Fated to Love You: Episode 11 *bleep!*

*ripping out hair in frustration*
Drats darned it I really didn’t want to do this, but I have no choice. Gaaaaah!!
Episode 11 of Fated to Love You.

WHAT in the asDF!#%$ERADSs;ldkfj?!?! During our lovely reunion, whitecarrot told me a bit about some of the crazies that went down in the Taiwanese version of Fated to Love You and how bonkers it drove her. I ain’t even gonna go there, because it’s all expected and part and parcel of old school shows. So. No ripping out my precious hair because of that. But! What DOES drive me nutsos is that the big ol’ huge mystery disease that our Lee Geon (Jang Hyuk) could possibly have is none other than Huntington’s Disease. Huntington’s?! Are you for REAL?!?!

When they went on and on in earlier episodes about “being careful” and getting regular checkups and imaging done to make sure that his mystery disease didn’t start producing symptoms, I figured it was a hereditary disease that could either manifest or not. Many times, one can carry genes without manifesting symptoms. For example, having a mutation in the BRCA1 gene does not automatically mean one will have breast cancer – certain mutations have been identified as being associated with higher risks, but there is no “guarantee,” so to speak. Huntington’s is different. Because of the high penetrance, if one inherits the gene, symptoms will manifest.

So. Either Geon has Huntington’s or he doesn’t.  There is no “Oh, he could possibly get Huntington’s in his 30s-40s, but if he’s careful and the disease doesn’t manifest, he’ll be okay.” If he has the gene, he’s going to have symptoms. And. What drives me nuts is that they’re trying to “monitor” him with CTs and MRIs. What’s the point?! All they need is a genetic test for the huntingtin gene! That’s it! A genetic test, not CTs! Gaaaaah!

And you know what’s worse? Huntington’s Disease is a horrible, absolutely devastating condition. It’s horrible not only on the patient, but on the whole family as well. It isn’t something that should be thrown around like this in some haphazard way by writers(!! there are 2!!) that didn’t do their homework. Grrrr.

Kdramas – and American shows, too, for that matter – sometimes play fast and loose with facts and reality. I can usually handle that. But this is just asdf!@#plkdj’@#%!!! I can’t handle it! It’s so stupid! It’s so dumb! I just! GAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

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Okay. I need to stop.


Episode 12 looks like it’s gonna be painful, but this show has 8 more episodes after it to redeem itself.  Fated to Love You, I’m expecting good things!


20 responses to “Fated to Love You: Episode 11 *bleep!*

    • hiii, MEK!! 😀 😀 i wasn’t toooo happy with some of the stuff that went down the last few episodes, but i’m really excited for the new start we’ll be getting this week! 😀

  1. This cannot be!! I saw the original version agess ago, but I don’t remember this happening. Wow wow. I’m starting to remember Thirteen’s feat with Huntington’s from House. groan, this drama won’t possibly go to that extreme, it just can’t.

    • oh. my. i totes forgot about thirteen and house!! groan is definitely the consensus here. i realize i wasn’t super clear in my post, but what frustrated me the most was that they could have tested geon at any time – even prenatally!! grrr just thinking about it makes me angry hahahaa!

  2. I was ignorant about this illness. Well, this is definitely a minus for the show. And I wonder how much they plan to dwell on this. I was hoping not so much but then the harm has already been done because his illness or rather his fear caused him to make a very important decision. Gosh 😐

    • hihiiii, Drama Fan!! 😀 😀 weeelcome to our little madhouse! 😀
      i was willing to put up with some random annoying illness, but the minute they claimed his familial disease was huntington’s, i just went bonkers xD i’m really hoping for good things in the weeks to come!

      • Yeah it bugs me that they chose such an illness. I’m curious and a bit afraid to see how the plan to handle this. But to introduce this illness, have it wreak havoc and then disappear miraculously would be annoying to say the least. On the other hand, maybe it would be the best, to go “oops guess what! you never had it!” if they are not going to handle in at least a plausible way. I think I’m fated to be annoyed either way :p

        • hahahhaa you were fated to love the show anyway 😉 😉 heeee! ^^
          i wrote a little more about the disease to chocobana12 below, and it’s entirely possible for geon to not have the disease at all… that is… unless they already said he has it? i didn’t really watch ep12 bc (1) i didn’t want to deal with the ugly; and (2) i wanted to wait until i knew i had another episode waiting to go lolol 😉 of course, as you said, they could always say “oops!” hahahaha xD

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  4. True. I also had a WTF moment when they said that the disease was Huntington’s because it’s a horrible disease, not something you could cure. And it had a high rate of being passed down the line, and the worst part is how people with Huntington’s are unaware of it until the symptoms manifest after they’d already had kids.

    I got my facts from House, I admit, but I saw how awful the disease plays out. You literally look at your loved one degenerate slowly and painfully.

    • welcome to the Patch, chocobana12!! 😀 😀
      so happy to have a fellow house-lover here hahahaa! ^^
      the huntingtin gene is passed down in an autosomal dominant manner, so if one gets the gene from a parent, one WILL have the disease. it’s rare for both parents to have the disease, so if one parent has huntington’s, there is a 50% chance of inheriting it. unless there are some special circumstances, most people see their parent go through the difficult degenerative process, so they are aware that they have a chance of inheriting the disease – they can choose to get testing, which is a whole ‘nother conversation in and of itself (think thirteen and her unwillingness to get testing done).
      as you noted, another big biiig issue thus arises in terms of having children: those who know they have the illness — and even those who haven’t had testing done but know they may have the disease — obviously don’t want to pass on the mutant gene to their children… you can only imagine all the issues that can arise from that as well.
      whew! sorry to bombard you with all that information hahahaa!
      thanks for joining us here in our little madhouse — hope you continue your dramaland journey with us! 😀 😀

      • Don’t get me started on how terrible I think it is that Grandma, the elders and Geon himself were not thinking of this genetic disease when the kept insisting that he must produce a heir! These writers have done many things right so I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt. I hope they explain this somehow

      • So I just stumbled across a House fan? Awesome 😀

        But, yeah, I know. I first came across Huntington’s in my HS biology class (though it wasn’t explained in depth), and I’m surprised they tossed such a heavy disease so easily.

        I think the writers weren’t even sure what disease to “pick” since they’ve only vaguely discussed it before. Did anybody here watch the original TW version? Was there a genetic disease in the original too? What was it?

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