Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Saturdaaaay!!!

I hope everyone had a wooonderful Thanksgiving filled to bursting with turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes and biscuits and sweet potatoes and green beans and corn and pumpkin pie and every other Thanksgiving Feast item possible.  Mhmm.


Well, that was certainly unladylike of me.  Excuse me.


Can you tell that I’m in a particularly good mood today?  Perhaps it’s the aftereffects of Thanksgiving overload.  Or the anticipation of listening/watching to THE legendary Nam Jin on today’s episode of Hidden Singer Season 2.  Or my ears-covered-and-finger-on-fast-forward-and-la-dee-dah-ing during any possible scene that could hurt my poor Chilbongie’s feelings.  Or my (sadly somewhat tempered) eagerness to watch Lee So-yeon and Yoon Han on We Got Married.  Or my super guilty pleasure excitement for the premiere of Han Hye-jin and Ji Jin-hee’s new Mon-Tues melodrama One Warm Word.  (Did I mention how GOOD he looks?!  And cutie pie Park Seo-joon looks reaaal good!)

But the real reason?  I know, something has me more pumped up than dramas and K-ent land?!  Wanna take a guess? 😉  Maybe #1 on this list?  Muuueeehhehehee!!!


We HAVE  to win.  There is no such thing as losing to that-other-school-across-town.  Or things just might get ugly here at the Patch.  You don’t wanna see an angry pinkblossom on the rampage.

But to keep me somewhat even-tempered and nice in the 3 hours we have left until kick-off: some sweet, sweet tunes of old.

1. Till, performed by the ever wonderful Roger Williams.

Till the moon deserts the sky
Till all the seas run dry
Till then I’ll worship you
Till the tropic sun grows cold
Till this young world grows old
My darling, I’ll adore you

You are my reason to live
All I own I would give
Just to have you adore me

Till the rivers flow upstream
Till lovers cease to dream
Till then I’m yours, be mine

2. I Will Wait for You, sung by the sweetest voice of Andy Williams

If it takes forever I will wait for you
For a thousand summers I will wait for you
Till you’re back beside me, till I’m holding you
Till I hear you sigh here in my arms

Anywhere you wander, anywhere you go
Every day remember how I love you so
In your heart believe what in my heart I know
That forevermore I’ll wait for you

The clock will tick away the hours one by one
Then the time will come when all the waiting’s done
The time when you return and find me here and run
Straight to my waiting arms

If it takes forever I will wait for you
For a thousand summers I will wait for you
Till you’re here beside me, till I’m touching you
And forevermore sharing your love

Doesn’t your heart just ache?


Okay, off to scream my lungs out!  GO BRUUUUIIIINSSS~!!!!!


8 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. No wonder you couldn’t support my school’s football team! Haha not that I’ve a clue on about American football to begin with (soccer though? Now that’s a different story, kinda :p) but it all makes sense now 😉 Happy (late) Thanksgiving!!

    • hehehhee i’m so sorry i didn’t get back to you about that, jandoe!! yesyesss, i support youuuu but not your school’s football team teeheheehee! ^^ how’s schoooool?? 🙂 🙂
      you should TOTALLY get into football. it’s the bestest thing on this planet. well, dramas are the best. but… i don’t know which i’d choose if i could only watch 1… hmm… hehheee!
      a happy belated thanksgiving to you, toooo!! hope you had a wooonderful gobblegobble day!! 😀 😀

    • this is pinkblossom’s mom.
      LOLOL juuuust keeeeding!!! but yes, really, oldies just do something to my heart. middle-aged romances ALWAYS beat out cringe-inducing high school theatrics… and i have a weakness for daily dramas… i think… ahjumma-ness is in my blood hahahahaa! ^^

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