My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 41

We’re finally on a roll, and I say it’s about time!  My Daughter Seo-young will not be getting an extension, so we’ve only got 10 episodes left (including today’s) before the big finale.  We need to get a move on, peoples!  To kick us off on our mad race to the final stretch: It looks like soooomeone’s got a little competition. 😉


Episode 41

Woo-jae and Seo-young finalize their divorce, and they go out to eat afterwards at his gentle prodding. My heart is breaking – it’s so reminiscent of their courtship, when he would make up any kind of excuse to feed her.  Seo-young makes it clear that she wants a clean break, and Woo-jae, who does his best to act cool and straightforward, says he’ll let her do as she wishes.  Even their parting is so… cut and dry.  All, of course, because they’re putting up a front.서영이41_00008 서영이41_00009 서영이41_00012 서영이41_00010

Seo-young goes to the park where Woo-jae proposed to her, tears filling her eyes at the sweet, heartbreaking memories.  I’ve gotta admit, the contrast here between the beautiful autumn day when he proposed, and the barren winter landscape today, is just so well done.  Bravo.2013020220153505168_1서영이41_00013 서영이41_00014

Every lady embarking on a new chapter in her life needs a makeover to go with it, and Seo-young is no exception.  She gets her hair cut and lightly permed, then goes to meet Sung-jae.  Sweetie Sung-jae is probably the only one who is willing to accept anything and everything from Seo-young, but she is determined to cut him out of her life as well.  She tells him she’s sorry for everything and that the person he knew wasn’t the real her.  Sung-jae isn’t so easily shaken off, but Seo-young says Mama Kang is the one who needs his love and care right now.  She asks him never to contact her again.2013020222135238_1_rstararm

Woo-jae tells his family that he and Seo-young officially finished things.  Mi-kyung offers her brother comfort, and he apologizes and thanks her for everything until now.  She tells him that she now realizes things ultimately would not have worked out with her and Sang-woo.  Thinking of President Kang’s snobby standards, Mi-kyung tells Woo-jae, “Sang-woo didn’t love me enough to (hypothetically) endure Father’s harsh treatment and marry me.  Seo-young must have loved you so much that she didn’t change her lie …”  She asks him to keep her and Sang-woo’s relationship a secret from Seo-young to the end.

Seo-young has a housewarming cum divorce party with Yeon-hee, who tells Seo-young to live her life to the fullest from now on.  The two share a sweet bonding moment as Seo-young finally lets down all the barriers around her heart.서영이41_00015

The next morning, Woo-jae finds Seo-young’s car parked in front of the Kang residence.  Turns out Seo-young really wants everything settled – she returned the car keys, the house key, and her ring.서영이41_00003

Sang-woo and Ho-jung finally go out for dinner, much to the sweetie’s consternation.  Before they can even order, Ho-jung runs out of the restaurant as tears fill her eyes.  Sang-woo finds her and asks why she was crying, and when she continues to say it was nothing, he reverts back to the no nonsense tone he used to use with her when she was his exasperating stalker.  For some reason, this feels so much more real than his indulgent, ‘kind’ tone.  He’s really just being himself, instead of being careful/mindful around her, and it prompts Ho-jung to finally admit what has been bothering her the last several days.  She tells him she would step back and let him go back to Mi-kyung, but they are already married so she can’t let him leave her.  Sang-woo finally figures out what was going through crazy Ho-jung’s mind, and he grabs her in a fierce hug, both berating and assuring her that he will not renege on his promise.2013020223332540_1_rstararm

Seo-young goes in search of Papa Lee (she got the address from Sang-woo) and tells him (1) she is sorry for her wrongdoing, and (2) she and Woo-jae got divorced.  Papa Lee says there is no need to apologize, but when he hears her second piece of news, he frantically tells her to do whatever she can to get back with Woo-jae.  “Haven’t you figured anything out after enduring me?  The people around you are the most important things in your life.  The parents you are born to, and the person you marry – they change your life.”  His desperate attempt to preserve Seo-young’s happiness, though, is met with anger as Seo-young gets riled up again.  They part again on bad terms, and she runs into Sang-woo and Ho-jung on her way out.서영이41_00016

Sang-woo grabs Seo-young, who tries to leave without a word, and he asks if she is going to push even him out of her life.  She asks him for time and explains that to her, Papa Lee is the same father from three years ago.  Sang-woo just feels frustration and sadness that Seo-young and Papa Lee are still locked in the same struggle.

Mama Kang asks President Kang to give Secretary Yoon a franchise store in Seoul, so Sung-jae can go visit her. T_T  She goes to the music academy to practice the drums, and she ends up having coffee with the Mysterious Gentleman after finding his clarinet(?) mouthpiece for him.  Mr. Mysterious Gentleman asks Mama Kang to pick two tarot cards, one to represent her past, and one to represent her future.  She picks “The Hermit”(for her past) and “The Sun” (for her future), and he explains that though she was lonely and locked away until now, a bright future awaits her.  He offers her two tickets to some kind of show – they are her path to leaving The Hermit behind.  It turns out, though, that our Mysterious Gentleman may not be such a nice man after all: all of his tarot cards were “The Hermit” and “The Sun.”  Everything was a setup?!  No middle-age romance?!?서영이41_00017

Sung-jae, meanwhile, meets with Secretary Yoon and asks her to leave for his sake – he doesn’t want to hurt Mama Kang any longer.  “Someday, when I become a real adult, I’ll go see you,” he says.  Poor baby.서영이41_00004

