Answer Me 1997: Episode 15

SO.  GOOD.  For seriously.

Turns out today’s episode was only ~45-50 minutes sans commercials, not an hour and a half as we were led to believe, but it was absolutely maaahvelous.  Lookin’ forward to the big finale next week!

[Update] Ratings hit another high with an average 4.17% and peak 5.52%!!  Those are some serious numbers for a cable show, besting even some main broadcast programs.  Yeee for 1997 love! 😀

Episode 15: While You Were In Love…

July 2005, Seoul: Oooh, lookin’ sexy, Yoon Yoon-jae.  Yoon-jae sits down in his office and finds a stack of papers on his desk: “Top A Level List”.  Hahahahaa!  Looks like someone has compiled a list of marriageable women for our hotshot judge.  It’s not uncommon in Korea, especially for high-rollers, to get married via blind dates/introductions from ‘matchmakers’.  It’s not quite what you see in Disney’s Mulan (though I do love that matchmaker!) but people introduce eligible ladies and gents to opposite parties.  It’d be like setting up your best girl friend with your best guy friend… but these people aren’t your friends.  Anywaaay~  Yoon-jae’s secretary(?) comes in and tells him Madame Jung left the papers for him, despite his distinct distaste for them.  Madame Jung is asking him to reconsider: with his resume, he can get at least 500 million won (~$500,000), a 40-pyung apartment in an expensive neighborhood (~1423 sq feet), and a nice sedan in the woman’s dowry.  *whistle*  Yoon-jae just scoffs, dumps the papers in the trash, and tells his secretary: “Please give Madame Jung a call and tell her: Judge Yoon has a house, he has a car, and he has a girlfriend.”  Eeeee!!  “And if she does this one more time, he’ll lock her away for interference with a government official’s execution of his duties.”  Ha!

He gets a call from Tae-woong, who asks him to go meet the daughter of the doctor Tae-woong reveres the most.  Yoon-jae refuses, smelling a blind date from a mile away, but Tae-woong says the daughter just wants to ask for advice on passing the bar exam – she always passes the first level but gets stuck on the second (it’s a pretty complex process to become an attorney in Korea).  “Who knows, maybe it’ll become a good relationship,” Tae-woong adds.  (The word used for ‘relationship’ is ‘인연’ [in-yeon], which doesn’t really have an English equivalent.  It can be used to say “We were fated to be” [We were in-yeon] or like what Tae-woong is saying here… or a mabajillion other ways.)  Yoon-jae says he has a girlfriend, and Tae-woong tells him not to lie.  What what?  Is Tae-woong playing some kind of game?  He asks Yoon-jae to just meet the girl and have dinner for him, promising to text him the time and place.

Tae-woong is in his hospital room talking to Shi-won on the phone.  She left a can of peaches for him in a drawer and he gleefully thanks her, promising to not get caught.  Oh man, I love canned peaches.  He heads out to enjoy his peaches in hiding (well, just the juice, as he promised Shi-won), and goes into the stairwell.  Ooooh.  So that’s what’s goin’ on.  Eeeee, this is so sad!  We catch the last part of Episode 14, but we see it from Tae-woong’s perspective now.  Joon-hee comes into the hospital room, sees that Tae-woong isn’t there, then goes out into the Stairwell of Revelations and Secrets to get Shi-won’s call.  An extra line that we didn’t get in Ep 14: “Yoon-jae said he likes you, too.  Yoon-jae said in his eyes, you’re the prettiest girl – (he scoffs and laughs) you’ve gotta be kidding me.  Then is this the first time in eight years…”  You know the rest.  Poor Tae-woong, who was adorably grinning when he saw Joon-hee come in, sits shell-shocked.  He thinks back to…

2000, Seoul: The two brothers are having dinner, and Tae-woong tells Yoon-jae that Shi-won’s gotten train tickets.  He tells him to meet at the train station later, but Yoon-jae says he can’t go down (to Busan) this time – his Bar Exam is right around the corner.  Tae-woong just nods in acceptance.

