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We’re going to try something new here at the Patch.  Please welcome… *drumroll*… a Discussion Board!  The comment sections of posts are a bit narrow and difficult to maneuver, which in turn make the fostering of discussions between Patch Friends difficult as well.  So we’ll kick off the Discussion Board with one of Dramaland’s — and the Patch’s — hottest dramas: My Daughter Seo-young!!


Please share any light bulb moments,  latest thoughts, new – or longstanding! – frustrations, or just plain ol’ anything you want to shout at the top of your lungs (preferably from the mountaintops) regarding My Daughter Seo-young.  Most importantly: have fun!! 😀

87 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young Discussion Board

  1. I think they should get married again but the writer might try ending the story as open ended, leaving the viewers to imagine what happens in the future. I would like to see scenes that explicitly shows they are back together forever ^_^

    • The story seems to be progressing in such a way that all conflicts will be resolved paving for reconciliation for all parties concerned. Its just sad that divorce is used as a solution in their lives instead of enduring and working things out.

  2. Get married again with papa lee & SW on the wedding picture. Then have lots & lots of children…6 ep more to go….hope ending will be be great:-D

  3. That’s very hard to say, Actually they are always together _ as we all know_ three years of marriage (with their love) is nothing to be ignored and of course they can not let go of each other easily, so they’re not gonna say goodbye to each other and be separated…..and according to the latest episode they are now close to friends (just friends) , as Woo-jae mensioned he wants to know real Lee Seo-Young not what he thought of her…So I’m not sure if they are going to come back together as married couple or just get to know each other differently (not like lovers) and remain friends forever…
    I mean, getting divorce is something really really big and when you do it, you’re kind of sure about it, and remarring is something even bigger!
    Seo-Young is now free and happier and now is ready to come back to her family again (especially her father) , she loves Woo-jae but they have the experience of a married life and loving eachother, so they don’t need to get married in order to experience a married life and you know Seo-Young :she is good at being stubborn and not changing her mind, and I’m thinking of Kang family and what they all experienced with SY : a happy life but finally felt deceived so I’m saying that it’s not gonna be the same if they come back together (except their love and affection) , As a result SY may not find it comfortable .
    And as we have experienced writer’s unexpected decisions , I guess they will end it open to us!
    Anyway, I have one more thing to say : Maybe they come back together in a new house (just them two) or they live with SY’s father?!
    I really dont know about that one!

  4. Hi,

    Thank you very much for this site and your translations. I have not posted before but the interesting discussions in the recaps and in this posting tempt me to contribute some of my observations.

    This weeks question. Should seo-young and woo-jae get back together.
    If it were real life. No. She was unhappy in the relationship and he was in love (if that can be called love) with an imaginary person for 3 years. He did not see that she was very anxious at times. But as this is K-drama i am sure that they will end up together. It seems that there is always a happy ending for all people involved. Relistic , who cares and it is not realy the point. ( I believe that statecensorship board and the possiblities of onsales into more traditional south asian country have a lot to answer for)

    I have a few more observations in a second posting.


  5. I certainly want them to get back together as a couple of course – SY and WJ has gone through so much that I can’t imagine them not going all the way to the end.. But then this is kdramaland where nothing is for certain whether a good, bad or “up in the air” kind of ending.. If the show gives us a time jump of some sort, marriage for them would at least be believable…but with no time jump – I would prefer an ending with SY and WJ going back to being comfortable with each other, being friends, getting to know each other again without any pretence and then dating -at least that would make me hope and believe that in the future-they’ll be married and have a happier life..

  6. I just want the two SY and WJ to end up together.I find it very romantic ho WJ doggedly pursued SY 3 years ago. and now he’s still at it even after the revelation of the SY lies and deceit. his ability to self-reflect means there’s hope for them yet. but SY should go out more, experience more and do more and know herself more. that way, she can determine for herself and be confident enough to accept WJ’s suit the second time around. I want the Kangs to divorce. I do not see any hope in their hopeless non-relationship all these years. How did Papa Kang manage to impregnate Mama Kang 2x without any love at all! and to cheat on her and just sweep it under the rug as if he has not wronged mama Kang! the nerve of that man. as for HJ’s parents. they should also divorce. why would papa of HJ go back to live with a wife who did not appreciate him at all! Is she claims to have loved him or still loves him, why treat him the way she did?

