Our Very First Give-Away!

The day we’ve all been eagerly waiting for has officially arrived: Carrotblossom Patch’s First Give-Away!

*fireworks* *confetti* *fireworks* *confetti*

September 29, 2013 marks the 1-year anniversary of our Patch’s official start of…  the crazees journey that was My Daughter Seo-young!  Can you believe it?!  I certainly can’t.  Exactly one year ago, we posted the very first recap of My Daughter Seo-young… and the rest was history.

We went through some seriously squee-filled episodes.  And we had some pretty rough patches (har har) when I just threw up my hands in defeat.  But through it all, you wonderful Patch Friends supported and encouraged and ultimately made flourish the wonderful community we built here.  Our journey came to an end over six(!) months ago.  But to this day, people are still reading the recaps, and we’ve even had new Friends join our MDSY family!  (New Friends, weeeelcome to the fold!!)  Thus whitecarrot and I decided to host our very first give-away in honor of the wonderful – and at times not quite so wonderful, yet ultimately memorable – journey that was My Daughter Seo-young.

I know, y’all want me to stop talking and just get to the good stuff.  So here goes.  The prize: 2 choices!

  1. My Daughter Seo-young OST (original sound track)
  2. Boyfriend pillow

Do y’all remember the boyfriend pillow?!  Please tell me you do, because I personally think it’s the bestest MDSY give-away gift EVAAAR.  For seriously.내딸서영이_43_0003

But yes, the next natural question is: How do I enter the contest?  Simple!  Just share with us the following 3 things:

  1. How you came to watch MDSY, and when it was you officially threw yourself onto the MDSY train.
  2. Your favorite episode, and why it’s your favorite.
  3. Your ultimate OTP of the show – remember, you can get creative! (Personally, I LOVED Mama Kang  + Sung-jae :D)


UPDATE: Please leave your answers – and which prize you’d like! – in the comments section.  When you leave your comment, there will be a ‘box’ for your username, and a ‘box’ for your email address.  Please note that your email address will NOT show up in the public space.  (Whitecarrot and I will need to contact you if you’re chosen as the winner, so please leave a valid email address.  If you still have questions, let us know! :D)

Also, we would love to have you share where you’re from – we’re so curious to know how global MDSY is! – but if you feel uncomfortable, don’t sweat it!  Last, but not least, the official closing date of the contest is 11:59pm PST on Wednesday, October 16.  If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact either of us via the comments section, the Contact Us page, or our emails (pinkblossom.patch@gmail.com OR whitecarrot.patch@gmail.com).  Can’t wait to hear from you all!!



37 responses to “Our Very First Give-Away!

    • welcome to the Patch, hamsi!! you can just share your answer with us in the comments section here! 😀 can’t wait to hear about your MDSY experience! 😀 😀

      • okay, am still drafting the answers. huhu. anyway, congratulations on your anniversary! will post the contest question later 🙂

    • long time no seee, hrtbrkgrl!! please share your experience with us — we’d love to hear from someone who was with us every step of the way!! 😀

  1. Congrats on your 1st year anniversary! 😀

    (Btw, you can get the emails via the comment section (whatever email they used to comment) in WordPress Admin if people don’t want to openly leave their emails out here.)

  2. Hi. I’m Lily from Gold Coast, Australia. I’m still watching the drama because I’ve just found the subtitle one. But I think I will finish it before your closing time so I will answer the questions then.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Hello everyone! I’m Hamsi from Malaysia and here I am to share my opinions (or may I say to win. Ha-ha) our beloved carrotblossom patch first ever give-away! *clap*
    I came to watch MDSY naturally because I had been following the series before it which is “My Husband Got a Family”. When I first had a glimpse of the teaser I thought “Oh! It’s my eonni drama.” Ha-ha. I always thought Lee Bo-young is my eonni. So I thought why don’t I give it a try and the synopsis of the drama is good too. Not many dramas I have watched are about father and daughter relationship and I am very close to my father too rather than my mother so I thought that this drama will have a worth to try. I was a bit late in catching up the drama. I remember the first episode I watched is episode 10 if I not mistaken on KBSWorld channel. I didn’t get the chance to watch the first episode since at that time was school holiday and I spent my holiday in my village which means less time to watch TV. Later I have learned that if I wait the drama to be aired on KBSWorld channel, it was late 6 episodes than streaming the drama online. At that time the drama already aired around 35 episodes so when I go back to my campus I started download the drama and watching the first ten episodes non-stop. It gets me really hooked by then. I think the first episodes doesn’t impress me much but I started officially threw myself onto the MDSY train since Seo-young move in into the Kang’s house. And you know what will happen when the main characters get so close and all that. It was that moment that I promised myself I must watch this drama till the end.
    My favorite episode or should I say my favorite scene is from episode 6. It’s when our Ujae-sshi confesses to Seo-young. The confession seems to be very sincere even he doesn’t use sweet talk like “I like you” directly. And what shocked me the most is how Seo-young react to him. I expect Seo-young to be shocked or at least don’t know what to talk after that but it’s really interesting and refreshing how Seo-young tells a story of her and her friend-who-she-shared-food and relate that story to Ujae’s feeling so Ujae might think that his feelings for her are temporary or at least not strong enough. It was also very touching when Ujae asks himself why he keeps doing things he normally doesn’t and says he’s in trouble for liking someone poor like Seo-young considering his family background.
    My favorite OTP from the show is for sure, absolutely, our main OTP–Ujae and Seo-young. I had been an avid fan of Lee Bo-young since her drama “The Birth of The Rich” but it was a first time for me seeing Lee Sang-yoon acting. He has a charm as a very good husband, and gladly to say that he portrays his characters the best. Not to forget the killer dimple too. Ha-ha. Both of them have a very rough relationship and it’s refreshing how they keep going until the end even after the divorce. Its like kind of reminded me that if we love the person we can do anything for him/her but still considering their situation. Ujae’s love for Seo-young is very strong that he can wait Seo-young to accept Papa Lee first and came back to him later. The main OTP portrays my fantasy of a realistic marriage life and I like how it seems to be very close to me. I still remember when Seo-young said that she wanted a son first rather than a daughter and it was like a miracle because I also had that thought if I get to marry later.
    Lastly, I am still clinging onto the drama for a very long time now. It was a first drama that I cling on so much enough to say that my cell phone home screen is a picture of Ujae and Seo-young getting married (screen capture of episode 10). My close friends also said that how come I used it as my hand phone wallpaper for a really long time. Even my ringtone including alarm tone and message alert is the OST sung by Melody Day. I would like to have boyfriend pillow as the present for me. Please make it come true. Thanks for reading 

