Liebster Love

liebster-awardWords cannot convey how touched and grateful we are to have such a wonderful community here at the Patch and in the larger blogosphere.  Thank you^googolplex, dearest misscupcakees and dewaanifordrama, for remembering us (despite our inactivity T_T) and for honoring us with the ever-wonderful Liebster Award. <33^mabajillion

We were blessed to have the opportunity to share a little bit about ourselves in last year’s post.  This year, we’re goin’ rogue.  Jumpin’ straight to the questions!


Questions from misscupcakees

1. How did you get into blogging about drama?

wc: Well a long time ago, pinkblossom and I worked at the same lab. Even though we did our free labor with bacteria, DNA, and cells, we talked about dramas. THE WHOLE TIME. One day, we decided to go legit and post all our thoughts online. Pinkblossom set it up. And the rest is history.

pb: *nods sagely*


2. What is your all-time favorite drama trope that you can watch over and over again?

wc: Well I want to say I’m tired of rich guy, poor girl. But that is all K-drama is so I guess I actually do like it?  I hate melos but I’m Sorry, I Love You is my all-time favorite. Maybe that’s because So Ji-sub is in it. And for some reason I keep rewatching Brilliant (Shining) Inheritance, even though it sucks.

pb: Disclaimer.  I don’t do favorites.  Ever.  Because my poor indecisive brain can never make decisive decisions deciding who’s da best.  So.  I ain’t got a favorite.  But I CAN say that I watch a LOT of daily shows that repeat the same story over and over and OVER again… and yet… I wub them like no other.  Hee!


3. Who is your favorite OTP and why?

wc: Yoon Yoon-jae and Sung Shi-won. Refer to all 1997 posts if needed.

pb: Ack.  Favorite again.  I gotta nod in agreement with whitecarrot about Yoon Yoon-jae and Sung Shi-won being one of my recent favs.  I mentioned them in our post last year, but Han Jung-won and Song Seung-joon (Kim Hyun-joo and Kim Seok-hoon of All that Glitters aka Twinkle Twinkle) were really quite the pair – intelligent minds coming together and yet so adorable as well.  I was absolutely bonkers about Joo Yoo-rin and Seol Gong-chan (Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong-wook in My Girl) back in the day…  Oh gosh I remember Shin Chae-kyung and Lee Shin (Yoon Eun-hye and Joo Ji-hoon in Goong) making their rounds in OTP fan wars as well.  Hong Gil-dong and Heo Yi-nok (Kang Ji-hwan and Sung Yuri in Hong Gil-dong) just did something special for me, too…  Oh noes I’ve started a trip down memory lane that is getting monstrous.  I need to cut things off nooow.  But lemme just squeeze this couple in: Lee So-yeon & Yoon Han.  GAAAAAAAHHHH oh my GOLLY goodness gracious great balls of FIRE, these two are for SERIOUSLY killing meeeee every SINGLE week on We Got Married.  I really really reaaaaally want them to get together for realsies, and they show little peeks here and there of a potential dream-come-true…  Gah.  Someone save me.

vlcsnap-2014-02-18-02h10m57s109 vlcsnap-2014-02-18-02h14m21s121 vlcsnap-2014-02-18-02h17m01s184 vlcsnap-2014-02-18-02h17m36s27


4. Whom do you have the most severe SLS (second lead syndrome) towards?

wc: Chilbongie!!!! I will never forgive Reply 1994. NEVER. I am still angry about this drama, so much that I couldn’t even write about it.

pb: Whitecarrot and I dedicated two whole posts to just a FEW names last year… [Second Lead Syndrome; Part 2] and I’m afraid my list is ever-growing.  You see, I am stricken by this grave illness called the Pinkblossom Malady – I always wub the man who is destined to be heartbroken.  It don’t feel no good, lemme tell ya.


5. What is your favorite MV?  Link me please!

wc: Keep in mind all my favorites are just momentary. I get amused easily.

K.Will’s Please Don’t….featuring Seo In-guk. Love the ending!!

pb: I remember the days of old when music videos were full-on epic masterpieces…  For those who are newer to the Kpop scene, I present to you some pretty darned good MVs:

[Do y’all remember Dennis Oh?!]