  7. The question in discussion right now is whether SY should participate or make an effort to get back with WJ. Of course,” it takes two to tango”, as they say. I may be a fan of old school courting (man pursuingwoman/lavish gifts,etc) but SY should meet him halfway and show WY that she really loved him even from the start. Now that she has carved a name for herself, she should not feel inferior to the Kang family and feel welcome. In Korea, and in most Asian countries for that matter, you are not only marrying the person but the family surrounding that person so their opinion of you matters a lot and from what I gather in the story, SY is precious to the Kang family even through the lies and when they find out the true reason why she lied, they wll admire her more. That being said, I have no qualms in saying these two will live happily ever after…..

  8. Seems like that the series is ‘slowly’ coming to an end?? Hope not!! But the emotional roller-coaster ride is at times making me cry or yell at the T.V at the fustrating ways that the actors are finding themselves in, pity that they can’t see the solution before them. But instead dig a deeper hole instead!! For this blog – thanks for all your hard work and allowing us to talk, moan, and bitch about this series – and at times get too caught up in the moment! Thanks

  9. to be completely honest, at this point in time, i’m more interested with the relationship of the newly weds. They seem to have a lot more character growth going on and i’m a little fed up of SY…she should have explained herself to WJ that was the least she could have done

  10. It may be tiring to see SY wallow in self-pity just because she’s just realizing now what her actions brought on to the whole family on both sides but I hope Sangwoo’s “lecture” on thinking of the other person rather on herself will make her focus on the positives and dwell instead on how to make the other person happy instead which act will eventually make her happy!!” Love begets love” as they say. That goes for the other couple, too.


  12. New topic as we close in on the finish line! If YOU were the writer, and you could do aaaanything you want – forget about reality, forget about Kdrmaland norms – how would you finish off this series? Get the creative juices flowing! 😀

  13. I would like the ending to be happy which means SY & WJ get back together, SW & HJ really fall in love and Papa Lee live to see that everything is great with his children and grandchildren.

  14. Well, my idea of an ending is a bit strange. I want to be amused- so a fun ending is what I wish for. My first version- YAP – I have two. 🙂 so here goes.

    – Eighteen months time jump.
    -Wedding between SY and WJ just ended.. Picture taking on the works, everyone going about their spot for the family pix.. then someone screams in pain…

    Next the hospital. Still on her wedding dress-SY and hubby WJ and everyone else – papa Lee, papa and mama Kang, papa and mama Choi are all in panic mode.
    SW at the emergency room looking so nervous and almost passing out.
    Dr. Oppa and MK all gowned up prep for an emergency operation.

    Next sequence.. MK and Dr. Oppa thru the emergency doors to the waiting entourage …
    MK: I’ts over.
    Everyone looks worried…

    Last sequence. SY and WJ doting on the twins while everyone looks on. HJ gave birth -a girl and a boy. Sun-Jae drops by to tell his family (all of them at the hospital to visit) to watch out for his new movie coming out soon… he teases his hyung.
    SJ: are you not envious, you should have had 3 of those cute ones already if you were nicer to hyung-soo nim you know.
    WJ: no worries mak-nae. We’re working really hard to catch-up.

    Laughter fills the room-camera zooms in on each couple. WJ backhugs an embarassed SY. And SW gives HJ a sweet kiss. Camera pans out showing everyone with a smile on their face.

  15. My 2nd version… 🙂

    *Eighteen months time jump.
    -WJ in panic mode. Running here and there holding a baby diaper in one hand and a baby bottle on the other.
    almost about to cry in frustration, he calls for an SOS. Seo-Yeong-ah !! 😀 *just imagining WJ’s face – wouldn’t that be a priceless ending on its own.*

    Next scene. SY and WJ drops off cute mini-SY (coz they had a girl) at the Kang residence before going to their own offices. Note that WJ and SY has their own place now and mama Kang baby sits for them. She looks so proud watching Sun-Jae on his new drama. But freaks out when baby SY cries non-stop. she calls papa Kang to come home immediately-and he does so just becoz he wants to spend some time with baby SY too. Heehee.

