Weekend Dilemma: Decision

Oh my golly gee whiz, this is difficult.

The Weekend Dilemma Poll is now officially closed, and the time has come for indecisive pinkblossom to make a decision.  My Daughter Seo-young or Rascal Sons?  Mom or Dad?  Beef or pork or chicken or turkey or fish or shrimp or…  You get the point.  My Daughter Seo-young was the overwhelming favorite in the poll, but more people requested Rascal Sons (than Seo-young) in the comments section.  I think I’ve said this at least twenty times now, but I truly do love both and would like to recap them.  If only time were limitless…

In deference to the votes, I will be writing mini-caps for Seo-young.  And in deference to the comments, I’ll write mini-mini-caps for Rascal Sons.  Because these are gonna be mini’s and mini-mini’s, there will be dialogues and scenes I’ll gloss over or skip altogether.  If you ever have ANY question, please feel free to ask away.  In case you’re not sure what ANYthing means: clarifications, explanations, translations, etc. of any part you’d like clarified, explained, translated, etc.  For those who need validation for the things I spout out of my mouth – or if you’d like to plain ol’ join our Daily madness family – please click here.  (A good example is the comments section of Eps 72-75.)

I’m sorry to disappoint those of you who were hoping for full-on recaps of either drama.  Taking on 50(+) episodes is just a lot to handle, and two such projects are more than I’d like to bite off at this point.  Sorry and thank you for understanding.  For those who are only watching one of the two, I hiiighly encourage checking out the other. 😀

As for this past weekend’s episodes (5-6 for Seo-young and 3-4 for Sons), I’ll be getting them up as soon as possible.  Truly truly truly, THANK YOU, everyone, for voting and sharing your opinions.  I value each and every one of your votes and comments and hope this decision will bring the greatest good for the greatest number of people.  Hmmm, that sounds oddly familiar.  And brings back memories of endless studying.  Okay, back to dramaland.  Yeee!


5 responses to “Weekend Dilemma: Decision

  1. Thanks, pinkblossom! I asked for Rascal Sons. Hope you’ll be sharing your thoughts as well about the episodes in addition to the mini-mini recaps. Always enjoy your insights.

  2. ahhhhh thanks so much for doing mini mini recaps of Rascal Sons! The subs for the drama are really really slow sadly. You’re awesome! 😀

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