The next 2 MVs are meant to be watched together:

[You caught me sneaking in some Shinhwa love!]

If you want more SG Wannabe goodness and epic MVs, their Arirang series (3 MVs for songs from their 4th album) is great as well.


6. What is one drama that you regret ever having started regardless of whether you finished it or not?

wc: Too many to name. But current most hated is Reply 1994. So many years of my life wasted on bad dramas.

pb: I do believe the list for this one is endless as well.  *bitter*  A more recent one: Mirae’s Choice.  Absolute WASTE of my time and energy.


7. Poor girl, rich guy.  Write up a drama plot revolving around them.

wc: Poor girl is hard-working and has a pleasant disposition (of course). Rich guy is a chaebol air and is bratty and prideful (of course). They meet and run into each other and piss each other off somehow. Commence old, recycled plot…Too lazy to write more. You guys know what happens after.

pb: Alas, I ain’t very creative – hence my distance from writing fanfic – so… umm… I don’t know?  I’ll just watch whatever whitecarrot produces. 😉


8. Who are some guys that you can just stare at for days and nights without having them even do anything?

wc: So Ji-sub. Although he makes ridiculous clothing and hair choices, he is still beautiful. Current flavor of the year is Yoo Yeon-suk. Those shoulders, the baby face, and that arresting smile. I DIE. And current flavor of the month: Kim Soo-hyun. What a cutie!

pb: Well, ya see, despite my inability to make any decisive decisions decisively, I used to have one man for whom I loudly proclaimed my love.  That is, until THIS happened.  Whitecarrot even kindly put out feelers for a replacement.  And though the potential replacements are all very nice and all…  I am still curled up in an itty bitty leetle ball underneath the covers, waiting for my heart to heal.


9. What are you currently studying/have studied etc. or what is your current job (if you are currently working)?

wc: Graduate school student. Very busy/stressed student. Our Patch is getting neglected because my brain can’t handle it!!!

pb: I ain’t getting’ a real job anytime soon.  Still a student – and gonna be for some time.  Why is med school so loooong? -__-;;


10. What are some places you want to visit (it can be fictional or not) and where in the world do you currently reside?

wc: Koreaaaa (obviously). And Europe (never been). I reside on the west coast of the United States of America. Originally met pinkblossom in the southwest but now I’m separated from her and live in the more northwest part.

pb: I would like to go back in time and fix all the dramas that started off fantabulously then went into bonkerland.  Do I need to enter the writer’s mind?  Or the PD’s?  Or visit the filming site?  I don’t know where it is, but I need access.  Stat.


Questions from dewaanifordrama

1. Choose a question from the 10 I just answered that you like and answer it.  Our choice: How did you come up with the name of your blog?

wc: Sooo….my AIM screenname back in the day was whitecarrot. So I thought I would just stick to it because I forget things quite easily. Then I think pinkblossom decided she liked pink blossoms. And then we started thinking of gardening terms, and we decided a patch might be cute. So we end up with the extremely corny name of Carrotblossom Patch. Maybe pinkblossom has a different take on this story. Again bad memory you know.

pb: My pen name was actually the collaborative effort of my then-roommates, and after much deliberation the final two contenders were “pinkdaisy” and “pinkblossom”, and the latter won!  Whitecarrot and I prolly shoulda thought a bit harder about our blog’s name…  But we march on!


2. If I were to visit you in your city/country, what activity/touristy thing would you want to do?  (If you want to, please include where that might be)

wc: Bike to the pier and eat yummy pork sandwiches. Walk around in the giant giant park close to my house.

pb: Go to the beach and just enjoooy the beautiful weather.  If you INSIST, I’ll take a picture for you in front of Duke’s, but there ain’t no cutouts you can pose with…  [Ten points to the person who knows which drama was filmed at Duke’s!]

