Wilber Pan: New Album

So Wilber Pan (Pan Wei Bo), Taiwanese pop singer, has come out with a new album on August 31st called “The Story of Billy”. The direct translation of the album name is “The 24 Billies”. Interesting. I’ve never been that big of a fan since Wilber Pan always reminded me of a childhood friend of mine (whom I cannot take seriously). He was always a little too pale, a little to ABC (American Born Chinese). But recently I watched one of his performances, and I was totally blown away. Dancing was good. Music was cool. And he looked much hotter than I remembered. So here’s a video for you guys!

credit: WillPan4U

The MV concept is great! It’s Will’s take on Associative Identity Disorder (previously know has Multiple Personality Disorder). This psychological disorder has always been extremely interesting to me as I can’t believe 1 person can take on so many personalities at once and not even know it. Go Wiki it if you don’t believe me!

credit: WillPan4U

But here’s another much happier peppier MV. This is more like the Will Pan I know. But so cute!

2 responses to “Wilber Pan: New Album

  1. i defs don’t have a friend that reminds me of will pan, but i feel like i should… hahahahaa he looks like such a boy-next-door kind of guy! ^^ i think he needs some serious guy-liner to move up to the shmexy level lolol πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. Psychological Disorders my specialty >>.this girl right here, trainined psychologist, who would of thunk << My favorite depiction DID (dissociative identity disorder) is Sybil. That movie was intense and the closest true to form characterization I have seen. I have seen this artist in some TW dramas, at the top of my head I cant think of one, but remember thinking there was something unique to his looks. Kinda like JKS, its a look that has to grow on you – its that moment where you are like Ooh hes actually cute, in that angle lol

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