Answer Me 1997 Fever Isn’t Over

I originally titled this post “Answer Me 1997 Isn’t Over,” but I realized how that could be MAJORLY misconstrued.  Don’t want to send y’all into an apoplectic fit and have you foaming at the mouth, screaming for my head.  So.  To make it clear.  Our beloved Answer Me 1997 has well and truly come to an end.  Sob.

BUT!  People just can’t let it go, thus tvN has decided to re-broadcast the show in its entirety.  We missed the first day – unless you already knew about this – but the remaining episodes will be aired for the next two days (October 2 & 3).  So if any of you have access to tvN live-streaming or a Korean TV set, you can marathon this baby the next two nights.  Ooor, you can just dig through your hard drive and open the “Answer Me 1997” folder.  You know you’ve all got one.  Don’t lie.

Enjoy enjoy enjooooy!!

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18 responses to “Answer Me 1997 Fever Isn’t Over

  1. I would never lie… lol. I almost downloaded the 20 gig file but thank God our Angel from the Sky Gettora uploaded a less than 4 gig file. Because as much as I love the show, my terabyte is shrinking by each drama that I download – OMO. But do I have a thriving collection in deed of K-Drama, TW-Drama and now JDorama. Ooh What lovely weekends I have revisiting some greats and watching new ones.

  2. hello please please send me the subtitles of this drama.
    they are SO DIFFICULT TO FIND and it is taking me forever!


    • hi, camille! welcome to our Patch!! i don’t have subtitles myself (i watch my shows without subs), but YCHASE007 kindly posted a link as well as her email address below, if you’d like to check those out 🙂 thanks for joining us here at the Patch — we hope to hear more from you! 😀 😀 😀

  3. Hi pinkblossom and whitecarrot! I just wanted to leave a comment thanking you for the wonderful posts you guys had on Reply 1997! I finished the drama a couple of weeks ago within a span of 2 days and I wanted to say how great it was to reminisce about the beauty that was said drama through your blog! I read every single one of your posts on Reply 1997 and loved them, and am so glad you guys loved the show as much as I did! I absolutely loved the posts about making the case for the baby daddy which have directed me back to the exact episodes where I can find Yoon Jae being the adorable bff/husband that he is to Shi Won!

    • welcome to our Patch, autumn93!! i’m so glad you enjoyed “!997”!!! it was definitely one of my favs this year and quite possibly of all time! ^^ whitecarrot & i for seeeriously had a BLAST watching it and sharing in our excitement with everyone else 🙂
      thank YOU for taking time to read our crazy ramblings and to leave such wonderfully kind words — it really means a lot to us! and yes, i must confess i still reference the baby daddy posts to re-watch yoon-jae in all his adoooorkable glory!!! heheheheeee!!! gah, now i’m gonna have to go watch those scenes again! ^^ thanks again, atuumn93, for joining us & for sharing your kind comment! we hope you continue your dramaland journey with us!! 😀 😀 😀

      • Hi pinkblossom! Thanks for the warm welcome and taking the time to even read and respond to my comment! I must say that Reply 1997 is personally my FAVORITE drama of all time! It had everything that I wanted in a drama and much much more! I’ve been rewatching snippets of the show non-stop that it’s almost becoming a habit to watch at least one scene from the show a day! Out of curiosity did you see the cute little parody SIG&JEJ did at the MAMA awards? Sigh, I’m still shipping them so hard! ^^

        • hi hiii again, autumn93! ^^ i usually wait for all my fanmadspazzcraziness to die down before i decide whether or not i reaaally wub a drama, but the madness just won’t go away! i guess that means 1997 is here to stay!! 😀 i saw the clip thanks to your suggestion — oh my GAAAAWSH it was SO cute!! hehehehee! thank youu!! 😀 & yes, i kiiinda get over shipping them, then something sets me off and i go crazy again! aaaack!! ^^
          are you watching anything these days? 🙂 anything to help fill the void left by 1997?? ^^

          • Hi pinkblossom!!
            I think my craziness over Reply 1997 has FINALLY died down (as in I’m not watching the show over and over again)! So I can officially declare that this show is still the best drama I have ever watched! Right now, I don’t find an interest in any of the shows that are currently airing except for School 2013, but I am waiting until at least half of it has aired before I start watching it! I am marathoning all of the seasons of the American tv show Bones though, so at least I have something to entertain me til then! Are you watching any dramas right now? Any recommendations?

          • If you loved Reply 1997, you will adore Cheongdamdong Alice…. It’s freaking awesome. I still run through my favorite episodes of Reply 1997, but life goes on 🙂

          • YCHASE007 long time no seeeeee!! we’ve missed you terribly!!!
            i’ve watched a couple eps of “alice” but can’t get myself to sit down and really watch it… maybe once all the craziness dies down in the next couple of weeks i’ll be able to concentrate! ^^
            hope all is well!! 😀

          • hahahaha i try to wait for lots of episodes to air so i can marathon ’em, but i just get so impatient! xD i’m holding off on school 2013 for now… we’ll see whether it pays off! ^^
            oh my gollies, i’ve heard so many good things about “bones” but i haven’t gotten around to watching it yet! there are just way too many shows out there on my list… i’ve heard “revenge” is good, everyone’s watching “homeland,” my friends love “dr. who,” i’m still stuck in season 4 of “house” and season 2 of “downton abbey”… just to name a few xD hahahahaa!!
            i never have a shortage of drama recommendations lolol but i think the best thing on right now in kdramaland is defs “king of dramas.” gaaaah i wub that show so much! ^^

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