  4. I want to enter.

    I’ll have to think about this.

    I cannot believe that it has been a year since MDSY began. Time keeps on slipping into the future.

  5. omg i thought you guys have been around for a while – i didnt realize you started with seo yeong…Congratulations!!!

    • thank you MEK! We love having you around! pinkblossom actually started out doing answer me 1997 super detailed recaps! but her recaps for seo yeong are even more awesome! So we just wanted to celebrate that.

  6. Hello all I’m Simran from UK. My journey to My Daughter Seo Young was rather odd one. I had been on break from K- World since Oct 2011 to Jan 2013, due to University workloads *sigh*. Yes it was the longest and hardest 14 months break , if I look back to it now. After my end of semester exams in January 2013, I was just looking for some really good dramas to watch so that I can make up with those 14 months. My house mate that time was watching Flower Boy Next Door and she used to tell me the details of the drama every time we met either in lounge or in the kitchen. But that drama never appealed to me and I never gave it a go despite of her telling me many times. I had no lectures on Wednesday so one fine Wednesday morning; I decided to go to Dramacrazy website where I came across My Daughter Seo Young Review which was really great. At first I was reluctant to start as it was 50 episodes drama, I don’t know how but I started watching it. And I thank my stars that Wednesday 23 Jan 2013, for watching this wonderful drama. I actually finished 6 episodes that day and was addicted to it. I could not keep up with the recent episodes which was around 30+ that time and that made me search recap for the same which landed me to this Patch round about end February. And the interesting thing was I used to work on Saturdays and it would take me 30 min to get back to my home from the bus so I used to stalk this patch every Saturday after my work to know what actually happened in that particular episode. LOL I was so much addicted to this drama that I could not even wait 30 mins. So this was how I started this drama. With this drama, I had cried, smiled, blushed, Laughed, and even waited anxiously and patiently both, also stressed out for my presentation and dissertation for Uni , so this actually holds a very special place for me in my heart because even though it was my Final Year in Uni, I never gave up on it and actually completed watching it. And when one asks me about K-drama, I never fail to mention My Daughter Seo Young and actually I am proud to have watched it.
    On my favourite episode, I loved the whole drama. But I think I will give credit to the first episode itself as my fave one which actually made me decide to continue watching it. The particular scene when Lee Sam Je is standing outside the roof top room of seo young and when he sees his daughter, the vulnerability in his eyes before he spoke words were just amazing. Also the scene when the Lee family goes to cremate their mother, the way Seo-Young tells off her father for killing her mom was just heart breaking. I cried my eyes out in the first episode especially the scenes between Papa Lee and Seo Young. Hahaha but on the final part, I actually smiled all along Won Jae and Seo Young conversation. Lol the way Won Jae says Do I know you and looks at her, Gahhhh tht was too cute. To be honest, I have never cried that much in the first episode of any K- Drama but My Daughter Seo Young was just on another level and I am so happy that it was the first drama that I watched as a come back in K-Drama Land.
    Hahah On Fave OTP, It will be Kang Woo Jae and Seo Young obviously. Omg I was, actually I am still smitten by the character Woo Jae that I used to tell my housemate every time about his character. He was everything a girl could ask for. Understanding, Caring, Forgiving, loving everything. And ever since that drama Lee Sang Yoon has had a soft corner in my heart. Hahaha I can’t detach him for some reasons when people ask me who my fave K- actors are. Absolutely love him.
    If I win, I would love to have the boyfriend pillow so that every night I could hug it.
    Thanks for reading.