2002, Busan: Hahaha Kim Jung-eun’s famous BC Card commercial plays on the Sung family TV (it was considered one of the best examples of star-marketing at the time).  Mama Sung is on the phone with Yoon-jae and tells him to take care of himself and not worry about being unable to come home.  She gets off the phone and tells Papa Sung that Yoon-jae got food poisoning, and Papa Sung notes that Yoon-jae still sent them spending money (an ‘allowance’ if you will) for Parent’s Day.  Shi-won comes out of the room just then and Tae-woong tells her Yoon-jae can’t come.  She just grunts in understanding, her face cloudy, and Tae-woong looks bemused.

2004, Seoul: Tae-woong tells Yoon-jae he’ll buy him an expensive laptop before he becomes a professor (while he still has money).  Yoon-jae asks why they’re going all the way to the department store when they can just order online.  Tae-woong says he wants to buy the laptop then go have dinner with Shi-won – it’s been a while since the three of them had dinner together.  Yoon-jae’s face immediately darkens and he asks to be dropped off – he left his cell phone at the office and is expecting an important call.  He promises to call Tae-woong and meet up with them.  Yoon-jae gets out and almost immediately gets a call on his phone (which was in his pocket) from Joon-hee.  Tae-woong is eating with Shi-won and keeps checking his phone for Yoon-jae’s call.  Shi-won tells him not to worry and just eat – Yoon-jae probably won’t come.  A confused Tae-woong asks if the two of them had a fight, and Shi-won replies in the affirmative: “Yeah.  A huge one.”

Awwwww, sad panda.  Tae-woong sits on the stairs, still in shock, as everything starts to click.

Back to Yoon-jae in his office, struggling with untold secrets.  Shi-won rolls around on her bed, deep in thought.  Tae-woong has been discharged and stares out the window of his office.  He gets a call from Yoon-jae, which he silences… T_T

Shi-won’s TV program was supposed to have a special guest give a talk to high school students (the National College Entrance Exam is right around the corner), but the guest has called in at the last minute and said he can’t come.  They’re all justifiably upset, and the program writer gives the dude a piece of her mind.  You go, girl.  They scramble their brains to find a suitable replacement (the high schoolers are already in the studio so they can’t just cancel the broadcast) and the writer asks Shi-won if she doesn’t know anyone who can give the talk.  Shi-won’s face lights up as she thinks of someone, but the writer tells her, “It can’t be your fan club president!”  Hahahahaa.

A guy in a suit is being prepped for broadcast, and the writer is all smiles.  Who is it, who is it?!?  Aaaack, it’s Yoon-jae!!!!!  The writer asks if he remembers her – she had called him several times before, when he graduated at the top of his class from Seoul Law.  He apologizes for not having answered her requests then – it was against policy.  Well, well, then, lover boy, why are you here today? 😀  They thank him for coming and ask if he really came because Shi-won called.  Heee!  He answers in the affirmative then excuses himself to use the restroom.  The PD and writer can’t believe their good luck, and the female host comes out scantily clad, saying she’ll seduce Yoon-jae in under ten minutes.  Shi-won joins the group, telling them everything is prepped and ready to go.  The female host repeats that she’s gonna use her wiles on Yoon-jae today, but Shi-won merely scoffs, and Yoon-jae returns just then. 

Introductions are made, and Yoon-jae takes the host’s proffered hand, but he doesn’t even look at her face.  She sidles up to him, twining her arm around his, offering to give him pointers while having coffee in her waiting room.  He untangles himself and refuses the offer, saying he dislikes coffee.  The host is taken aback, and Yoon-jae tells them he may not be as good as his brother, but he’s never gotten bad reviews.  Shi-won sips on her coffee and silently laughs.  Yoon-jae reaches over and grabs her coffee then takes a sip.  Aaaackkk!  Hahahaa so cute!  It’s just like the old days when he drank from her milk carton.  And so much for I don’t like coffee! ^^

