I Need Romance 3: Unprocessed Thoughts

Cute. VERY cute.

Can Nam Goong-min just take over the world already?2014011400541995_1_rstarker

Okay, fine, maybe Sung Joon.92c0476e00c073e3ac49faeddd63af2c

No, Nam Goong-min.

Maybe cutie Park Yoo-hwan?768578_114636_1630

No, Nam Goong-min.

What?  Why can’t it be Nam Goong-min?  It’s not like I’m in denial about my Pinkblossom Malady aka Second Lead Syndrome.

Fiiine, maybe Sung Joon.

(beginning @ 1:12)

Shin Joo-yeon (Kim So-yeon): Are you hitting on me right now?

Joo Wan (Sung Joon): If I am… Do you want to give in?

Okay, that’s it.  Somebody make another Earth so everyone wins.

12 responses to “I Need Romance 3: Unprocessed Thoughts

  1. Oooooooh. I share your thoughts. I love Nam Goong min in the show. His chemistry with Kim so yeon is excellent, though I am still havring a hard time absorbing so yeon’s character.

    • milaiskiiii!!! long time no seee! ^^ sososooo glad to have a fellow nam goong-min lover! he’s just… swooooon teheheheeee!
      a very belated happy new year!! 😀 😀

      • I actually frequent you blog though most of the time I am a silent lurker. 😀 sorry! guilty look I hope as the story progresses Nam Goong-min will have more screen time. I am interested in his story with the ex-bff but I’d actually love to see him develop feelings for our lead because I get this feeling he is interested in her more than their hoobae-sunbae relationship.

  2. OMG pinkblossom count me in with the second lead (or rather, Nam Goong Min) syndrome!! Ohmagahhhh I just watched the first episode and was basically squealing whenever he appeared on my screen. And his character, ooooof.

    And then Sung Joon appears, all puppy-eyed with his insightful voiceovers. This show… is gonna be the death of my shipping heart o.o

    • YAYYAYAAYAYAAAH NAM GOONG-MIN CLUB goin’ down here at the patch!! heeeeee!
      i just… i just have no words for the feeeels whenever he flashes his adoooorable little smirky smirk and then slays me with his huge soulful eyes…. gah. i just can’t handle this.

      • I can’t handle it either, and honestly it’s about damn time he gets the girl in the end o.o Sooooo I’m happy it seems like INR3 is gearing for pairs, and not a love quadruple! 😀

  3. I am so, so happy to be so happy with both guys! 😀 I mean, I carry a strong Sung Joon bias but Nam Goong-min’s trying-not-to-smile smile is adorable. To make an informed decision I shall obviously need to collect more data. 😉

      • Yes!! And! I’m even happier that I don’t have to choose! 😀 (At least, I think I’m not going to have to choose.) Everyone gets a sweetie! 😀

        I’m seriously loving this show so much it’s dangerous. No way it can sustain things at this level. Just… no way. (This is me talking myself down. 😉 )

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