    -At the Lee residence, another cosmic miracle about to happen. SW in panic with HJ screaming at him. Papa Lee tells them to hurry…
    We see MK and Dr. Oppa all gowned up ready for an emergency procedure.
    WJ and SY with papa Lee, mama and papa Choi waiting anxiously at the operating area.
    At the operating room, SW looking so pale-but keeps taking pictures of HJ as he was told by her to do so- she wants proof pictures for her blog 🙂
    MK and dr. Oppa comes out of the OR and says… “It’s a boy”. Side note. This was their last procedure at the time as both of them are bound for the US.. MK to further her studies and training and Dr. Oppa going just to accompany her- well work at the same hospital I should say to guide her.

    *Last sequence . papa Lee doting and holding the cute mini-SW’s hand. Mama Choi teases papa Choi that he can only take on grandpa roles now that he already is one. 🙂
    SW adorably holding HJ’s hand. WJ and SY looking at the sweet couple while SY holds baby SY – she cries so papa Lee takes baby SY and she automatically stops crying.. Full of joy and laughter fills the room.

    • I like your ending.. very good for fanfic.. Definitely you can make a very good fanfiction story based on the characters of SY and WJ . I remember reading everyday fanfic stories made by All About Eve fans that goes for 7 years or more and I still have copies of those stories bookbind based on the characters of JDG as yoon chul and Chaerim as Sun mi . How I wish someone will make a blog for MDSY funland where we can watch videos of the entire cast and also we can read fanfiction stories based on SY and WJ characters…

      • oh my gollies i never knew about the “all about eve” fanfics!! gaaaah i loooved that show to pieces — minus the evil young-mi parts, of course. seriously, i still rewatch this one when i’m in the mood for dashing heroes and adorable otp’s! 😀
        ooh, maybe we really should have a mdsy section to our patch… you’ve got me thinking, sherenx!

        • I’m looking forward for this SY and WJ fun land .. thanks.. there are so many talented writers here in your blog.. maybe they are interested to make at least one fanfic for SY and WJ love story ..

      • hi there PinkBlossom,
        when you are up and about… please please do the translation for all the scenes where SY & WJ…
        im particularly interested after the kissing scene, the jinan walk, and how SY proposes to WJ…
        hahaha… am i asking too much?? hehehhe, thank you for all your hardwork… much much appreciated… 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • ^_^ thanks much. soooo glad that we had the perfect ending we all hoped for.. you were right pinkblossom -ssi , all the positive energy from the Patch made that possible. Looking forward for your finale recap. and your next drama as well.

  16. As expected and as it is customary, it’ll be a really happy ending like taking a trip to Disney. Though I find that boring having outgrown that kiddy yearning like trying to get a “fix”. Wish the writer can be more creative and unique…let them both enjoy their freedom, pursuing their own path to a more fulfilled life and ….just getting to meet here and there as friends. So WJ can take off his “horse blinders” (as there are other chicks out there you know) and live like a real guy. Letting them get back to their merry ways is too cliche….
    kudos to you pinkblossom for all the hard work and patience…I’ll be following your other recaps …its the wit and humor actually.
    more power to your blog!

  17. So satisfied with the finale, happy ending for for all…thank you in advance… Will be patiently waiting for your recap.

  18. Thanks Pinkblossom for your hard work.

    Looking forward to your recap of the finale.

    As frustrating as the slow sub-titles were, now is pays off. Because although the series is over, we still have three weeks of subtitles to look forward to.

  19. Pinkblossom,
    THANKS for all the hardwork. Greatly appreciated… You rock:)
    what could have happened to my weekends without your recap? you are just amazing..
    from the bottom of my heart — Thank You 🙂 🙂 🙂

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