He asks Shi-won if she’ll be in the front (watching him), and she nods.  “I’m just gonna look at you and talk,” he says, sending the sweetest smile ever.  Aaaackkk!!  Just kill me now why don’t you?!  (And to add to it, he spoke in jon-dae [formal speech] to everyone but used ban-mal [informal] with Shi-won.  Eek!)  Shi-won’s flustered and just laughs awkwardly.  The PD asks what kind of relationship Shi-won and Yoon-jae have, wondering how she sweet-talked him into pushing back a court case (omo omo!) and racing over to do the broadcast.  PD: “Relative?  Colleague?”  Shi-won: “We’re just childhood friends – ”  Yoon-jae cuts in: “I’m her boyfriend.” AAAACKKK!!!  Everyone’s jaw drops and Shi-won awkwardly laughs it off, trying to deny it.  Yoon-jae says firmly, “I’m Shi-won-ie’s boyfriend.  That’s why I even pushed back a case to come here.  I don’t have much interest in teenagers.  They live their own lives – I’m busy just trying to live mine.”  Hahahaa oh my gawsh, this is just too precious.  He sees that Shi-won has a black mark on her cheek and asks if it’s permanent maker, licking his thumb and trying to erase if off her cheek.  KYAAA!  Why oh why oh why are you trying to kill me before the finale?!  She grabs his hand and drags him out, and he continues to rub off the mark on her cheek, affectionately teasing her in saturi.  SO CUUUTE!!!  The host goes off in a huff and the writer and PD exclaim over the couple.

Yoo-jung and Hak-chan have drinks at the café where Yoo-jung had met up with her girlfriends long ago.  Hak-chan worries that Yoo-jung has called her friends again, saying everyone just has a different personality.  Would she want him to be good to every girl?  She asks him to just be normal around others, and he promises to be extra good to her.  Aw, they’re so cute.  They get up to go see a movie together, and Hak-chan goes out first while Yoo-jung uses the restroom.  Who should come by but his mom, so, tongue pressed firmly in cheek, he asks where she always pops up from.  Ha!  Yoo-jung comes down and takes his arm, only to quickly let go when she sees Mommy Do.  In a mirroring of seven(?  eight?) years ago, Mommy Do asks who the girl is…  Come on, Hak-chan, you can  do it!  Yoo-jung nervously looks at him, and he grabs her arms and puts it back around his arm.  “She’s my girlfriend.”  Eeeeee, YAY Hak-chan!!!  He introduces the two women to each other and Yoo-jung happily looks up at him.   You guys are adorbs.

Mama Sung has set up a huuuuge table of food for Grandpa Sung’s memorial.  (If you follow old Korean customs, you have a service for ancestors on the holidays and the day they passed away.  Food is laid out for the ancestor’s spirit to eat when they visit, a custom cleverly depicted in Arang and the Magistrate.)  Papa Sung hilariously asks why Mama Sung made so much food – Grandpa Sung might get indigestion trying to eat all of this and die all over again.  Ha!  Mama Sung just laughs and says Father-in-law always ate a lot.  She’s sad that he passed away only a year after Mama and Papa Sung got married, and she would have been more than happy to be ‘worked’ as a daughter-in-law for her whole life.  “I married because of Father-in-law, not you,” she tells her hubby.  Awwww.

Papa Sung wants to clean up early and go see the Fireworks Festival, and Mama Sung says that Uncle (Grandpa Sung’s younger brother aka Papa Sung’s dad’s younger brother) may come for the memorial service.  He loved his older brother deeply.  Papa Sung says Uncle is too old to be coming this far, so they hold the service themselves.  Papa Sung apologizes for Grandma Sung and Shi-won’s absence, promising that the whole family will be present next year.  (Can I guess that Yoon-jae will be included??? ^^)  Papa and Mama Sung take the ginormous octopus to eat as a snack during the Festival, but just as they’re about to leave, Uncle waltzes in.  Ha!  Uncle tells them to hurry up so he can go see the Fireworks Festival.  Time to take out all the food and special dishes again~!!

Back in Seoul: Yoon-jae drops Shi-won off at her home and he crawls out of the car after her.  He heads to her door, only to be yanked back by Shi-won.  Ha!  Yoon-jae says he just wants a cup of coffee since he came all the way here, but Shi-won adamantly refuses to let him in her home.

Yoon-jae:  “Gashina, what?  What, what, did I say I was gonna do anything?  Heh heh heh, gashina, way to overanalyze things.  Can’t I have a cup of coffee if I came all the way here?  Are we not even that close?”

Shi-won: “Ha, your saturi slips out when you’re flustered.  Forget it!  Do you think I’m stupid or something?  You’re subtly naughty/dirty.”

Yoon-jae: “What, dirty?!  I just want coffee – how is that dirty?  Did I ever say I was gonna do something?”