duke's e1d05516ad17e4549265fb785ffa838dc968d902

3. What is your favorite K-drama (or K-pop) trope?

Please refer to #2 from misscupcakees! 😀


4. What is your favorite Korean food?  (Or if you haven’t eaten Korean food, just your favorite food)

wc: Soon Doo Boo!! Soon Du-bu? I don’t know how to spell it but its yummy!!

pb: This might be worse than asking me what my favorite drama is…  I absolutely LOVE food like no other – prolly more than – a looot more than – I should.  So, uh, I like… everything?  I’ve been craving bu-chin-gae the last few months… I don’t know why.  Oh, and I absolutely ADORE galbi-jjim – I loved going to Korean-American weddings as a child, because galbi-jjim was always one of the catered items LOLOL!

순두부찌개_Sundubu-Jjigae_Soft-Tofu-Stew 2011-09-28_00%3B03%3B04


5. Please recommend a K-drama (or Korean film) for me to watch.

wc: Wow. This is too hard. We watched a lot of the same stuff. Well an oldie but goodie is My Girl but I feel like you have watched that. Maybe a Taiwanese drama? Office Girls. It’s addicting but not great. But the guy is cute!

pb: You’ve watched so many of the ones I usually recommend! 😀 😀  People always regret asking me to make recommendations, because they don’t know what they’re gettin’ into until they see the list I give ‘em hahahaa!  I will restrain myself and recommend just a few:

  • All In (ft. Lee Byung-hun, Song Hye-kyo, Ji Sung, Park Sol-mi — and a young Jin Gu and Han Ji-min!)
  • Bad Family (ft. Kim Myung-min, Nam Sang-mi, et al.)
  • Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy (ft. Gong Yoo, Gong Hyo-jin, et al.)
  • Damo (ft. Lee Seo-jin, Ha Ji-won, Kim Min-joon)
  • Goong (ft. Yoon Eun-hye, Joo Ji-hoon, Kim Jung-hoon)
  • Incarnation of Money (ft. Kang Ji-hwan, Hwang Jung-eum, Park Sang-min, Oh Yoon-ah)
  • The Last Scandal of My Life (ft. Choi Jin-shil, Jung Joon-ho, Jung Woong-in)
  • Lovers in Paris (ft. Park Shin-yang, Kim Jung-eun, Lee Dong-gun)
  • My Daughter Seo-young (ft. Lee Bo-young, Lee Sang-yoon, Park Hae-jin, Choi Yoon-young, Chun Ho-jin — this recommendation is on behalf of many of our Patch Friends ;))
  • Tree with Deep Roots (ft. Han Suk-kyu, Jang Hyuk, Yoon Jeh-moon, Jo Jin-woong)


  • The Brotherhood of War (Taeguki; ft. Jang Dong-gun, Won Bin)
  • Shiri (ft. Han Suk-kyu, Choi Min-sik, Kim Yoon-jin)
  • Joint Security Area (ft. Lee Young-ae, Lee Byung-hun, Song Kang-ho)
  • The Good, the Bad, the Weird (ft. Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun, Jung Woo-sung)
  • The Face Reader (Kwan-sang; ft. Song Kang-ho, Jo Jung-seok, Lee Jung-jae, Lee Jong-suk)
  • Once Upon a Summer (ft. Su Ae, Lee Byung-hun)

Our Nominations

I do most certainly dislike doing this part, because there are always a mabajillion bloggers I want to honor, and at the same time I don’t want to burden anyone…  So.  This is an open love letter and Liebster to each and every single one of you.  We’d love to hear from you, in any shape or form – and if all you do is think of a response in your mind and chuckle, well, we’ve accomplished our goal!

5 Questions We Have for You:

  1. Which do you enjoy more: reading or writing?
  2. Pretty boy (lean build) or Buff (manly) man?
  3. A book recommendation, please!
  4. Dogs or cats?
  5. Whom would you rather live with: evil Cheong-dam-dong mother-in-law or ruthless CEO father-in-law?


THANK YOU so very much again, misscupcakees and dewaanifordrama, for the looove. *bear hug*

15 responses to “Liebster Love

  1. Whee! Nice one frm the Patchiquitas! I’m partial to reading myself but I like a flower boy that’s buff but not beefcakey, and I’d take the ruthless father-in-law over evil mother-in-law any day. Considering how demanding RL is for both of you, I’m impressed by how long you’ve managed to keep the patch running! Hwaiting!!

