Answer Me 1994 – Ep 11 Thoughts

I am spazzing so bad currently. Episode 11 is just so good. I’m not sure I can make it through to next week in one piece.

Sorry pinkblossom and I have been so MIA recently. We are currently enrolled in very rigorous courses at our respective schools. Although we haven’t been writing things, we do still watch our dramas because there is ALWAYS time for dramas. I have been watching Answer Me 1994 religiously. I spend every Sunday to Thursday going through the 1994 tumblr and soompi posts just to make it to Friday evening when English subs are completely up. This is a tough life guys! It’s so difficult to focus on school when all I want is to see Chilbongie’s smile. Yes, I’ll just be forthright and honest with you all. I am TEAM CHILBONGIE and proud of it!

**Spoilers below for Episode 11***

Anyway, this week was extra tough with Friday’s time slot taken up by MAMA (the music awards show thing). Waiting until tonight was probably the hardest 24 hours of my life. Last weeks’ episodes left me dissatisfied and unfulfilled. Especially with the dragginess and extra-random asides regarding Samcheonpo’s grandmother and Chilbongie. The Chilbongie confession to Na-jeong which I had been waiting for for a whole 10 episodes seemed so anti-climatic when the whole episode seemed to focus on things like the town drunkard and just unimportant things in general.

But this episode 11 really redeemed last week’s disappointment. Our resident Trash Oppa finally, and I mean FINALLY, admits his feelings for Na-jeong (to himself but its 1 step forward). This is after just about every boarder in the house calls him out for being a complete douchebag to Na-jeong. It took Yoo-jin’s drunk secret revealing habit, Haitai’s earnest chingoo soju talk, and Chilbongie’s head to head catch ball convo for Trash Oppa admit his feelings to Na-jeong to himself. Is it really that hard dude?

This is a huge break-through plot-wise for 1994 but I just can’t help but be disappointed because it was expected. Granted, each scene was very well-written and filmed and my heart rate probably tripled out of excitement in the last 10 minutes, but some part of me was still let down. Yes, I hopefully believed in the outlandish conjecture that Oppa was just sexually confused and gay for Binggrae. About 90% of me knew that Korea was not ready for their beloved Oppa character to be gay, but deep down in my heart I still have an inkling of hope.

So much of the plot has been hung up on the fact that we know very little about Trash. He has been a complete enigma until today. Although that was probably a plot device from the writers, they kind of dragged it out for a good 4-6 episodes. I guess I hoped that he had more of a reason not to get together with Na-jeong then the fact that he was afraid to mess up their oppa-dongsaeng relationship. The reason that their families are super close just isn’t enough for me. If your families were really that close, wouldn’t it be great for you guys to get together and make it official? I just wanted there to be a little more reason behind Trash Oppa’s hesitation.

Also, even though I am Team Chilbongie, sometimes I just feel like Chilbongie’s character doesn’t match up to Trash Oppa. Chilbongie is so straight-forward of a character, it is almost easy to find him one-sided and flat. He is really just 3 things: 1. Na-jeong lover 2. Baseball 3. Hot. I hate to admit it but Trash Oppa is so much more complicated and intriguing. His list is much longer. He is the following: 1. dirty as hell 2. extremely smart 3. mysterious 4. Binggrae’s hyung 5. Na-jeong’s oppa 6. Sung parent’s surrogate son 7. a ridiculously good med student 8. so much more!

Oh yes, by the way, writers and editors, you can’t troll us. Haitai’s not even in the running. Last week’s previews are such teasers and are absolutely misleading. Well played drama people. Well played. Anyway, I just have so much to say, and my thoughts are super-disjointed as usual. So my apologies.

Just to simplify things a little. Three things I loved most in this episode.

1994 3

Raw egg in Chilbongie’s hair. Credit Paper-box.

1994 4 1994 5

Chilbongie and Oppa catch ball head to head showdown. Credit jenniecha.

1994 2

Chilbongie is LIVING with Na-jeong!

Everyone hold on, because things are just getting started. We are going to have 9 more episodes of “Who is Na-jeong’s husband?” And I can not wait! And as apologies for not writing more about 1994, here’s a little something-something for you guys.

1994 6 1994 7

Credit: Shai


7 responses to “Answer Me 1994 – Ep 11 Thoughts

  1. More….more…more….
    Really anticipated in the next 9 episodes….
    I am also team chilbongie… So i am hoping that he have something up in his sleeve that would make nj realize that he is the better man….

  2. Yay!!! Whitecarrot, I really missed you and pinkblossom’s posts. 🙂
    Anyway, thank you so much for writing about Reply 1994 eventho you are so busy with school’s stuffs. Btw, I love this drama even with its flaws. Kekeke… And also Im Team Chilbongie whether he will or will not get the girl. (But I wish he would. ;-))

  3. omo! haven’t watch the latest episode yet but a big thanks to you for posting this post. i’m so bad at guessing game so i’ll just be neutral. i keep going forth and back between trash and chilbong. haha. anyway, good luck with your school and everything you do (i agree with you about all the school stuffs and good drama keep coming in our way)

  4. awwwwsss… team chilbongie.. soooo glad your a teammate.. I was waiting for so long for you guys to post something about this show. really glad to be back here again. staying focus with school and kdramas are a feat. don’t really know how you guys do it. but thank you and hope to see more of your insights next time. ^_^

  5. this post is the death of me. *melted*
    haha, I landed on your site again since religiously following you guys during Answer Me 1997. well oh well, life takes its tolls. just make sure you get all the work done before Friday night!!!!!! 🙂

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