Shi-won: “How should I know what you’ll do inside?  Yoon Yoon-jae-sshi, just go home and wash up and sleep.  Stop trying to use your brain.”  (The last is a phrase for thinking/plotting something.)

Yoon-jae: “Gashina, you sure are quick on the uptake.  Fine.  Then a kiss instead.”  (The word he uses here is ‘bbo-bbo,’ which has less of a sexual connotation than ‘kiss’ – kind of a like a smack or a peck, like what a cute kid would give you.  Koreans say ‘kee-seuh’ for ‘kiss’. ^^)

Why so cute?!?  He bends down with his eyes closed and lips puckered.  Shi-won thinks for a moment, then holds his face and leans in…  And turns his face to the side, putting her arms around him instead.  Hahahaa so cute cute cute!  He’s still got his lips puckered when she pulls back, and she lightly smacks his lips with her hand, telling him to pull them back in – he must be embarrassed.  She bids him goodnight, and he frustrated-ly watches her go in.  Hee!

Joon-hee is already packing when Yoon-jae comes home, and Yoon-jae says he’ll be so lonely all by himself.  He’s never lived alone before.  Joon-hee replies that it’ll be better now if Yoon-jae lives alone – Shi-won might come over sometimes and whatnot, and it’ll be better if there’s no one home.  Yoon-jae says he’s right and tells Joon-hee to hurry up and leave.  Hahahaa.  Joon-hee says he might just stay forever, then, and they laugh as Joon-hee says Yoon-jae and Shi-won might as well set up house together.  Yoon-jae says that’s what he wants to do (omo!!) but there’s something he has to do first…  Poor everybody.

Shi-won gets a text from Tae-woong, asking if she’s sleeping yet.  She hesitantly calls him back and he asks if she has time to meet up tomorrow for dinner.  She answers in the affirmative and says she has something to tell him, too.  They agree to meet at his favorite Japanese restaurant – the reservations will be under his name.  He asks that she dress nicely, then says goodbye.

Back to the Sung family home: Uncle asks why the octopus isn’t on the table this year.  Ummm, its legs are chopped off, that’s why.  Papa Kim attempts to reattach the legs but fails, and so they just kinda rearrange it in the plate.  LOL.  Once everything is set, Uncle takes out a loaf of “caseutera” aka sponge cake.  He apparently brings it without fail every year.

The next day, Tae-woong’s in his office when Yoon-jae comes in and takes him out for coffee.  They sit down with iced coffees + whip cream and Tae-woong asks if Yoon-jae can just be chillin’ like this, what it is he wants to talk about.  Yoon-jae asks if he can’t just come visit his older brother, to which Tae-woong responds, “Really?  Did you really just come to see me, without any purpose?”  Ooh, do I detect a note of testiness there?

Yoon-jae: “No.  I have something to say.”  Eee, we all know what’s coming next.  Yoon-jae nervously takes a sip of his drink and haltingly starts, “Hyung…  The truth is–” Tae-woong cuts in, “You like Shi-won, don’t you?  I found out recently that you like Shi-won, too.  And that you liked her first – I learned that recently, too.  Why didn’t you tell me?”

Yoon-jae: “If I had told you?  Would you have given up?  Would you have given up Shi-won like I did?”

Tae-woong: No.  I… wouldn’t have given up.  You’re the brother I love the most in the world, and thus I’m willing to yield everything to you.  But a woman, I won’t give up.  That’s why I can’t give up Shi-won yet.  Of course, Shi-won will ultimately make the decision.  Sure, she can like you right now.  But I’ve never given it my all.  I’m going to make a proper bid for her heart this one last time – and if I fall short, then I’ll cleanly admit defeat.  You can allow me just that much, can’t you?  If I get the boot, you can make fun of me my whole life.  On the holidays, every time, you and Shi-won can ridicule me.  I’ll take it all.  Of course, it could be the other way around.  Let’s do this.

Wowzas, them’s fighting words.  But I totally respect his thoughts and respect him for having the guts to give voice to them.  Man to man, you gotta give him props.  (Well, if I were a man.  But I still give him major props.)  Tae-woong gets up first, saying he needs to meet his junior colleague.  He asks Yoon-jae to still keep the dinner date tonight with the aspiring attorney: “Just make your excuses somehow (regarding a possible marriage) but don’t be rude, for my sake.  She’s the daughter of the person I respect the most in the world.  Just tell her nicely and send her home.”