    • heeeee i likesss patchiquitas!! ^^ i miss days of just reading for funsies xD what do you usually read? any recs? 🙂 i feel like i wouldn’t like beefcakey, but i like kim jong-kook… does he count as beefcakey? 😉

      • Jong Kook definitely counts as beefcakey in my book. As for reading I miss those days too when I used to read for fun! Now I do it mostly for well…other purposes. Last novel I read was by Junot Diaz (which was great!).

  2. It occurs to me that if pinkblossom had gone with pinkdaisy, that this might be the carrotdaisy patch?? 😛 Although I hafta say, pinkdaisy sounds super cute too! ^^

    And here’s my stab at your questions!
    1. Depends on my mood. I love to read great writing, where language is used cleverly and phrases become delicious things to chew on. And sometimes, when inspiration strikes, I love writing – and trying to create some of that delicious phrasing.

    I kinda like ’em in-between, I think. Not overly skinny, nor overly beefy. The best ones look great WITH shirts on, and WITHOUT too 😉 On the other hand, love sneaks up on you when you least expect it, and I certainly didn’t expect to be completely smitten by a lean, kinda alien-looking Woobie. Although, he’s beefed up soooo nicely lately. I drool. And I digress.
    I totally haven’t been reading much of late. I was JUST saying to Betsy that I loved Frank Herbert’s Dune when I read it at age 14, but don’t ask me now what it’s about. Little Women is one of my all-time faves tho. Sorry, that probably wasn’t much help, was it?
    Ooh. Love dogs AND cats.
    I’d take the ruthless CEO father-in-law over the evil mother-in-law. Evil mothers-in-law are wayyy scarier 😛 Couldn’t we just.. elope? 😀

    • hehheee carrotdaisy! i wish i had more time to read and to learn how to write… i’m so envious of those who have that beautiful gift with words. me jelly!
      hehehee woobie has certainly beefed up ^^ oooh i haven’t read “dune” before! i shall defs look into it. oh my gollies little women!!! i totes remember talking about it with you in the “first loves and beyond” post… i can’t believe that was a whole year ago O_o time flies!!
      people seem to agree that the father-in-law is a better choice! HE, though, would hunt you down if you eloped. much better chances w/ the mother on that one hehehee!

  3. I actually love your blog name, the Patch is like the cutest thing haha and you two always sound so cheery!

    (high fives whitecarrot as a stressed grad student to another)

    • hehehee awww thank youuu, jandoe heheheee!! btw. this is so sad, but do you prefer to go by a different name? i can’t believe i’m only now asking you lol.
      how’s school going? i thiiink i remember you being on the quarter system? week 7 right now, right? hwaeeeting!!!

      • Yup, Stanford = quarter like all the UCs except for Cal (right? Getting my California factoids together! Haha) and thank you!!! I’m currently stressing out over my term paper -_-

        Hahaha omg my pseudonym is fine really (and here I am calling you pinkblossom too!) But… okay, you can call me Jane heee 🙂

  4. Lulz, every time I see Lee Na Young’s name a little piece of me dies.
    Sorry WhiteCarrot that you didn’t particularly agree with the ending of Reply to Me 1994, I can’t say I agree w/ your sentiments (cough trash oppa lover over here cough), but at least you liked AM 1997! And yes the otp was awesomee ❤ And I never get sick of when both of you tell the story of how you met, because it’s something i’m wishing to happen to meeee..But for the meantime, the drama blogging world is equally great 😀

    I’ll also dabble really quickly in your questions, since i’m sitting here in my school’s library procrastinating anyways xD
    1. Reading
    2. Neither. I like guys who look a nerdy, but being secretly a tad bit buff is a plus!
    3. Books? read manga.
    4. Dogs to the max.
    5. Oh no, which is the lesser of the evils..well, in a drama if one is mean the other is probably nice…so give me the evil MIL, because then I can be consoled by the nice, rich daddy.