  7. Hi. Like I mentioned before I’m from Gold Coast, Australia.

    I don’t usually watch long series KDrama. I have a very bad habit: cannot stop when I watching good dramas. Since I’m working full time and single mom of a teenager boy, I don’t really have time to watch on day time and not good to stay up all night :-).
    Fortunately / unfortunately there are not much long series with English subtitle. That’s why I was a bit surprised to find MDSY about 2 weeks ago. I’m already familiar with the series because it’s debut of Lee Jung Shin from CNBlue. I’m a fan and eager to watch their member’s acting.

    At first I was still reluctant as it’s 50 long hours and I still remember after all these years Lee Bo Young’s good acting to really really annoy me in Save The Last Dance. But my curiosity to watch Lee Jung Shin won and I started to watch the first two. I instantly hooked by Kang Woo Jae. He knows exactly what he wants and persistently gets them. The next day, at the office I found Carrotblossom Patch and read the recap. That made me more exited to know what will happen next. Finished the series in 10 days.

    There are so many good episodes and not easy to choose one. From meanings point of view I probably will chose episode 49 when finally Seo Young be able to express her true feeling after so many years had to keep them tightly in her heart. It’s really brave and not easy to do. But actually I really like episode when Lee Sang Woo finally found out that Choi family and Kang family are close friends. After all the troubles he took to separate himself as far as possible from Kang family, he end up married Ho Jung. Poor Sang Woo.
    As for OTP I chose Lee Sang Woo and Kang Mi Kyung. Even though their relationship didn’t work out, but it’s really nice to see them support each other in good and bad.
    Thank you for reading.

  8. thank you to all who entered the contest for our first give-away! the winner will be announce within the next week!! 😀 thanks again & happy announcement sooooon~!! 😀 😀

  9. Okey, I know it’s too late and hamsi won, but still want to write this ,If you remember me, I’m an avid fan from Iran and I’ve been checking here for a long time almost a year since I found pinkblossom’s lovely recaps for MYDS.
    1.The first time I saw the drama was a week before university started and I was swapping the channels and by chance stopped and watched KBSWorld and it was MYDS episode 29(if I’m right or 30)
    and it was when ujae was angry with seo young and was trying to torment her when he came out of the bar with a girl …and after that seoyoung told him that I would try and make it work , I will do whatever you want me to and he said quit your job! I thought to myself that he is such a jerk and I didn’t like it! and also Mi-Kyung was sad about sangu and the I turned the TV off cause I had to do sth else, but the story was on my mind and I wanted to know what happened after that especially between the husband and wife(Ujae and Seo Young) , so I think it was the next day (I’m not sure) that I went to Kbsworld website and found out the drama’s name and was so excited to know more about it! After a lot of attempt I found the first few episodes’ synopsis! and I felt it could be interesting , now it was time to find it online and watch some eps that I went to epdrama and started watching since epsiode 3 that Seo Young entered Ujae’s house to teach Sung Jae, and kept watchin’ until they got married! and at first I blamed seo young for lying! then after a week or something I found your incredible blog and as well as watching the series on TV every week (I tried to come faster from university not to miss it! ) and made every one at home watch it! and every week after watching it I came to your blog to check the new episodes(since kbsworld is behind the kbs2 schedule) and was dying to know what happened next!
    this was my history with MYDS!
    2. My favorite episode: actaully one of my most favourites were the when Ujae was falling foe Seo Young (4,5,6,7!)
    and also another set of favourites was the episodes Ujae said he wanted divorce and then thay had the problem about sung jae: 32,33,34 that they were silently fighting and at the same time loving eachother again! they were the most favourites because they found out that they love eachother a lot!
    3. Tha last question, favourite OTP: Definitely Seo Young and Ujae forever ! but after them : Sangu and his wife he jin (if I’m right) were SO SO cute and lovely! I could tell you he jin was one of my favourite characters in the story!
    and although I can’t recieve any gift now but If Icould like all of the other contestant I would choose Boyfriend pillow!
    Thank you for the contest , I’ve been checking your blog and this the first time after all this time I’m commenting! Thank You Pinkblossom and Whitecarrot!

    • ELIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!
      it’s sososoooo good to hear from youuu!! ^^ gah, this brings back so many memories… eeeeeeek! ^^ how have you been?! are you watching anything good these days?? whitecarrot & i have been so busy and we feel hooorribly for not being able to post more T_T but with a nice thanksgiving break coming up, who knows what i can cook up for our patch?? 😉 hehehee! ^^ hope all is well!

      • Well! Thanks!Glad to see you remember me! after a long time
        I finally saw your respond! and now I’m the busy one! But it’s always good to hear from somebody you know after a long time, isn’t it?
        Currently I’m watching “One Hundred Year’s Inheritance” which is ok but nothing up to now has been as good as MYDS to me!
        Happy to hear from you and a very merry Christmas!
        Wish you the best! 🙂

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