The Year of Reunions: Part 1

… a continuation of our excited-to-be-reunited conversation


Whitecarrot: Yes, the Year of Reunions. Lee Dong-wook and Lee Da-hae. So beautiful in My Girl. I literally love My Girl to pieces, and it’s one of the super classics in my book. I was so excited to hear that Lee Dong-wook personally called Lee Da-hae to ask her to join him for Hotel King. My eagerness plummeted when I heard the plot was about hotel management, faux-cest, power struggle, and revenge. Then the teasers came out, and I just became depressed. Lee Da-hae looks like half the woman she used to be (like literally). She looked waif-thin and just sickly pale. The couple I had loved so much looked like completely different people. I did not need the drama to be a My Girl rehash. But things were so different than what I had expected, I could not bring myself to watch Hotel King.


Pinkblossom: I watched – actually, fast-forwarded – the first few episodes hoping the cheesiness level would die down once we got into the plot proper… but it never quite happened. So I just watched the official Youtube clips if the clip title looks semi-interesting. Sad sad sad.  Having internal troubles halfway through the show certainly didn’t help…  The fanservice at the end wasn’t a bad touch, though~


Whitecarrot: Reunion #2 Lee Jun-ki and Nam Sang-mi from Time of Dog and Wolf. I love Lee Jun-ki even though so many things about him just don’t work. He’s just wrong, wrong, wrong but so right, right, right. Regardless, I have not checked out Joseon Gunman since I have a hard time following period works. But I haven’t ruled it out for marathon-ing.


Pinkblossom: I remember Time of Dog and Wolf was one of my first sneak-watch dramas back in the good ol’ days of DSL – do any of you young ’uns even know what that is? 😉  Looking at their baby faces… gah!  Jung Kyung-ho looked so CUTE – now he’s just shmexy heh heh heh.  I’ve enjoyed watching Lee Jun-ki and Nam Sang-mi grow over the years, and I was looking forward to seeing them reunited. I honestly don’t know why I never started Joseon Gunman. And now, I haven’t heard too much about it, which makes me wonder if it’s worth checking out… Why are all these reunions tanking?!


To be continued! *pinky promise*


4 responses to “The Year of Reunions: Part 1

  1. I’ve been hearing good things about Joseon Gunman, actually! So I don’t think it’s tanking, at least among the international audience. Ratings have climbed up to the teens, so looks like it’s gaining interest domestically as well 🙂 I’m saving this for a marathon, and am super looking forward to it! 😀 Lee Jun Ki! In a sageuk!! Squeee! 😀

    • really?! yay!! 😀 😀 i finally found the ooother kbs youtube channel the other day and watched a few clips of “joseon gunman” and started to get interested… but wasn’t sure if i wanted to commit lol! and i just checked the last episode’s ratings and JG was #1 for its time slot!! it was only 11.9% but hey, you take what you can get, eh? ^^ i would never have known if you hadn’t told me about its ratings climb! chingu, what would i do without you?!? ❤

      • Hee. You’d miss me like crazy is probly what 😉

        I’ve heard promising things from its start till now, so I’m pretty sure it’s worth checking out! Crossin’ my fingers that it stays good all the way through! ^^

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