    Good luck to the both of you in your studies! Wish you all the best.<333

    • it’s gonna happen!! who knew whitecarrot and i would become drama soulmates?! we certainly didn’t when we first met! ^^
      heheheee nerdy guys can be cuuute. but. it depends on what kind of nerdy. i don’t do the annoying self-absorbed poopybutts. i’m sure you don’t either ^^
      doooooggieeees!!! 😀 😀
      hahahhaaa consolation by the nice rich daddy is certainly a plus! that’s one sad thing, now that i think about it – there aren’t very many mother-in-law characters that i can recall supporting an otp against her husband… hmm… xD
      keep on chugging, dear!! you can do it!! <333

  5. Loved this post! You two are adorable might I add! ^^

    So here’s to answering your questions:
    1. Which do you enjoy more: reading or writing?
    Um…both? I love reading and have ever since I was little. I also love writing, and under my RL name I have a poetry blog and another blog too…I like to blog. I also have a HUGE collection of books, and I especially love collecting YA lit and children’s books. My undergrad degree is also heavily influenced by the Classics…so yeah…I love both reading and writing.
    2. Pretty boy (lean build) or Buff (manly) man?
    A mix. I don’t like super, super pretty boy or super, super buff. Someone I really love is Jung Kyung Ho in Cruel City. For me though, I think character trumps all though…
    3. A book recommendation, please!
    What genre do you like to read? If you love the classic, my all time favourite book is Jane Eyre. If you like YA lit steampunk, the Clockwork Prince series is pretty fun. I could give you book recommendations all day long…
    4. Dogs or cats?
    Cats. No question about it ^^
    5. Whom would you rather live with: evil Cheong-dam-dong mother-in-law or ruthless CEO father-in-law?
    The father-in-law. I could totally win him over ^^

    • awwww thank you! but the truth is: we ain’t that cute. heeeee!
      oooh a poetry blog?!? would you terribly mind sharing it with us? i lurve poetry ^^ i used to have difficulty buying books… i grew up borrowing them from the library (nonstop!), and it just seemed weird to actually BUY books… but then i found a super cheap used book store and i started buying my guilty pleasure romance novels… and my collection grew… and grew… and… now. i uh, have nothing but them hahahaa!
      GAH. jung kyung-ho was just absitively posolutely FANTABULOUS in “heartless city”. i was just so angry that a certain stinky somebody w/o any acting skills whatsoever was paired with him and ruined things. ugh. 😉
      AAAAHHH jane eyre is one of my all-time favs too!!!!!!!!! gah i’m so excited to finally have a fellow jane eyre lover! i never quite got into ya lit, but i’ll check the series out!
      funny story: my friend’s family recently got a cat, and she named it minion (despicable me!) – and her hilarious dad suggested the cat’s official name be “filet minion” lolol!
      heeeee i totes believe you can win him over! ^^
      thaaaank youuu again, dewaani, for the nomination!!! <33

  6. Oh, it’s good to read you guys again! 🙂 I know RL has you in its demanding clutches — but there is such a freshness and humor to both of your writing styles… I missed it.

    To your questions!
    1. Reading (because lazy)
    2. Buff (because …mmmm …shoulders)
    3. “The Lions of Al-Rassan” by Guy Gavriel Kay (because awesome …also, there’s a kick-ass female doctor — so maybe up your all’s alley?)
    4. Both! 😀 (because key to world peace?)
    5. Ruthless CEO father-in-law (because he’d never be home, and I’m not really CEO material, so I doubt our paths would cross all that much … which means I’m not thinking at all about the poor down-trodden husband in this scenario but… I’ll embrace my selfishness!)

    • aaawwww thank youuu, betsy! did we mention that we use a secret potion to make y’all think we make any sense? heeee!
      1. i’m so glad your definition of lazy still allows us to read your beaaautiful writing!!
      2. i totes second the shoulders mmm!
      3. oooh i’ll check it out!! thank you for the rec!
      4. world peace indeed.
      5. embrace the love for me, myself, and i! ^^

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