Yoon-jae sits alone at the table long into the night.  I can only imagine what kind of thoughts are running through his head.  He gets a text from Shi-won: “I’m eating dinner with Tae-woong Oppa tonight.  I’ll give you a call later.”  Smash goes the phone as he throws it in frustration.

Papa Sung and Uncle are at the Bus Terminal, waiting for the bus that will take Uncle back home.  Papa Sung asks Uncle if he still thinks a lot about his older brother.  How could two brothers be so close?  The day Grandpa Sung died, Papa Sung was more distracted caring for the inconsolable Uncle than by his own grief.  “Did you really like your hyung so much?” Papa Sung asks.  And Uncle replies, “I really did hate my hyung a lot.”  Whaaat?  “I hated your dad so much.”  Papa Sung just stares, shocked.

Yoon-jae broods in his dark office, then grabs the post-it with the location of his dinner date and heads out.

Joon-hee is ready to pass out from weariness, and Shi-won asks if he’s okay.  He says he’ll be fine and, like the optimist he is, says that at least he isn’t getting too bashed on these days.  Shi-won’s surprised people could bash on kind and perfect Joon-hee, and she mentions that Yoon-jae gets quite a bit of flak at work.  His seniors curse him out for being so principled and unbending despite his young age and low rank in terms of seniority.  (People usually take bribes and let things slide, especially if they’re at the bottom of the food chain.)

Yoo-jung and Hak-chan are coming up on the weekend and Shi-won marvels at how they’re together – they used to fight and break up all the time – and aren’t embarrassed about it in front of their friends.  Joon-hee says she and Yoon-jae are no better.  Touché my friend, touché.  Sung-jae’s coming, too, and Joon-hee says it’ll be the first in a long while since the four of them all slept together.  Shi-won slyly asks if they’ll be able to sleep – they have to watch the Russan unni’s all night long.  Ha!  Joon-hee goes slack-jawed and asks how she knew, whether Yoo-jung knows, too.  Shi-won says Yoo-jung still thinks Hak-chan’s an innocent angel, and she personally doesn’t mind – they’re not kids, after all.  She continues that she understands Hak-chan, but she never expected goody two-shoes Joon-hee to do that, too.  He replies that he’s not that into it, but there is one guy who likes it more than anyone.  Shi-won laughs, knowing it’s Sung-jae.  But Joon-hee says there’s someone who’s worse than Sung-jae.  Hahahahaahaa!!  I love that it takes a couple seconds for Shi-won to do the process of elimination in her head.  She furiously calls Yoon-jae, saying that she’s cool with it but everything should be done in moderation.  “No wonder Yoon-jae always kept his laptop glued to his side!”  Hahhaa, oh Shi-won, you are just hilarious.  Yoon-jae, of course, doesn’t pick up – he hasn’t all day.

When Joon-hee learns Shi-won’s meeting Tae-woong today, he asks if she’s gonna tell him the truth.  She answers in the affirmative but confesses to not knowing what or how to tell Tae-woong.  She doesn’t want to not tell him either, and she dislikes this whole awkwardness and lying and everything that’s come between her and the oppa she truly holds dear.  She’s not sure if telling him, though, is cruel.  Joon-hee starts to say, “The teacher I know…” but cuts himself off and sends Shi-won on her way.  Once she’s out of hearing range, he finishes, “The teacher I know is not an ordinary person.”  (The meaning of that complex statement can be interpreted in a lot of different ways…)

Back in Busan, Uncle tells Papa Sung his story: Great-Grandpa Sung was accused of being a commie and killed.  Ever since, Grandpa Sung was always #1 to Great-Grandma Sung.  Everything good was always given to the older son, never to the younger Uncle.  One day, Great-Grandma Sung brought home a sponge cake and gave it to Grandpa Sung.  Uncle desperately wanted to taste just a crumb, but Grandpa Sung ate it all by himself – and that was when Uncle lost any and all affection for his older brother.  He became determined to best his brother, and so he worked his tail off and became the owner of a tire shop.  He came home and showed off his fancy clothes and car, but his good life lasted all of one month: he was scammed of everything.  Unable to pay back the loans and debts, he chose to pay it off with time in prison.  One day, Grandpa Sung came to visit him at the detention center (before going to prison) and asked him to live with him once Uncle got out of jail.  Grandpa Sung had sold all his possessions and borrowed money from friends to pay off all of Uncle’s debts.  Uncle swore him up and down, telling his brother to stop showing off, to stop pretending to be so generous.  Grandpa Sung just quietly listened to it all and said…