Seo-young opens her new law office, and she and Yeon-hee pass out rice cakes to their office neighbors.  (It’s a Korean custom to share rice cakes with neighbors when you move in or open a new business/office.)  Seo-young goes downstairs, rice cakes in hand, and walks into a photoshoot, having missed the “No Entry.  Photoshoot in Progress” sign.  The photographer chews her out, and our snippy Seo-young makes her return, curtly apologizing then leaving.서영이41_00018

Our meanie photographer, however, comes up to Seo-young’s office bearing flowers, and it turns out he is Kim Sung-tae (Jo Dong-hyuk), former high school friend of Seo-young and Yeon-hee.  Seo-young was his first love, and he tried asking her out, but he was sent packing by whom he thought was her boyfriend – turned out it was none other than Sang-woo.  Hee!서영이41_00019

Yeon-hee and Seo-young enjoy a little tea time after all their work, and Yeon-hee marvels that Seo-young has already found another hometown friend.  Just then, Woo-jae walks through the door, bearing his own gift of beautiful flowers…서영이41_00005 서영이41_00006 서영이41_00001


Quick Thoughts

Okay, I need to say this: Woo-jae’s flower arrangement is bigger than Sung-tae’s potted flowers.  Heee!!  Hahahaa I know this ain’t no pissing contest, but I just find so much glee in these insignificant suuuuper important details.  I fear I may constantly be pointing out ways in which Woo-jae is better than Sung-tae…  Oh, I can name another one off the bat: Woo-jae’s scruffy look is waaaay shmexier than Sung-tae’s pornstache.  Heee!

I was watching the interviews on the Seo-young set by Entertainment Weekly, and Lee Sang-yoon’s (Woo-jae) comment really summed things up nicely: “Woo-jae decided to get divorced because he does not believe that that is the end – because he knows that they can move forward after that.”  When asked how she thought the drama would end, Lee Bo-young (Seo-young) answered: “Seo-young will heal and overcome her emotional scars, and through that process come to stand on her own.  I think that as a result, the two (Seo-young and Woo-jae) will begin a new romance…”  Hear hear!  I second that!! 서영이41_00021서영이41_00020


**Side Note: It’s Superbowl Weekend here in the States, which just adds on the crazy to what are already pretty busy weekends for moi.  I will do my best to put up a spoiler post tomorrow morning for Episode 42 – judging by the previews (thank you, Avid fan from Cebu!), it looks like it’s gonna be a good one.  Uuunfortunately, I won’t be able to get to the Episode 42 mini-recap until Monday, and the same goes for requested translations for both Episodes 41 and 42.  Thanks for your understanding!

22 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 41

  1. Love it,.. So much :*
    More pictures pleaseeee 😀
    Btw more story about sungjae and sangwoo and hojung please please 😀

  2. Thank you so much pinkblossom for the recap. we will just wait for them. Enjoy the superbowl. Keke
    Some thoughts:
    ★I think SJ is torn between his love for mama kang and how to accept his biological mother. On the side note, if i were in his place i think ill also do that for mama kang’s sake since practically mama kang is the one who raise him and treat him as his own despite the fact that SJ is not his real flesh and blood.
    ★It is sweet to see that WJ is still after SY. I hope he continues to do so, to wash away in my memory how harsh he treated SY when he found out about the lie. With regards to KST, he’ll surely play as a catalyst for SY and WJ to start again their relationship. Have you guys seen the preview? The jealous look on WJ face? Lols. It is the first time that were seeing it, right?
    ★Finally, MK and SW relationship really is a close chapter. I am worried for HJ since I don’t know what is going on with SW’s mind. But I believe that SW is not the kind of person who do push-pull with his decision.
    ★A question though, will MK and doc oppa develop a relationship? I wonder how it will happen.
    I just wish some lovey dovey moments woth SW Aand HJ and I hope that papa lee and SY will be able to patch things up.

  3. Enjoy the superbowl PinkBlossom! I will check the recap on Monday…
    Thank you so much for ep41 recap, makes me happy already…
    Thank you………………………

  4. Awwww thanks for the recap as usual. I wonder if your offer to translate bits of the show still holds — in which case I would request a translation of (and you know this is coming) the Ho Jung – Sang Woo scene 😉

  5. Thank you very much for your recap.. For people like me who follow this drama closely and can’t understand a word of korean, you’re a godsend….As upset i was with WJ’s behaviour these past episodes, I would still love to see SY and him reconciling… love them as a couple!

  6. wohoho….. i didn’t know that finally someone is doing a recap, i’ve been searching this a long time ago but can’t find one so i thought of quiting, then i started browsing again and found this… yehhaaa!!!! thanks thanks for your hard work…. cheers

  7. That was a very quick recap…i love it…Thank you so much…

    I’m happy for hojung, now that sangu reminded her of his promise. No more worries for hojung…

    I’m also happy for seoyoung now that she finally found her freedom.. i agree with pinkblossom…there will gonna be another romance with the couple, seoyoung and ujae….as the saying goes…love is sweeter the second time more lies… thanks pink blossom..<3

  8. thanks though for all the recaps and reviews . I enjoyed it very much . Even i didn’t understand korean , i manage to watched it because of the thorough review you gave us ^^

  9. Heee, many thanks for your recaps. I can’t wait for the engsub anymore so I’ve found your blog. Really love this episode, yes, I also believe that they will restart all over again. Love this couple and really really love this drama.

  10. Thank you so much. I am so happy reading your recaps/comments. during weekends. Weekdays I am always checking your site if there is an update. i could hardly wait,

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