Coming Soon…


The year is slowly winding down (already!) and that means…


Our annual Year-End Festivities are coming!

*voiceover* Coming to a theater near you this Christmas! *twinkle*

Okay maybe not a theater.

But we are returning soon!

❤ , pinkblossom & whitecarrot


12 responses to “Coming Soon…

      • yes!! I am doing great 🙂 how have you been? no 😦 unfortunately I don’t get time to watch any drama’s.. the last drama I watched was Secret 😛 started watching Heartless City, but then lost interest.. that too at the 8th epi 😀 will finish that first and move on to Angel Eyes.. I know, I am a bit slow! 😛

        • awww, so glad to hear that you’re doing great! 🙂 i’ve been well, thank you!
          sad panda you haven’t had as much time to watch dramas 😦 the wonderful thing is that they’re always there, waiting for you whenever you’re able to return heheheee! ^^ no need to rush! excited for both of your drama choices!! so excited for you to watch “angel eyes” heeee! ^^

          • yes!! thanks to internet 😀 I’ve made out a list of drama’s and movies you recommended to watch.. can’t wait to watch them 🙂 will surely message you once I finish watching Angel Eyes ^_^

    • hrtbrkgrl!!! ❤ ❤
      thank you so much for hanging with us through thick and thin – mostly thin this year 😉 we wouldn't be here without wonderful Patch Friends like youuuu!
      did you ever finish "angel eyes"? ^^

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