We cut back to Seoul: Tae-woong leaves his office and heads to the restaurant; Yoon-jae arrives at a restaurant; Shi-won does so as well and waits inside the room; and the aspiring attorney (a cameo by singer G.NA) nervously waits for Yoon-jae.  I love how this sequence is done, with all the people going their own ways but all inextricably connected.  Yoon-jae steps aside to call his brother:

Hyung, I won’t give up either.  I’m not going to give up, either.  I…  I gave up immediately because of you.  I pushed Shi-won out of my heart immediately because of you.  The day of our National College Entrance Exam, you said you were going to confess to Shi-won, so, because you’re my hyung, I put an end to my feelings without a moment’s hesitation.  But, it isn’t working.  It didn’t work.  But I still continued to push her away, telling her not to come into my heart.  Even though you guys broke up, you’re not one to give up so easily.  I know that only too well.  That’s why I gave up.

“But?” Tae-woong asks.

It turned out that liking someone is not something I could just turn on and off like a switch.  Once it turns on, it won’t turn off.  I like Shi-won, Hyung.  I sincerely want to marry her.  You’re the hyung I love the most in the world, and so I can yield everything to you, but I won’t give up Shi-won.

OH.  MY.  GAAAAWSH.  The “M” word.

He continues: “Today’s meeting was a promise I already made, and I can’t let you lose face, so I’ll meet her.  But this is the last time.  I don’t like these kinds of meetings, so don’t set them up anymore.”  With that, he goes to the receptionist and says the reservation is under Yoon Tae-woong.  Both Jin-ah (the punny name for G.NA’s character) and Shi-won nervously drink their waters as they wait.  A man steps up to the room (these are fancy restaurants with private dining rooms) and opens the door, and Shi-won turns… and it’s Tae-woong.  Another pair of men’s shoes step up to a door (a pair of white sneakers already outside), and Yoon-jae slides open the door… Jin-ah looks up.

Back to Busan.  NOOOOO!  Go back go back!  Uncle Sung continues: Grandpa Sung just listened while Uncle swore ’til his face was blue, and then he said, “I’m sorry.  Hyung is sorry.”  Uncle had expected to be cursed out, but Grandpa Sung just said he was sorry.

Back back back to Seoul: Shi-won turns at the opening of the door… and it’s Yoon-jae?!?!  Oh my gawsh, it’s Yoon-jae who’s at Shi-won’s room.  Both are in shock.

Tae-woong opens his own door (keep it straight, peoples, keep your doors straight) to a surprised and confused Jin-ah.  Shi-won and Yoon-jae quietly sit before each other and Yoon-jae stars to tear up.  Just then, he gets a text: “Hyung is sorry…”  Baaaaaawwwwwllllll waaaaaaiiiilllllll ohmygawsh I did not sign up for this!  Why are you making me cryyyyy??????  Yoon-jae breaks down in sobs and Shi-won is shocked/confused at the sudden outburst of tears.

Tae-woong sits down in front of Jin-ah and awkwardly laughs, saying something suddenly came up for his brother, so he’s here instead.  He apologizes and offers to treat her to something yummy…

In Busan, Uncle Sung finishes his story: Grandpa Sung took out a sponge cake from his beaten old leather bag and gave it to Uncle, apologizing for eating the cake by himself all those years ago.  “I didn’t know it, but it turned out that Hyung had like me a lot.  I was the only one who hated.”

In Seoul, Yoon-jae cries and cries…

March 2013(!!), Seoul: Papa Sung sighs, “It sure has a quick temper.  I mean, what’s it trying to do, coming so early?” while Mama Sung paces in the hospital corridor.  Aaack!  A nurse?  Doctor?  Some kind of healthcare professional comes out and asks where the husband is – the mother (the term here is a woman who is pregnant/giving birth) keeps asking for her husband.  AAACKKK!

