seo-young will leave as soon as we finish eating,” and Seo-young promises to stay and talk after their meal.  Hahahaa awwww.  The expression on his face as he tucks in is just adorable.201302032026441710_120130203_1359890891_65526300_12013020322063080_1_rstararm201302032028777585_510e4a181e7a1

Woo-jae goes to Seo-young’s office early in the morning with seaweed soup for her birthday (a Korean custom), but she is out and about living it up.  He returns again after work, but she is out again because Sung-tae found out it was Seo-young’s birthday and took her and Yeon-hee out to celebrate.  Woo-jae waits in front of her apartment, and he sees Seo-young and Sung-tae returning from their first clubbing experience.  Eee!  At Sung-tae’s offer to take a picture for her, Seo-young brightly smiles… and Woo-jae’s face hardens.  The green-eyed monster is heeeere!!2013020323462686_1_rstararm201302032109101710_1

29 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Epiosde 42 Spoilers

  1. Not only was she smiling brightly, the hem of her dress and coat were above her knees! Definately a departure from her regular outfits. She does hv nice gams!!! hehe… can’t wait for ep. 43. Any previews up?

  2. As usual, when I open my laptop, the first thing I have to do is look into this page… and it makes my day. She has a bright smile, and WJ saw it, for another man.. yay

  3. Seo-young pride is too much, she made a biggest lie but why is it t Woo-jae is still the one trying to win her back after their divorce, Seo-young is the suppose to be the one trying to win Woo Jae! Am I wrong?

  4. SJ spending some great moments with her birth mom was awesome-at least that part of the show is more angst for Sung-Jae I hope!!
    Nyahahaha…it’s getting so much fun with SY and WJ back to their small bickering and snobbing ways-WJ on his old ways of making excuses for doing stuff for SY (eating or just being by her side) just to make her agree to whatever…and SY appearing to be so cold to WJ’s charming ways but is actually affected by it.. I actually like them like this instead of being all too sweet and lovey dovey. Am hoping that on that last scene – WJ would sweep SY onto his arms and give her a good smack on the that’s a major heart beater moment, eh!!!!
    But I wish we’ll have more SW -HJ moments pls..pls….how can the writers develop a fully believable love story if they can’t even have any romantic moments no??!!
    Thanks again for your recap pinkblossom-sshi!! Hope you’re feelin’ better too.. ^_^

    • yes! sweep her off her feet and more tender moments and kissing please between SY – WJ and SW-HJ!

  5. Thanks again. It is so nice to watch and understand the drama. It appears everything is falling into place. You are awesome. Thank you.

  6. Please continue with your spoilers and recaps. Really enjoy it and it keeps us up to date with this drama. Love how the story is progressing. More jealousies for SY & WJ and maybe for SW & HJ too.

  7. Thanks for the recap. Always checking this web ahahaha. Can wait for your full recap..haha.. Appreciate your effort pinkblossom. Again super duper thanks

  8. Thanks for the mini mini recap, pinkblossom! Will wait patiently for the upgraded recap 🙂

    I first saw Lee Bo Young in Mr Goodbye, and now I remember that guy who acted as Sung-tae was in Mr Goodbye as well!

    LOL at your use of “pornstache” from the recap for ep 41. His hair is so yucky too…

    I’m just waiting for more skinship or kiss from my fav SW-HJ couple 🙂

  9. Thank you. I think WJ is not only jealous, as in the normal jealous, he must fear that SY might show her true self to someone else first, even if he wishes to be the first to get to know the real SY.
    What am I doing it’s past 6 am and first thing I did checking your blog. Have a nice day^^

  10. the sad part is while i want the two (SY-WJ) to end up at the end, the story writers just might decide to make the separation/divorce for real. I will really cry and cry and remember the story writers if they do this because the next time they pen another drama, i will avoid it.

  11. is it too late for SY to have conceived before they divorced? and can SY please show some overt feelings that she also truly care for WJ. I feel that this will make it more believable for me if she decides to go back to him at the end, assuming he does not relent in pursuing her.

  12. Appreciated with this group and recap so I really enjoy all the thought and following this drama up to date and better.

  13. What can i say, i’ve mentioned it before that SY should start living for herself and findings what she truly wants in her life. Her romance with WJ 3 years ago was the result of WJ persistent wooing that SY just went with the flow…i wonder if she really love WJ then? I suspect she got marry because WJ was the first person that ‘found’ her, so she was grateful for it thus return the favor by marrying him. This time it’s different, with the new love interest she will have the choice to go with the one she really love…and in the end if she pick WJ it really is LOVE for her no doubt about it.

  14. aaaa…thank you for the recap…thought it’s going to be published tomorrow…i’m so glad i’ve read it before going to sleep…thank u so much..

  15. 강순 집에서 돌아온 상우는 우연히 노트북에서 호정이 만든 신혼 블로그를 보게 되고, 호정이 꿈꿔왔던 신혼 소망들을 읽으며 그 동안 무심했던 자신을 돌아본다.

    Can someone please please translate this line from the written preview…. It is about HJ and SW…. hope hope for romantic development

    • This is what Bing says: Workers returned home from a laptop by chance created by Ho, sang crying honeymoon blog sees, and Ho Chung read them a honeymoon wishes you’ve been dreaming about this while he was the head myself tiresome.

      This is what Google says: Sang returned home from gangsun notebook made ​​from dextrin chance to see the honeymoon blog honeymoon hope dextrin dreamed of reads that did not care much for their own, and look back. [I assume dextrin is Ho-Jung and not an over the counter drug.

      A native reader would probably offer more sense.

    • welcome to the patch, eyes!!
      the preview says: “After returning from Kang-soon’s (Mama Choi) house, Sang-woo sees Ho-jung’s honeymoon blog on the laptop (notebook) by chance. As he reads about the newlywed life Ho-jung had dreamed about, he comes to see how inattentive he had been (towards her).”
      hope that helped! 🙂 thanks for sharing the preview with us!! 😀

  16. Thanks for the mini-recap.

    I think it really weird/interesting how an excellent creative team can have you supporting something you don’t approve of in general and withholding support for something you generally agree with.

    I am very surprised that I find myself withholding sympathy from Secretary Yoon. In another drama the elements of her story would have me rooting for her. Yet, even though I fully understand what she has done and why she did it on an intellectual level and would usually forgive her actions, at this time in this drama I don’t.

    I understand she has suffered having to watch her child from afar, but that was the result of her decision. I thinkI haven’t forgiven herbecause I don’t think she realizes the harm she has done to Mama Kang and Sung-Jae. Right now I feel that she is focused on her own pain, brought about by her own action. She has not properly acknowledged the wrong she has done Mama Kang and Sung-Jae. Mama Kang is in pain because she has a generous heart. I feel for her because her pain and alienation in the midst of an accomplished family who seems to ignore her is unbearable to watch. And even in the midst of her personal heartache she tries to make the choices that are best for Sung-Jae. Putting someone’s happiness above your pain is love in action. That earns her my support. Of course the actor playing Mama is so good, she just attract empathy for her character.

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