A Reunion and a Hello

One of the beautiful places we visited!

One of the beautiful places we visited!

Whitecarrot: So pinkblossom and I have reunited in a different city, and we have had a blast catching up about everything. Of course, we had to post an obligatory hello, since we have been MIA for sooooo long. We give our deepest apologies for our absence… but sadly cannot make promises that we will show up more. But we will pop up from time to time because dramas flow in our blood.

Pinkblossom: In our blood. Yes, our blood. Why are we talking about blood when these months are specifically dedicated to NOT studying the human anatomy? Gah. Those two words. Go away! So, back to the lovely word that we DO embrace: dramas. And, of course, the entertainment industry as a whole. My dearest whitecarrot, what have youuu been watching these days?

Whitecarrot: So there has really been nothing good on recently. Witch’s Romance had some good chemistry but the plot fizzled. I lost interest even though Park Seo-joon was pretty hot.


What a cutie.

What a cutie.

Pinkblossom: He was trending the “Hot Topic Keywords” list the other day! Guess why? *drumroll* Because of a ‘dating scandal’ of course! Every time I see some actor’s name on the trending list, my heart either (1) jumps for joy; or (2) drops like a stone – cue horrible memories of seeing Won Bin’s name on that list. Sigh. I… I just can’t let gooooo. *wails* Okay, but back to Park Seo-joon. Women’s Sense magazine claims he has been dating actress Baek Jin-hee for the past year – they were the cutie couple on I Summon You, Gold – and IF they were dating for realsies, I would heartily approve. So. Cute! The saving grace of that show!

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Whitecarrot: Yah, some shows are only worth watching for one couple. Anyway, I’m watching High School King of Savvy right now. The only thing keeping me on this train is Seo In-guk and my continued love for him from Answer Me 1997. I cannot bring myself to like the main girl (Bae Yong-joon old female version), second lead girl (annoying girl who only gets more whiny/annoying), and second male lead (buff vampire/alien boy). If I can’t like three-fourths of the main cast, how can I enjoy this show? Main girl also shows zero character growth and is pretty much weak and useless all the time. This makes the wannabe-feminist side of me very angry.

Basic RGB

Pinkblossom: *rolling on the floor clutching stomach* Oh, whitecarrot, how did I survive this past year without seeing you every day? Lee Ha-na aka Bae Yong-joon lookalike has always… I don’t know, I have no legitimate reason, but I’ve just never warmed up to her. I watched the first episode of High School King of Savvy, and I tuned out after the first five minutes – the little annoying high school girl was so obnoxious! And, once again, tvN has managed to frustrate me with the muted color palette. I just don’t know what it is… The colors are dull and don’t have the clarity or brightness that even daily morning dramas have – and that is saying a lot. Speaking of color, GAAAAH, Angel Eyes.

Whitecarrot: The dull colors made sense for Answer Me 1997 since things were from the past. However, for a supposedly light, breezy summer drama like High School King of Savvy, some bright colors might have helped the overall tone. But pinkblossom, please do share about your Angel Eyes obsession.


Pinkblossom: Ahem. It’s not an unhealthy obsession when the show is deserving of accolades. 😉 So. Where to start?! I… I think I need more time to formulate a more thought-out, carefully written final review for Angel Eyes – and I should probably watch the last 2 episodes for realsies instead of relying on the official Youtube clips and news articles. But I can say that it was fun while it lasted. Yes, I am fully aware of the bit of dragging it did towards the end, but the show stayed true to itself from start to finish. It was beautiful, it was sweet, and it was just so full of an unadulterated, honest love – minus the crazy mama – that we don’t see any more in Dramaland. The throwback to the good ol’ days didn’t hurt either. Of course, we can’t talk about throwbacks without discussing The Year of Reunions…


To be continued! *pinky promise*



8 responses to “A Reunion and a Hello

  1. YAY for reunions!! 😀 And yay for some drama catch-up too ^^ So great that you gals are getting to spend some time together!

    Aw, it’s too bad Witch’s Romance didn’t work out for you, whitecarrot.. I ended up enjoying it quite a bit! Park Seo Joon being all melty and swoony didn’t hurt, of course!

    I’m still hesitating over Angel Eyes, despite pinkblossom’s obvious love for the show.. I’m wary of melos in general, and I think I’ll wait for your final review of the show before I make up my mind ^^

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Witch’s Romance! And Park Seo Joon is 100% melty swoony for sure.

  2. Hi, have you checked out Fated to Love You? I didn’t think I would but I am enjoying it. Superb acting from the 2 Jangs.

  3. You guys were in SF!! OMG lookin’ real sunny there, but I’m still across the globe right now. Welcome back to both of you and have a wonderful, well-deserved break! 😀

    PS @pinkblossom : Everything you said about Angel Eyes, YES. I agree totally. 😉

  4. Hurray, together again :). Witch’s Romance was awfully cute but it did fizzle towards the end, didn’t it? I really enjoyed the earlier parts though. And I bailed on HSK early, though SIG is great in it from what little I saw. I second FTLY! It’s ridiculously adorable, and hilarious and surprisingly warm, and the two Jangs are absolutely dynamite!

    • DDeeeeeeeeeee!! 😀 😀 yesyesss FTLY! for a second, i thought of “fly to the sky” when i saw those 4 letters… heeeeee! ^^ i’m still debating whether to give HSK another chance… but maybe not 😉 hehehee!

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