Papa and Mama Sung look expectantly/exasperatingly down the hall… and Tae-woong runs in, out of breath.  Dun dun dun! goes the music and pinkblossom’s heart.  Papa and Mama Sung motion to him to hurry on over…  And then Yoon-jae runs in right behind his brother, just as breathless.  We’re still playing that game, are we?!?!  I blast you all to the ends of the earth, you writers and directors, you!!!


We’ll share our thoughts/reactions to the episode in another post later this week!  Thanks, as always, for your kind comments and support!



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  1. Love this show!!! Can it please not end???!!! I also liked seeing the differences in the way she treated the two brothers….Shi Won had no problems in letting Tae-woong into her apartment late at night…much like you would an older brother. On the flip side she absolutely refused to let Yoon-jae in….very telling. Afraid she might be the one to jump Yoon-jae(not that I blame her one bit ha)?

    • hahaha i was thinking the same thing! ^^ someone’s afraid to let yoon-jae in~~ ^^ welcome to our spazz patch, gertie13! 😀

  2. Whoa didn’t expect this as my morning reading, you’re fast. Thank you so much. What an episode, such a roller coaster for me. It got me grinning from ear to ear, biting my nails, heart pumping and bawling in the end. I just wanna say: Seo In Guk, Sung Dong Il, Song Jong Ho, I love you guys.

  3. And they are still stringing as along… this show!!! Thanks for the quick recaps! Awww, I was right about Tae-woong. He doesn’t disappoint. What a great brother! I guess the only thing that baffles me is that he really waited six (or was it eight?) long years for Shi-won to return his feelings. I can understand Yoon-jae’s because (even if Shi-won didn’t consciously reciprocate his feelings) Shi-won did show signs to Yoon-jae that she also liked him (as validated by Joon-hee’s knowing before Shi-won did). I guess what I’m trying to point out is that there isn’t enough validation of Tae-woong’s love for Shi-won in all those years except that of an older brother to a younger sister. I feel sorry for Tae-woong because he really is the perfect character in this story. And it is in this particular relationship with Shi-won that we actually see his flaw. Tae-woong’s great in everything—career, family, education, peers, morals. His only flaw is love. The drama never really convinced us that there was enough basis for his love for Shi-won. And even in those eight years that we zip through, there never is anything except the bond between a brother and sister. It just took eight years for Tae-woong to realize all that. But in giving way to Yoon-jae and Shi-won’s relationship, Tae-woong has stayed true to his character. He really and truly loves them both. (I’ve rambled on again. Sorry for the long post!)

    • noooo need to aplogize — we love all your input, old soul!! 😀 i defs feel bad for tae-woong — i’ve always had a soft spot for song jong-ho 🙂

  4. ,m currently on the “confession/confrontation” between the brothers and I just want to say, Taewoong-shi, I LOVE YOU!… is all… I loved you for the brother that you were, but I love you more for the man that you are at that exact moment you were spouting lines about giving it all, fighting chances, acknowledging that it is Shiwon’s choice who to love with implications that you will respect her choices whatever they may be.. And writers, thank you for this particular scene..

  5. thank you very much for the recap! appreciate it greatly! =)

    gah show, u just kill me every week! *clutches heart at all e cute, touching & funny moments* still stringing us along eh? by now, i’m almost sure it’s gotta be YJ & SW but with this show, it’s not a given huh, given all the twists. darn. please please PLEASE it gotta be YJ & SW!! *clutches heart*

    big bro taewoong, i salute u for being so honest & above-the-board. for a moment before the reveal at the restaurant scene, i really thought he’ll pull a bad one and being selfish with his love. ahhh. too perfect a character! but suits me on the YJ & SW-ship. heh. =p

    can’t wait for next week, last eps. i’ll miss u, show!
    *off to read eps 15 again & again*

  6. Great recap pinkblossom. By the way are you going to watch this Saturday’s SNL episode with reply 1997 casts? I’m looking forward to that.

