Shinhwa 15th Anniversary Concert






*sniffle sniffle*







Longest running Korean ‘idol’ group Shinhwa will be celebrating their 15th (FIFTEENTH!!) anniversary this March!  *throws confetti*  Yaaay!!  To commemorate their big one-five, they’re returning with a new album (their 11th) and are holding a 15th anniversary concert (on March 16 & 17) for their fans.  Yeee!

I haven’t had the pleasure of attending any of their concerts, and I just couldn’t let this one pass me by.  Tickets for the concert went on sale early this morning (8pm in Korea yesterday, February 12) and all 25,000 seats were sold out within 5 minutes.  SOLD OUT.  Over 300,000 people tried to access Interpark (the ticket seller), causing the server to crash and sending thousands of poor souls into cardiac arrest.  Alas, my own Pinkblossom Special Agents out on Mission: Impossible met with the same fate: server down.  NOOOOO!


*choking back sobs* Okay, okay, I’m calming down.  *sniffle*  I’m trying.  *sniffle*

Adding some fun times to the situation is the Fandom War that has started.  Wheee!  Before we begin, a few glossary terms for those who need some help navigating the madness that is K-pop Fandom: (1) the official fanclub name of group Infinite is Inspirit; (2) ELF for group Super Junior; and (3) Shinhwa Changjo for – you guessed it! – Shinhwa.  Sooo, a fan of Shinhwa would call him/herself a “Shinhwa Changjo.”  Trust me, this is just a little taste of the veeery tip of the iceberg.  There are names for fans of individual members, each group has their own ‘color,’ even each member back in Fin.K.L days had their own color~  You get the point.

Okay, back to the story.  According to the ever reliable Twitterverse, several Inspirits purchased tickets to Shinhwa’s concert… as a warm-up for the mad ticketing that will go down for Infinite’s upcoming concert.  *silence*  Some reports claim ELFs were also using the Shinhwa concert ticketing as a practice session.  Let’s just say that, ah, Shinhwa Changjos are out for blood.  Commence bloodbath!

In any case, I’m just gonna crawl into bed with a pint of Haagen-Dazs Coffee ice cream and cry myself to sleep.  Maybe I’ll grab a pint of Thrifty’s Chocolate Malted Krunch, too.  Oh, and can’t forget good ol’ Chocolate.


11 responses to “Shinhwa 15th Anniversary Concert

    • yaaaayyyy shinhwa friend!!! 😀 😀
      ooooh that is SUCH a hard one… eeeek i really don’t know! i love each and every one of them for different reasons… but… i think… oh gosh this is difficult… i think jun jin? i don’t know! ^^ i love jun jin’s sense of humor — seriously, shinhwa broadcast wouldn’t be half as funny without him — and he’s just so good at everything all around~ but what endears him most is the distinct feeling that underneath it all, he’s a big ol’ softy ^^
      what about youuuu, `Eun?!?!

      • I like them all too. 🙂 but I like Andy the most. lols. With regard to Jun Jin, I agree with you. His sense of humor is one of the many factors why he is adorable. P.S. We need additional screen time of SHINHWA aside from SHINHWA Broadcast, right?

  1. I am a fairly new Shinhwa fan-when I got into K-Pop in 2009 they weren’t active although I was familiar with some of them as individuals. Since their comeback last year, I have basically been listening to their albums non-stop and Shinhwa Broadcast is a MUST SEE for everyone. I came onto the Shinhwa train WAAAY late, but I am SO glad I am on it 🙂 🙂 🙂 I think if Eric Mun ever was in front of me I woulld keel over and die from the hotness 😉

    • Hi SweetiePie54, it is better late than never.. keke. I believe you have turned the world wide web upside down watching their past shows. hehe.

  2. LIkewise I heard them back in 09, though I watched some members in dramas (Kim Dongwan, Eric). And now since watching Mr Kim and SB, I’m slowly getting back into listening to their earlier songs. One day I’ll get to see my fav idols…..

  3. I am not a hardcore Shinhwa fan but they’re the ONLY kpop group that I am willing to shell out money to watch perform.. hehe..
    The very first exposure I had to them (around ’09) was via the Danghyunaji bet. YEH, Eric and KJK on a youtube link that a friend forwarded. My first reaction watching that clip was, Ohh, lookie, the girl from Princess Hours. Then , WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY WITH THE VOICE TO DIE FOR? Eric’s voice in that clip was just the exact baritone (???) that I envision falling in love with..hehe.. It was not that low nor deep but it has a certain rasp to it that makes it oh so sexy.
    Since I became a fan of Xman, I encountered them regularly, then onto Love Letter, then all those hilarious interviews, behind the scenes and variety cuts floating around youtube. Then Andy joined WGM. I still rewatch episode 08-09 from time to time to see all the members
    cameos. Then along came Shinhwa Broadcast. I am not watching it as religiously as before, esp since they changed the format, but I still follow tumblrs that feature them.
    Despite all that very long squeefest above, I say I am not a hardcore fan since I am not very familiar with their discography as other people are. I only know bits and pieces, sometimes enough to sometimes recognize their a song of theirs. More so than liking them as singers, I believe I love them more for the personas they’ve shown on tv. And I would BADLY like to believe that it is a factual if not very close picture of their real personalities.
    Keep on rocking SHINHWA!

  4. It’s good new that you are Shinhwa Changio. I’m Shinhwa Changjo too. It’s one of my dream to join their concert, but they don’t come to my country. So may be next times I and my friend will joint their concert in
    Korea. I really like their forever friendship. It’s remind me the old day with my friends.

  5. It’s good new to know that you are Shinhwa Changjo. I’m too. One of my dream is joint their concert once in a life time. But they don’t have one in my country. may be I and my friends will join their concert next times. I really like their friendship. It’s remind me the old days with my friends.

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