Team Chilbongie!

This post can also be called “Why Na-jeong and Trash Oppa Don’t Work.”


These past 2 episodes were a little rough on Team Chilbongie, which is why I am writing this post to make myself feel a little better.

As a hard-core Chilbongie fan, I could not watch the Na-jeong/Oppa kiss. It was cute for the firsst two seconds when she asked for a hug. Then I was physically repulse by their lip lock. Sorry for my strong opinions, but the kiss felt very incestuous and Oppa looks like an Byuntae Ahjussi when he’s kissing. Yikes!


List of Reasons Oppa and Na-jeong don’t work:

1. Na-jeong completely relies on him and needs to be taken care of by him. This works in some dramas, but Na-jeong’s a headstrong girl. I just see her as an independent female who doesn’t need a guy to be her Daddy Long Legs.

2. Na-jeong’s actually smart. Please refer to this educated/coherent post. I’m so used to seeing Na-jeong in the context of her grade-school crush on Oppa that I forgot this girl actually had brains. It wasn’t until today’s episode when Na-jeong was tutoring our adorable Chilbong that I realized the girl is intelligent.

3. Our Na-jeong is way too caught up in her love for Oppa. I feel like she’s blind to some things that don’t work between them. She’s just too enamored with him to see Chilbongie who’s waiting on the sidelines for her.

4. As repeated earlier, they cant kiss. It’s gross. In the words of my friend, Na-jeong should know incompatible they are from that kiss.

This list is a little weak. I’m sorry! As usual, I’m still reeling from the episode. However, for narrative’s sake, I do know Na-jeong and Oppa have to date. I hope Na-jeong realizes how they don’t work out. From the preview, it seems that Chilbong will have to leave the House for a while. Although I usually hate time jumps, I think time apart for Na-jeong and Chilbong will be good. Chilbong needs to find something in life beyond baseball and Na-jeong. As I mentioned in the last post, Chilbongie’s pretty flat and one-sided. I love him for who he is, but he might need more in that empty head of his. As for Na-jeong, I need this period for her to really experience a romantic relationship with Oppa and figure out that he’s not the one. Oppa and Na-jeong’s break up must stem from Na-jeong’s own accord or else it wouldn’t make any sense. They can’t use any reasons like Oppa went to the army and they drifted apart or weak stuff like that.



I’m still wracking my brain trying to figure out how Na-jeong will break up with Oppa. But I’m drawing a blank. Thoughts anyone?

Also why can’t Oppa just be gay.


And of course I have to end with my favorite part of today’s episode…


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8 responses to “Team Chilbongie!

  1. i can’t throw myself into this one — and by ‘one’ i mean the drama, not team chilbongie — bc i’m so scared my heart will be irrevocably broken… i just plug my ears and watch with one eye open and other closed. it works. mhmm.

  2. “As I mentioned in the last post, Chilbongie’s pretty flat and one-sided. I love him for who he is, but he might need more in that empty head of his.” –

    Aww but I love that empty head of his haha! Which I think is one of the reason why he’s so dogged in his pursuit of Na Jeong despite being rejected [in small ways] many times. He doesn’t overthink things (like most people would) and is not as scared as rejection as others are, and so he goes on and puts in the ‘work’ despite the obstacles. I’ve read some comments in DB, how he may appear like the ideal perfect boyfriend type, and to some extent I agree, like you’ve said his character has been pretty one-sided all along, but I think this episode revealed why this is the case: he’s so simple-minded about the things in his life. He doesn’t have the complex-es/complex thinking which other male leads seem to suffer from and I think this adds another layer to who he is and thus breaks the ideal-boyfriend-stereotype which seems to emanate from him. He is not the ideal boyfriend because the ideal boyfriend is full of intention with regard to the things that he will do for the heroine while for Bong, as he said, has no thoughts about how he does things.

    Of course I’m not Chilbong and this is why I overthink these things. Like you, I’ve been trying to find ways to cope with Episode 13 by over-analyzing things and over-commenting on DB haha. And now I found these blogpost so yes I also had to comment on my Chilbong feels.

  3. Awwzzz.. I am so glad to be on the same team as you are! Lol.
    I am so caught up on the sad feels that I barely got through watching the whole of those 2last eps. But here is what I am guessing.. I think therefore guess, that if chilbongie indeed leaves the boarding house indefinitely, then NJ would slowly start missing him and his presence around her, and she will be swayed while still dating oppa. I know that saying it and to have it actually played on screen is next to impossible, but NJ’s heart has always been on the edge. She’s been a dongsaeng to oppa since forever, but when they lived in the same house together, the dynamics changed, and she started noticing oppa’s genuine affection differently -who wouldn’t fall for an oppa as sweet as this one, right? So while her interactions with chilbongie feels different than that of the others in the house, she brushed it off thinking that it wouldn’t be ‘that same love’ because she’s already inlove with oppa. But when she starts dating oppa for real, she will realize the true nature of her feelings for both guys, hence the fallout from her dream oppa to her real love chilbongie!
    I only wish that if we do see that transformation and change of feeling from NJ, the development will be believable in a sense that I would not feel cheated of whatever outcome the show will produce.
    Thank you again for writing yet another article on one of my favorite show. It has been so long since I posted re MDSY days. Glad to be back here!

  4. I’ve always enjoyed coming to this blog since you always seem to be reviewing dramas that I love the most. First it was Answer Me 1997, then Heartless City, and finally Answer Me 1994.

    I’m on team Chilbongie too, right from the very beginning. I’m convinced that he’ll be Na Jeong’s husband, considering all the clues gathered so far. He’s been set up to be one so I don’t think the writers are going to pull a last minute switch. So although the last few episodes have been nothing but heart-breaking for our poor Chilbong (and my heart too), I still firmly believe that he’ll be the end-game. What I can’t predict, no matter how much I rake my brain, is how Na Jeong will finally get there. Because it seems that she’s pretty damn happy to have Oppa by her side now, so I can’t see how my Chilbong is going to capture her heart at this stage.

    However, I have faith in the writers, and I’m happy to be proven wrong. If anything, I look forward to seeing what the writers have up their sleeves in continuing this gem of a story.

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