    • thanks, David! and a double thanks for the bts video and a triple thanks for the SNL heads up! i had no idea the 1997 cast were gonna be guests — now i’m super excited! ^^

    • hi, SH, welcome to our crazy spazz world! 😀 “gashina” is a very difficult word to translate… first thing to note: it’s a word that’s from the kyung-sang-do dialect, which is what our characters use. hak-chan is the only who speaks the “standard” or “seoul” dialect… anyhoo, “gashina” is what you would call a girl, but the connotation’s got a bit of a kick to it. kind of like “bi–h” but minus the profane meaning carried in english. or kind of like girls who call their girlfriends “bit—es” i guess~ it’s not necessarily a mean word. a similar word might be “sekki” for guys. but with both words, i think it ultimately depends on what the person saying it intends. “sekki” can be a term of endearment but also a good way of getting your lights punched out LOL 😀 so it’s defs not a term exclusively used for shi-won, but it IS usually said with affection (even if it’s papa sung screaming it at her ^^) hope that long non-answer helped somewhat! ^^

  7. awesome post!!! thank you for this detailed recap…I couldn’t help myself but watch the raw video even if I couldn’t understand a thing…(I had a feeling that it was Daebak just the same)… the more I heart Reply 1997 now cos it led me to your amazing blog….

    • i used to sneak-watch kdramas on mute lolol you don’t need words when actions are so much better! heee! thanks for joining us here at the patch, mizweng! 😀

  8. thanks a bunch ….. this drama really makes me crazy… and let my heart beats faster…. OH OH OH… GGGGRRRRRarhhhkkkkkkk

    • i can’t keep a coherent thought in my brain at this point — just gonna spazz like crazy for the finale!!! 😀 hahahaa! thanks for always sharing your lovely thoughts with us, lathifaza! 😀

  9. omona omona i need to lift my jaw in place after the SMS that Taewoong sent YJ!!!!!!

    thank you so very very much for your detailed recap. for last week i (not so accidentally) watched the live recap and felt it spoiled the show for me a little bit… but this time I was going back and forth between the raw and your recap & everything makes sense!!!

    …. actually i was really busy at work last time but still couldn’t resist watching the first 10 minutes without subs – while drying my hair at 2am!! gah! I need sleep right now!!!!!

    i can’t wait till the finale episode!.. i hope something happens to JoonHee as well.. i love his character so much! 🙂

    thanks so much (AGAIN!)

    thank you

  10. Aw, I knew my love for Taewoong wasn’t misplaced, though episode 15 preview DID scare me. Kudos to the writers for fleshing out his character so he is more than just the ‘conflict’ in the story.

    I understand now why he wanted to fight. All these years he thought, he just needed Shiwon to grow and her feelings to mature BUT he then realized that she had grown up and her feelings had matured so that now he could finally say those grown up and mature things to her and that she would understand and maybe reciprocate.

    I LOVED that he gave up NOT because Shiwon said no but because Yoon Jae said Yes. That carries so much more meaning. Just wonderful detailing and superb writing.

    Yeah, I still don’t get why the mystery is still a mystery BUT after being burned by episode 15 preview, I am not going to let episode 16 preview faze me.

    Thank you for a detailed recap & the ‘gashina’ meaning^^, it increases my understanding manifold. I am indebted.

    • i defs gotta admit that i felt supremely justified for loving tae-woong despite the huge potential for him to wreak some serious havoc ^^ the Pinkblossom Malady of loving the second lead was so worth it this time! heeee!

    • fashion is never shallow. hehehehee! now i keep seeing how much her blouse hangs over her shoulder… hahahaa! thanks for joining us, tassky! 😀

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  12. Hooray thanks for the recap. I still haven’t seen the episode as I’m still on vacation with no pc just my phone and me and a limitation to download 😦 and even if there was no limit my phone wouldn’t let me download it…. I have to wait til Friday night to see it.
    But reading your recap just assures me that this series is the best!!!! How I feared that the tv guest would be Tae Wong and he’d declare his love for shi won on the broadcast grrrr. But this is so much better and it’s so telling that shi won called yoon jae and not Tae Wong. The first to come to her mind is still yoon jae. Gosh how can these be soooooo cute????!!!! And to think that I won’t be able to see the finale on tuesday aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh why oh why must this vacation collide with the finale???? T_T

    • you’re sacrificing a drama for vacation?!?! horrors, Kerstin, horrors!! hahahahaaa! hope you’re enjoying a wooonderfully relaxing vacation! 1997 will be more than happy to welcome you home ^^ heee!

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